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    just wondering. ahhahahha
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    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2009
    We hate it when they've worked there for years but they still transfer calls to the wrong departments.
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    i was talking more about haha yeah but i would hate that too lol
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    Gets kind of old when your busy and getting calls from people.
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    Stores get calls when customers want to speak to an associate IN THE STORE. Customers have a right to request to speak to associates in the store. Answering phones is part of any job, whether associate is busy or not.
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2011
    I take it that this thread was made before they began routing ALL calls through the home office call center. It actually makes a lot of sense to have the call center in one central location. I've complained a few times on this board that they needed a central call center to filter out the lamest questions. I also like that now, instead of just getting a busy signal, your call is put in to a queue that rings through once the line is clear. Many times when I had tried to call in because I was going to be late, I'd get a busy signal and would just have to wait till a supervisor finally called me to ask me where I was. Either way, the one difference we've noticed in our department is that we're getting more calls that are being routed to the right department. Before we were getting fewer calls for some reason, that weren't meant for our department. Also, when they first instituted the full use of the call center and phased out the store operator back in January 11' (I believe), we were getting calls CONSTANTLY, but I think the call center is starting to know the answers to some questions because I feel like were not getting quite as many... but then again it could just be my imagination or wishful thinking.
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    People call for the stupidest things. You need to either come in the store or at least look online. I am not going to sit there and shop for you over the phone, I am not a personal assistant. On a side note, I will not walk you through every single part for a computer build.  
    "Durrr, I want to build a computer what should I buy?"  
    "Do you want AMD or Intel?"  
    "I don't know, tell me the difference of every single part"  
    Mmmm yeah, this is going to end well . . . I am going to sit there and plan an entire system build and let the customer know what each part does so they can tell me "Ok thanks I will be back later" and order most of it off Amazon.
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    I worked for the store and it was not that bad but was transferred to the call center without a notice or being told or asked and to be honest the WHOLE system is a joke which is why the store and call center hate each other the both have their equal flaws and it has nothing to do with the workers to be honest I know there are dumb asses in both places but its not our fault Frys keeps you stupid I have been in the call center for a few weeks and they have hardly told me shit I am thrown onto the phones into their shitty system being yelled at by customers for Frys mistakes!
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    For a while I was actually giving the direct number to the Department I was working so customers can call direct without having to be put directed to the call center. I remember one of the Supervisors told me to stop doing it.
      CommentAuthorGuest 1867
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2015
    "Hi this is jane from the call center... This man needs help setting up his tablet..."
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    If you work in the call center and you're reading this right now.... fuck you. Go fuck yourself you mother fucking piece of shit.
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2015
    Guest: If you work in the call center and you're reading this right now.... fuck you. Go fuck yourself you mother fucking piece of shit.
    You know, if the call center transfers the customer over "you hear that BOOP" without your permission, you can hang up immediately. I used to do it all the time. THEY get in trouble for that, not you!
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2015
    There is only one useful person from the call center and his name is Francisco. Thanks for being awesome, friend. To everyone else working there, go die in a fire. Your jobs are useless, and you transfer half of your calls to wrong departments, if not, wrong stores even, because you can't even obtain information as simple as the customer's name.
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2015
    At least they are more useful now than they were before.  
    When the Call Center was first implemented, it was a total disaster. I honestly can't blame the associates working there (as silly as many of them may seem). If you think of it from another perspective: Imagine how silly many Fry's associates and lower-management in store may appear when they can't do certain things.  
    Here's an example:  
    Customer finds a legitimate price price match and it's more than 30% of the original price; also, no Store Manager (SM) or Assistant Store Manager (ASM) is present in the store, nor anyone with rights (this use to be case very often in the past, but I think this has become even less of a problem now). Can you imagine the customer going to the "MANAGER IN CHARGE" and they can't even match the price, so they ask the customer to buy it first and discount it later (as an LPG)? The "MANAGER IN CHARGE" has to look like a freakin' retard.  
    Same thing for past 90 days returns, or PSC transaction that wont go through (because of Class code), etc. Store employees look incredibly stupid in the customer's perspective and they are helpless without a SM or ASM. Even if someone is there with the rights to do it, the amount of waiting is ridiculous. I know there are a lot of dull tools walking around in Fry's uniforms, but there are some sharp ones out there; everybody looks equally stupid in the customer's perspective.  
    Switching back from that perspective: Maybe not all Call Center associates are retards. They were trained and have a system in place to have them do what they do. If it were just one or two associates doing it, then I might call those exceptions retards; however, since this is center-wide, we can only accept that there is a system in place and management at the Call Center are the true donkeys. While customers online are customers to Fry's, we are almost like customers to the Call Center employees. I have heard that they have systems for amount of calls, times on the calls, etc. everything that gives them an incentive to cheat their system and improve their numbers just as much as a Sales Associate will avoid ad items, lie about stock, not help customers with non-Commission or small items, etc.  
    The worst part about this is the associates who are doing an "exceptionally" good job are probably breaking some of their (stupid) protocols to do well and will likely get fired for two things: i) breaking protocol, and ii) politics. Other associates who are not performing well will NOT like these associates who do perform well, and everything is about numbers at Fry's: The bad associates out-number the good ones and Fry's will cater to the bigger numbers.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2015 edited
    Call Center: "Hi, this is INSERT_NAME from the Call Center. I have a customer that would like free phone tech support setting his new MacBook Pro. Can I pass him through to you?"  
    Me: "Absolutely not. Please tell the customer to contact AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE if they need tech support."  
    Call Center: "What? Ok. Just one moment."  
    Customer: "Hello?"  
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    Just hang up.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2015 edited
    I did a few times. Unfortunately sometimes they were persistent. Eh, it's all history. I quit a little shy of 1 year ago. :face-smile:
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    Yes, the call center knuckle draggers are borderline apes. They call you, and tell you the customers question, without warning transfer the customer and hang up, useless people. It's not like I'm not making loaners, filling ink, or cleaning the department in prep for MOPAR? Yeah GL fixing customer machines.
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    I work in the call center, but I rarely even take store calls anymore. When I do, the only time I transfer to the store is for the service department, or if a customer needs to speak to a manager in the store. People that work here are constantly quitting so they're always hiring new people, which most of the time, have no common sense. I'M SORRY FOR THEM BOTHERING YOU GUYS SO MUCH LOL.

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    Honestly not sure if the Call Center made things better or worse.

    While call volume went down, still get too many irresponsible questions going to Service Dept as if it were a Tech Service free for all.

    Too many unknown questions probably leading the customer to the right direction, but thats not what Service got paid on. Not answering questions. We needed Service, and service and repairs only.

    So many employees wasted time just answering questions. Service needed to be closed off in order to ever be effective.

    Imagine having a car mechanic you can bother every minute trying to get something done?! Then wondering why your shit isn't done yet? Super infuriating, for everyone.

    Fry's is too old school and doesn't get it. 1-2 years will be out of business for these shitty practices and wasting nearly every employees productivity.