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    PSC Warranty Only covers Hardware Malfunctions due to normal wear and tear so back-light goes out computer wont power on any more ac adapter is bad motherboard defective hdd bad mem bad etc etc... Power Surges and thats about it. psychical damage is not covered like you dropping your laptop and breaking the jack thats inside your laptop yea you screwed it up not our fault also keys falling off keyboard keys dont magically fall off you are retarded and you probably peeled it off or misused it and now its broken we aint covering it. water damage not covered No software issues are covered period! office aint working i cant help thats what microsoft is there for windows stopped working after you accidentally downloaded that porn video called windows security center 2010 not my problem you should be more careful. other then that i think the warranty offers great help to someone who has a legit problem and is not retarded also dont complain if you cant get a loaner because you decided to be a cheap as and buy a 499.99 computer or a netbook we aint issuing you one how about spending a little extra next time. frys has its policies just like bestbuy does and bestbuy is right in the same alley as frys. at frys your not likely to get a new one your likely to get yours repaired it may take some time but its gonna get fixed unless your are once again if your an idiot and somehow break your laptop and say while it was in service it had psychical damage done to it that doesn't fly cuz techs take very good care of laptops are organized neatly and labeled right. also how about some people actually read the contract and not believe the sales man? you ever wonder why a sales man gets paid on commission he will sell at whatever cost i wish some people would go complain to a car dealer about how the warranty they bought doesnt cover against an accident they caused when they have liability insurance. like i said frys is a great place to work shop and eat at but diffcult customers make frys employees jobs harder when they dont get paid that much fyi!
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    I have a copy of the latest revision of the Performance Service Contract Terms and Conditions, and having gone through it, I'm going to post the relevent stuff and then comment on how the stores usually handle each one.  
    2. Effective Period - This Contract shall begin on the date of the purchase of the Covered Equipment and shall continue in full force and effect for the period of years specified on the invoice unless terminated sooner as provided below. For example, if the Covered Equipment was purchased on 2/26/04 with a one-year Contract, the Contract would have a start date of 2/26/04, regardless of the time of day purchased, and an end date of 2/25/05 at close of business.
    This is very self-explanatory. Some customers seem to be under the impression that they have the 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty, and THEN the Fry's PSC begins, but this is not the case. However, please note that if you are covered under your manufacturer's warranty then Fry's may handle your service request differently (sending unit to Manufacturer, etc.)  
    3. Your Benefits From This Contract - We, through the Administrator, will pay on the Buyer's behalf the cost of labor and repair or replacement parts in the event the Covered Equipment fails to operate as a result of manufacturer's defect in workmanship or materials.
    This is really what the warranty is intended for. A lot of customers at check-in seem to feel that they are entitled to a replacement unit, and although many PSCs are one-time instant exchance PSCs, most are not, and are not designed to replace the unit, but merely repair the unit. There are some exceptions (uneconomical to repair, specific problem occuring x number of times, etc.). But it's basically if your hard drive goes out on your computer, your computer just won't turn on anymore, you have that red ring of death on your Xbox, etc.  
    4. Authorized Facilities - The personnel and facilities authorized to perform service under this Contract are the stores that are owned and operated by Fry's or a Fry's authorized third party service provider. The Buyer may obtain updated information on the locations and business hours of service facilities by calling the nearest Fry's Electronics store.
    This should also be self-explanatory. Fry's authorizes certain servicers or, for example, the vendor itself to perform repairs on your unit (if Fry's itself cannot perform the service). However, to obtain service at all under your PSC, you have to do follow the terms and conditions in the Section 5, ironically, the next section.  
    5. To Obtain Service - There is no deductible required to obtain service for the Covered Equipment. To obtain service under this Contract, the Buyer must bring the Covered Equipment to any Fry's store during business hours with the original of this Contract, fill out a service authorization form, and leave the Covered Equipment for service. Fry's shall provide a receipt for the Covered Equipment, and shall contact the buyer at the address given on the service authorization form when the service has been completed. The Buyer shall pay the cost of transporting the Covered Equipment to and from the authorized service facility. On-site service is available only if specified on original receipt or invoice and within a 40-mile radius of the store, or where there is an authorized service center available in the immediate area.
    Lots of things to comment on here. First of all, although there is no deductible, you may be liable for a diagnostic charge if Fry's determines that your unit is not covered under the PSC, more on that later. I don't know how many of you have been looking at Mr. bstrickler's adventure in the "Ask me anything you want about the Service Department" thread, but he mailed them his PC, and by all rights he should not be entitled to any service on that unit if he didn't come in and fill out the service authorization form. No idea what on earth they think they're doing, but they're breaking some mighty big rules. As far as "the Buyer shall pay the cost of transporting the Covered Equipment to and from the authorized service facility," I know that some customers become agitated if they bring their laptop in for service and it goes out to HP let's say, and it comes back, and it still isn't properly repaired, and typically they want some form of compensation when they bring it back the second time. There unfortunately isn't a section that allows customers to get money back for their time and effort to bring the unit in, but I don't know of any warranty or service contract that DOES offer that. On-site service is also a big one, since many customers move out of state or live outside of that 40-mile radius and are not entitled to in-home service because of that. If we can find an authorized service center in your area, we absolutely will, but it will take forever to have Fry's authorize that servicer (months), or you can bring the unit into the Fry's store. I hear about a lot of customers who are misled by the sales people when it comes to this point.  
    6. Service Required Outside Area Of Store Location - If the In-Home Covered Equipment is moved to a location where there is no factory-authorized service center available, the Contract will be canceled and a refund of the Contract will be issued as provided in Paragraph eighteen (18). Or the Buyer may make arrangements to have the In-Home Covered Equipment delivered to a factory-authorized Service Center.
    Yep. Cancel or bring it into Fry's.  
    7. Repair and Replacement - During the term of this Contract, Fry's shall furnish all functional parts and labor necessary to restore the Covered Equpiment to normal operating condition in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. If Fry's, in the sole exercise of its discretion, determines that the Covered Equipment is uneconomical to repair, the Buyer shall be provided with replacement equipment that conforms to the original specifications of the Covered Equipment. If replacement equipment with the same specifications as the Covered Equpiment is not then available, Fry's, in the sole exercise of its discretion, may provide replacement equipment with specifications as similar to the original specifications of the Covered Equipment as is reasonably practical. The selection of replacement parts or items shall be at the sole discretion of Fry's and may include rebuilt or remanufactured parts or items that perform to the manufacturer's original specifications of the Covered Equipment.
    A lot of customers complain about what the replacement of the unit is. It's not up to the store a lot of the time, and to actually change what the replacement is may take a lot of time or may never happen. Usually the complaint is very minor however. (I custom built my desk to fit that PC and this one is shaped slightly differently, my old computer had 4 USB ports and this one had 3, etc.)  
    8. One-Time Replacement - If the Buyer's Contract was sold as a "One-Time Replacement" Contract...upon replacement of the Covered Equipment, the Contract will be considered fulfilled and will then be terminated. there will be no pro-rated refund provided.
    No shit.  
    9. Power Surge Protection - Damage or defects to the Covered Equipment caused by a power surge will be covered up to a toal of $1,000.00, or the purchase price of the Covered Equipment, whichever is less, during the term of this Contract.
    I've never seen a PSC repair denied because of this, mostly because of the difficulties in determining that there WAS a power surge. But, this provision exists.  
    10. Items Not Covered - The Following Items Are NOT Covered Under The Terms Of This Contract:
    This is an extremely important section. If your item contains one of the conditions listed under Section 10, then your Fry's Service Contract is essentially void, and if you had an item checked in for service, you may be liable for a diagnostic charge. This is because the service on your unit can't be paid by the PSC, so you will have to pay for the service of them running diagnostics on your unit. At that point they may offer you an estimate for repair, but irregardless you may end up paying that fee. This is the number one thing that creates angry, angry people.  
    a) Any service, repair, or replacement caused by anything other than normal use of the electronic equipment or caused by accident, physical damage, transportation, neglect, abuse, or misuse; in-home customers will be responsible for service call fees if no problems are found or if repair is not covered by this contract;
    Physical damage is a big one in the Service Department. Broken USB ports, cracked sides, loose/pushed in DC jacks are all considered physical damage, and if found will probably mean you will owe the diagnostic charge. Fry's or the Fry's authorized service provider is mostly looking for indications that the unit was abused, misused, dropped, had liquid spilled on it, etc. All of which, are not covered under the contract.  
    b) Any service, repair, or replacement caused by a failure or malfunction of attached, related, collateral, or ancillary equipment not covered by this contract;
    If you buy an HP computer, it will come with a keyboard and mouse. They aren't covered.  
    c) Supplies or accessories including painting or refinishing and any cosmetic items not affecting the functioning of the equipment such as knobs, hinges, etc.;
    Scratches on a laptop for example won't likely prevent your laptop from being serviced, but the scratches themselves won't be repaired.  
    e) Consumables including, but not limited to, lamps, toner cartridges, drums, printer ribbons, batteries, print heads, and ink cartridges.
    Laptop batteries aren't covered. Period. The manufacturer covers them for 1 year, so they might be replaced through the manufacturer through Fry's for that first year, but after that, they are not covered. Lamps on projection TVs are also a big one. They're not covered at all anymore. They used to be unlimited, then they were 1 time replacements, now they're not covered at all.  
    f) Malfunctions caused by software problems or incompatibility between software and hardware;
    The PSC doesn't fix virus/spyware issues, and won't install that copy of Norton for you. Different stores have different interpretations of this line for things including the operating system even. Ultimately, you cannot expect Fry's to support your operating system (reinstalling, fixing, etc.) and it is your responsibility to correct any software errors that may arise, because the PSC is for hardware only. This is one of the situations where you might be liable for that diagnostic fee.  
    g) Any service, repair, or replacement to any equipment if the equipment has been repaired or modified in any way (including, but not limited to, the installation of peripheral devices in the equipment) after the initial purchase of the equipment, unless such modification has been performed by Fry's or a factory-authorized service center;
    I haven't seen the entire contract rejected by this yet, but for example, if you purchase a PC with a PSC and you upgrade the graphics card, and the graphics card fails, Fry's won't replace it because it's not the original card.  
    h) Any commercial purposes...of video game hardware or appliance products...
    I haven't seen a PSC repair denied because of this either.  
    i) Any service, repair, or replacement due to operating the covered equipment outside of the United States;
    It's in there, but I haven't seen it rejected because of this yet.  
    j) Adding or removing any accessories, attachments, or other devices not purchased as part of the covered equipment;
    The video card story again.  
    k) Programming support and programming maintenance including, but not limited to, back-up of data, restoration of data, and transfer of data;
    This is a big deal actually, because any time you check in an item for service it's always possible that you might lose data, and in fact as part of your service authorization form there is a section that says the following: "The repair or installation of components on a computer may cause data or software programs on the hard drive to be damaged, destroyed or lost. I understand I am responsible for backing up copies of all data and software programs on my hard drive before my computer goes into repair or installation. In most cases the hard drive will need to be reformatted and the operating system reloaded in order to complete the repair. All data files and software programs may be lost. I agree that in no event shall Fry's Electronics, Inc. be liable for any loss, alteration, or corruption of such data, software and/ or files. I agree that Fry's Electronics, Inc. assumes no liability for media (i.e., CD's, tapes, laser disks, etc.), data or software programs on systems which are left for repairs, upgrades or installations." In short, back your shit up.  
    l) Preventative or periodic maintenance;
    This is actually pretty big. Fry's won't cover overheating as a result of dust build-up under your PSC, and also won't cover cleaning your DVD drive's lens under your PSC either. Watch out for that diagnostic fee.  
    n) Reinbursement of any amounts paid to any third party by the buyer to perform the services to be performed by Fry's pursuant to this contract.
    You can't pay someone else to work on your unit and expect reimbursement from Fry's. So, even if you know a servicer is factory-authorized by Fry's, you still have to go through the process through Fry's in order for the unit to be serviced under the PSC.  
    o) Covered equipment with a missing or partially obliterated serial number;
    Very important.  
    p) Any and all pre-existing conditions that occurred prior to the effective date of this contract;
    I've never really seen this come into play.  
    q) Any damage resulting from spillage of consumables purchased by the buyer;
    Refers to printers, but also refers to liquid damage the unit might incur by spilling a Mountain Dew/coffee on the unit. By the way, if they say you spilled liquid on it, you most definitely did. It's not as if we allow drinks near the computers at all, and I promise you that when we send the unit to the Manufacturer and they say that they aren't just "making it up to shaft you" either.  
    r) Image burn, cracked or physically damaged screens;
    Big deal.  
    s) Loss of damage to stored data; repairs related to installed software;
    Including the Operating System.  
    t) Covered video hardware with missing, tampered with, peeled or otherwise partially or fully obliterated warranty seal.
    Usually isn't an issue, like the serial number above.  
    11. Preventative Maintenance - It shall be the obligation of the Buyer to provide preventative maintenance on the Covered Equipment in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. Failure of the Buyer to comply with this requirement shall give us the option to terminate the Contract.
    12. Replacement vs Repair - If the Covered Equipment is a computer component...and becomes defective during the term of this Contract, the Covered Equipment shall be replaced rather than repaired subject to conditions of Paragraph seven (7) if the Covered Equipment is presented to Fry's in an uninstalled condition where it is not installed or part of a computer system.
    I'm fairly sure this refers to motherboards/hard drives, etc. that have a one-time instant exchange PSC on it anyway. I can't see someone having a Gateway Desktop PC and bringing in the motherboard for replacement, you have to bring in the whole unit for the repair and can't just bring in a piece of the unit for replacement.  
    13. Loaner Equipment - If the Performance Service Contract includes a loaner, and the needed repair is a covered repair under the Performance Service Contract (see exclusions in Paragraph 10) and the estimated time to repair the Covered Equipment is more than twenty-four (24) hours, upon the Buyer's request and for the Buyer's pick-up, Fry's shall provide the Buyer with loaner equipment. The Effective Period of this Performance Service Contract shall not be extended during the time that Covered Equipment is in for repair/service. For Covered televisions, the loaner equipment provided by Fry's will not exceed a 27" television screen. The Buyer is required to take Covered Equipment into one of Fry's Service Departments to process for service, and if covered, present a valid VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card, or Fry's card for an imprint to be made in order to post security for return of the loaner equipment. If Covered Equipment is not processed through one of Fry's service Departments, the Buyer will not be issued a loaner. No loaner will be issued to Buyer if Buyer's physical address is outside the state of the Fry's store location."
    Every line in there is important. If your unit is determined to not be serviceable under the Service Contract (as described in section 10), then you can't get a loaner. I don't see the 27" rule happen at many stores. However when they list that you need to present a " card" they mean a credit card. It can't be a check or debit card. It's interesting that they don't mention American Express, however, I know that stores now usually accept American Express cards for loaners. Also, nowhere in this section does it say that the laoner has to be comparable to the unit that you purchased. This is hinted at with the 27" television screen section.  
    14. Excessive Repair - If, over the term of this Contract, the Covered Equipment must be repaired more than three (3) times for the exact same failure, excluding software problems, upon the fourth such failure and presentation of the repair orders for the previous three (3) repairs, Fry's shall replace the failed Covered Equipment in its entirety, or a portion thereof, subject to the conditions of Paragraph (7). However, should any of the repairs occur within thirty (30) days of the previous repair (for the same problem), that repair will be considered a rework and will not be counted as a repair towards a replacement of the unit under this Section. Any such replacement shall not exceed the terms of this Contract. Due to advances in technology, the Covered Equipment may be replaced with product having a lower retail price than the Covered Equipment.
    It would be replaced based on comparable features and not comparable price of course. But this is the "no lemon clause" as it is.  
    15. If Equipment Is Stolen - If during the first year of this Contract the Covered Equipment is stolen, and if the Buyer purchases a replacement for the Covered Equipment at Fry's, Fry's shall issue a Service Contract on the replacement at no additional charge to the Buyer for the remaining balance of the term of this Contract commencing on the date of the purchase of the replacement. As a condition to issuance of replacement Service Contract, the Buyer must provide satisfactory proof of loss and surrender the original of this Contract to the Administrator.
    This is almost never done as it is supposed to be done and is weasled in the system a lot of the time. It's a good policy, but is poorly implemented in the POS system and only causes headaches.  
    16. Transfer of Contract - If the Covered Equipment is sold or given away before this Contract expires, this Contract is transferable by the Buyer bringing the Contract in to a Fry's store, completing and signing the bottom portion of the Contract, and paying a $25 transfer fee. If the Buyer sells, gives away, or otherwise ceases to be the owner of the Covered Equipment without following this procedure, this Contract shall immediately terminate.
    This is also almost never done as it is supposed to be.  
    17. Renewal of Contract - This Contract is not renewable.
    This gets asked A LOT.  
    18. Cancellation of Contract - The Buyer may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time by contacting the Administrator. Within thirty (30) days after the date of receipt of this Contract, the Buyer may cancel the Contract and receive a refund of the full amount paid if the Buyer provides a written notice of cancellation and the original Contract and original purchase receipt to the Administrator, provided that no claim has been made against the Contract during the thirty (30) day period. If a claim has been made during the thirty (30) day period or if the Buyer cancels this Contract more than thirty (30) days after the date of receipt of this Contract, the Buyer shall receive a pro-rata refund based on the time expired less a $25.00 cancellation fee, or ten percent (10%) of the purchase price (whicever is less)...
    It goes on, there are some state variations and some extra rules, but that is essentially it.  
    19. Non-Liability - In no event shall Fry's be liable to the Buyer for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including lost profits or damages alleged to have been caused by delay in the performance or services arising out of or related to this Contract or the performance or breach thereof.
    20. Legal Action - If legal action is necessary to enforce or interpret this Contract or any of its provisions, the prevailing party shall receive reasonable attorney fees and costs from the non-prevailing party.
    21. Final Agreement - This Contract contains the final expression of the parties with respect to its subject matter and is intended as a complete and exclusive statement of the terms thereof. This Contract supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications and may not be explained or contradicted by other evidence.
    The Contract, what you sign at the register, is it. Any promise made before or after by a sales associate or any other associate is immaterial, what is written here is what you have agreed to. Even my evaluation of the Service Contract here is not valid for interpreting the Contract (in a court of law).  
    That's it! These are the most important and relevent parts, and how the stores see them interpreted. There are other parts, but they're not quite as so relevent. Always remember to read through the Service Contract before you sign it (or at least read through it within those 30 days)!
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    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2010
    @ roflcopter

    probably the best, most informative post made on here yet.

    i work in service, good revisions on fry's part.
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    Here's a question regarding section 14. I'm receiving a denial of replacement based on the interpretation of "exact same failure." Basically I've brought the computer in and had it repaired more than 3 times for the same problem (random shut-downs), but they've diagnosed it differently and replaced different parts. I say the "failure" is the "problem," but they say the "failure" has to do with the component that they determined needed to be replaced. Their argument is that someone could come in and say the "problem" is that their computer doesn't work, but I feel like my issue is very specific and has yet to be fixed. I've tried to remain courteous throughout my interactions with the service department, but when I try to explain that my interpretation of the word "failure" is different, even the store manager will only say "but it's spelled out very clearly right there," and point to the contract. Any thoughts?