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    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2009
    Last week I bought an a Sony AV receiver Strdg920, highly rated in reviews from, at my local Fry's store. It's a discontinued item, so the only one left was the one on the shelf with a price tag of $399. The salesguy told me I would get 5 or 10% off since it was a demo/ open box item. I told him i'd get it, I also added a 5 year replacement warranty for $50. He then left and said he had to get the managers approval for the discount. When he came back with the paperwork, it showed a discount of actually $140, a WAY bigger discount then just 10% off. I've later read that stores will do that if you buy there warranties, but can't tell you that it will happen, because it's an illegal practice.  
    The receiver I bought has one problem, and that is it doesnt always ouput the video to my TV through the hdmi ouput on the receiver. I bought it to get the PCM sound out of my PS3 blu ray discs. I've contaced the tech support for my TV and Sony tech support just to make sure it wasnt my TV and the problem is with the receiver.  
    My question is, if I take it back to Fry's under the 30 day return period.  
    1# Do I have the choice in wether I want it repaired under the original Sony warranty, replaced under the Fry's extended warranty, or will they just return my money back?  
    I really dont want to return it for my money back, if I can get it fixed for free because of the great value I got on it.  
    2# If I have the choice to opt for the Instant exchange instead of Sony warranty repair. Since my receiver model is discontinued, will I get a NEW upgraded one with the same, similar or better specifications at least?  
    3# Can I take it for repair to another Sony authorized repair facility and still have it be covered by the Fry's Warranty?  
    I feel like ive already came out on top with a great deal, but it looks like I can come out on top with an even sweeter deal if i'm able to exchange it and they give me a new better receiver.
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    Use the Fry's Warranty and then when the second one breaks down us the factory warranty.
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    Few things. Please please please check the receipt where it shows the warranty part, do not believe the salesmen, check the receipt yourself. Does it say ONE TIME EXCHANGE or SERVICE ONLY. Most receivers are for service only meaning you bring it into the store and fry's ships it to sony for repair and it can take 6-8weeks for repair. You can get a loaner if it says so on the receipt below where it says SERVICE ONLY, if it doesn't then you do not get a loaner to use while yours is getting fixed. BTW issuing loaners requires a credit card on file as collateral.

    If it is actually a one time replacement deal then by all means DO get it fixed by sony because once you use the one time instant exchange at fry's you are done, the warranty is null and void and the new one you get from frys only has the standard sony warranty. Why would you pay for 5 years of protection to use in just a few weeks? think about that for a second. It is fully covered by sony for 1-3years(not sure, some are 1, 2 or 3 years). I know most people are lazy and don't want to deal with a manufacture and get them to fix it but I would go this route first only if you can find a local place to service it under sony's warranty since shipping it would cost an arm and a leg if you do not send a pre-paid shipping label and box. An yes, as long as it is a sony authorized repair center there are no issues with getting it fixed somewhere else for warranty work.

    I also just remembered that we are not allowed to use the one time exchange until 90 days after the invoice purchase date and if you have that plan (which I do not think you do but I could be wrong) you would not even be able to use it for another 3 months.

    As far as what they give you when you use the one time exchange service when they do not carry that item any longer it is usually a unit with similar specs and at our store its usually an upgrade unless we can find sometime that is exactly the same. Make sure to go over the specs of the replacement versus yours with a fine tooth comb and make a fuss at every little thing that yours does better than the replacement. We do not have to accommodate every little thing but most of the time it is an upgrade since with receivers its hard for two items to be exactly the same, unlike hard drives or memory.
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    I should really create an account so I can edit my posts for the insane amount of typos. I hope at least part of the above post made some sense.
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009
    I made sure to check the warranty paperwork before I made the purchase to be sure it says 1 time replacement. I read all the fine print in the psc also. It doesnt mention anything there about having to wait 90 days from the purchase date until I can exchange for another unit.  
    Yesterday I took it to a Sony authorized repair facility, which can do the repairs in house in 3-5 business days. Fry's told me they would have to ship it to Sony if I took it to them to repair under the Sony factory warranty. Thanks for your reply guest.
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009
    Ask Gossipgirl.