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    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2007
    im applying by the end of this month, just wanted to be prepared for the interview. :face-smile:
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2007
    that should tell you everything lol.  
    Fry's is a great place to work for young people and for some people it can be a nice career. Good Luck!the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round
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    Derake you better be ready beatch, they cavity search your ass, and then ask you things like if you touch up on kids n shit.  
    So be honest and ready to get your fuckin pipes cleaned.
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    It is first to be announced by the fans of the andylau:at see over this son hereafter word by word and sentence by sentence, my heart can''t be calm once in a very long while, shocking!why would like a son that like?!many years in bbs in horizontal network in my life , from thinking any further can''t there is any a son can move me, have never thought to come in sight of such ingenious and incomparable like this an a son today.
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    Friend you don't need to apply for frys. This company soon will be closing its stores and will only be running their website, they will only pay you for a month then they will send you in a department to sell .. I got hired with in two weeks i was asked if i can work as a computer sales, i accepted and went straight in commission.. I was good in sales but this fucking company competes with Online stores now. Price match with authorized online stores like amazon, tigerdirect and so many more, they are fucked up they don't make any gross profit they even cant pay their electricity bills now. at the door one associate hands out the price match sheet, there is written welcome to frys and fuck frys, we price match with authorized resellers, every customer scans items with their smart phones and find the cheapest price and sups only get paid for doing the passwords and making copies and giving discounts, go find a better job in a better company where you could find your way and make some money for yourself. they finally fired me after four weeks, fuck frys.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011
    Do salespeople make any commission off of sales involving internet price matches?
      CommentAuthorGuest 3346
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2011
    nope, if they did any time of price lowering, your commission is gone. price match? gone. LPG? gone. adjustments? gone. bx beyond 5%? gone
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    I am the first time here on this page and after that very first i desires to are saying greetings to madams and sirs
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    I smuggled out a master copy of the secret interview questionnaire right before they got rid of me. Here it is, for all you prospective employees:  
    1. Can you spell your own name? (If no, can the applicant spell something reasonably close to it?)  
    2. Give an example of a situation in which you helped a dissatisfied customer, and turned the situation around. (If applicant gives an example of helpful and courteous service, thank them for their time and end the interview.)  
    3. If necessary, can you lie, bend the truth, omit facts, or anything else required to close the sale?  
    4. How fast can you run from someone carrying a copy of our advertisement?  
    5. Do you believe that exiting a retail store should involve a TSA-style patdown and body scan for your own protection? (If no, thank the applicant for their time and end the interview).  
    6. Give an example of a time you ignored, insulted, deceived, tricked or otherwise pissed off a customer.  
    7. Do you like dressing like a Mormon?  
    8. Do you like using DOS on retro computers?  
    9. Do you like working in an environment where you can be fired at any time for any reason on the whim of your department manager?  
    10. Do you admire timeshare and used car salesmen?  
    11. Are you here because you weren't able to sell time shares or used cars? (If applicant responds in the affirmative, congratulate them and give them a name badge)