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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2007
    I found this cool Fry's Internal Phone List. I tried it out these actually work.  
    Here is a short list of phone extensions that may be used at ANY Fry's store. Replace the last two digits of the store's primary phone number with the extension listed below. The operators will not transfer calls to the floor, but you can bypass them.  
    00 - Operator (XXX)-XXX-XX00  
    10 - Components Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX10  
    11 - Components Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX11  
    12 - Components Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX12  
    20 - Computers Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX20  
    21 - Computers Supervisor/Computer Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX21  
    22 - Computers Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX22  
    30 - Software Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX30  
    31 - Software Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX31  
    32 - Software Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX32  
    37 - Audit (XXX)-XXX-XX37  
    38 - PIC (Person in Charge) (XXX)-XXX-XX38  
    40 - Service Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX40  
    41 - Service Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX41  
    42 - Service Technicians (XXX)-XXX-XX42  
    50 - Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX50  
    51 - Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX51  
    52 - Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX52  
    55 - Loss Prevention (Security) (XXX)-XXX-XX55  
    58 - Ast. Store Manager Direct Line (XXX)-XXX-XX58  
    59 - Store Manager Direct Line (XXX)-XXX-XX59  
    60 - Customer Service Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX60  
    61 - Customer Service Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX61Fry's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2007
    wow not that you mention it ... i may need to make a few calls.i am a worm.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2007
    flea:The operators will not transfer calls to the floor, but you can bypass them.
    Our operators always transfer any call back to the floor as quick as they can... And those numbers are generally accurate, except that they're all jumbled. Sure if you call XX10, you'll get someone in Electrical Components, but chances are its not the Dept Manager, just whatever grunt happens to be standing around the phone.
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2007
    flea: The operators will not transfer calls to the floor, but you can bypass them.  
    What? Why wouldn't the operator transfer a call to the floor? What would be the operators job then? I have had to answer phones before and that is all you do. "Components? One moment please .... RING... Computers? Please hold .  
    By the way, the store manager and assistant store manager "direct lines" are actually answered by the operator who will take a message.  
    Also at any given moment, some lines may be down or busy so it is probably easier to just call the main line.  
    I always knew that is how the phone list was for the store I work at, but I had no idea that is the same for everywhere.
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2007
    Also there is now this:  
    Fry's Corporate Office Internal Phone List! Revealed! Looki am a worm.
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