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    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2009
    Is there a site to download any or all rebate forms for both employees and customers. It's hard to remember some randomized URL for a specific product. I am really getting tired of the rebate scams and hoops to jump through to get these rebates.  
    Remember this interesting article Fry's messed up by getting rid of the paper rebates but now its a hassle to get the rebates via url.
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    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2009
    stop shopping at fries?Looking for my head ............... yeah the eight valve one yeah ....
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2009
    stop getting suckered into rebate offers.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    What's up man.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    Suzukiman: stop shopping at fries?
    Double dittos on that.  
    You didn't pay full price unless you bought it at Fry's.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    obi I think you mean "You didn't pay full price unless you bought it at Fry's.......*cheap zappy sounds*.......guaranteed"Looking for my head ............... yeah the eight valve one yeah ....
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    I tried it after many attempts and got in. Try the following link: Keep trying.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2010
    the Frys PDF server is really slow. They don't want you to download the rebate form.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2010
    why don't you just ask a salesman to print out the rebate form for you in the store?  
    people that complain about frys rebates are typically doing them wrong. granted that there are some shady rebate handlers, but in the larger scope of things, it's the individual filling out the form incorrectly and not keeping copies for their records.
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    Not many associates at my store know this very well, but here's how the rebate URLs typically work:



    Other & easier ways to get the rebate forms:
    • Ask sales associate or cashier to print for you before leaving the store.
    • Go to site before rebate expiration date, click on the item, and download the PDF.
    • If rebate is expired, see the MIC at the store, they usually know who knows how to find old rebates (which happens to be myself at the store.)
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    Overall, mail rebates are a repugnant method of doing business.

    It is an enticement for a customer to buy, yet the customer must now find the form on-line (which I found on this forum, not by typing in the URL), print it (time, cost of ink and paper), fill out the paperwork meticulously, pay for postage/envelope, potentially mail with a tracking # to show evidence (trip to the post office, + cost of special mail service), wait 4 to 8 weeks to see if anything happens, and, if lucky, ultimately get a small check to process.

    When anything minor goes wrong, it's the responsibility of the customer, who has almost no recourse or channel to determine what happened to their rebate claim. Over decades of purchases, I have gotten perhaps 50% of rebates applied for. Who knows whatever happened to the other 50%?

    Instant rebates and sales, on the other hand, occur at the point of sale, require no paperwork, etc. So, why do we have these lengthy rebate processes at all? I would like to understand the rationalization for why these 4 - 8 week processes with so much complexity, room for error, and ultimately a high level of customer dissatisfaction continue to be used at all.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2010
    Frys is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.  
    Frys is not responsible for manufacturers not delivering rebate checks.  
    Frys is not responsible for any user error from buyer to manufacturer.
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    Customer Relations is a big help for rebate issues.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2010 edited
    REbates are scam. All buyers should avoid them like the plague! Issues I've found in the past, and why I avoid them now:  
    1. Rebate never sent. Email copies of forms with complaint, and receive email back 2 wks later stating "such and such company no longer handles our rebates, blah, blah, blah". In other words...yer screwed.  
    2. Obscure/bogus filing instructions and dates. Will ask for multiple UPC codes when only one is present. Or deadline for mailing is the day you purchase.  
    3. Requires cutting off UPC code....which negates any return to store. Item blows up 10 days after purchase...but you can't return it to the store....but you will get your $10 rebate! Joy!  
    4. B.S. money making ploy. Rebates are only turned in or "turned in properly" 20%-30% of the time....making a "sale" price not much of a deal.  
    5. When you DO jump through all hoops properly, you may have to wait 12 wks+ to receive your rebate. I had one that took 4 months to receive a check. In the past, only Staples played the rebate game fairly...their forms could be filled out online (complete with proof of purchase code, no UPCs!!!), and you get your check in DAYS, not weeks.  
    In response to  
    "Frys is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.  
    Frys is not responsible for manufacturers not delivering rebate checks.  
    Frys is not responsible for any user error from buyer to manufacturer. "  
    Well they SHOULD be. If you are going to use these rebates in FRYS print ads to draw people into a FRYS store....YOU should make damn sure the rebates are honored. If not...DON'T ADVERTISE THEM....just leave a pad of rebate forms next to the item in the store.
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    Rebates were put on-line to stop front check out from handing out the wrong forms to customers (Human Error happens), Plain and simple. Now if there's a problem with getting your rebate online then come into the store or call and have them help get it fixed by getting the link fixed and or mailing you a hard copy. If you request a rebate at the registers they can printer it out for you.
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    I know rebates are a pain in the behind, but it's better than getting nothing; the important thing to do is to keep copies of each document / information you send out (including the upc barcodes & proof of purchase cut out.) The biggest mistake any customer with a rebate can do is send out everything without copies for their own records.

    I personally was in a place of "SCREWED" with a rebate from the Panda security software, but because I had copies of everything stashed away safely on my book shelf (which did not inconvenience me and was not difficult to keep track of lol), I received my "SCREWED" rebate 2-weeks later anyways.

    Customer relations is definitely a huge help if something has gone wrong if there is a concern about a rebate.
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    * fried snake* print it as soond as you can because the links expire.rebates are made so inconvenient so you dont get your money back duh
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    This was the first item I've bought from Fry's with a rebate. I did have a problem getting to the Rebate form. I would have offered to "PAY" for a copy of the form at the register, if I would have known it was a hassle! They should have copies at the entrance to the registers so Customers can pick the correct "Rebate Form" and not worry about the Cashier giving the wrong rebate. It seems to be dificult these days to have alittle customer service for your buck!
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    Customer Relations is a big help when it comes to rebates at the Industry location from my experience. They're more than willing to print out the forms for their customers and explain to them what needs to be done and by when. These people will even help walk you through finding your rebate form online, or print it themselves and either mail it out to you or fax it. They let their customers know that copies of EVERYTHING should be made before mailing out the rebate, should your mail be lost in transit or an error made in part by the rebate company. Also, may rebate forms themselves now state that copies of all your work and cut outs should be made for your own records!
    By making copies of what you have, you can take these copies to the store so that Customer Relations can call the rebate co. and check status for the customer (though its recommended that the customer attempt this fist, as the rebate companies request to speak with them primarily). If the rebate company is being retarded about honoring your submission, then Fry's Home Office gets involved to make sure they pay up or they take care of it themselves!

    From convos I've had with other people relating to rebates and issues with them, it seems to me that most often than not, the problem is human error e.g., people do not bother to fully read the forms and MANY times ignore the Terms and Conditions portions. Also laziness with not wanting to make copies of their paperwork as a precaution. Its always easier to blame the other person than to recognize your own mistake, right?
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    I just need my rebate for my HP notebook and Norton Virus software
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    Getting the rebate forms on line seems to be a scam. I have to drive 30 miles to go back to the store to get the forms withon the limited dates of mailing it. I have tried to get on line, following the url address, but no match was found.
    Once before I had the same problem, and lost the chance to obtain rebate. I will not shop at Frys any more.
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    In November I bought 6 items at Frys that had rebates.

    All rebates terms were carefully followed and 5 were sent by certified mail

    2 rebates from Norton (Anti virus and Utilities) were received (these were submitted directly to symantec)

    Of the four rebates submitted to Fry's or their agent:

    2 rebates for Iolo system mechanic , 1 for nitro pdf express and one for a computer stand were never received.

    Conclusion: Fry's either through incompetence or dishonesty simply can not be relied on to honor their customer commitments.

    Fry's is a great place to browse but do your buying elsewhere.... I have yet to see something on sale at Fry's that I can not not find cheaper using or similar sites.

    Sure these complaint forums are a good way to vent. But if you want to make a real impact write our new California Attorney General and asking her to look into Fry''s devious business practices. Be sure to send copies of all documentation. Until Fry's gets nailed with a hefty fine and the accompanying bad press they will continue to seduce with with their deceptive false rebate priced advertising.

    If you need the address to write the California Attorney General's office you can email me at
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2011
    I try to steer clear of rebates altogether. They are a suckers tool. I've found sometimes it's a better experiance NOT to "save" $10........when you have to jump through hoops to see if you "might" actually get the rebate within 6 months if ever. I prefer an aggrivation free, straight foward sale that ends when the merchandise is in my hands.
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    I, too, foolishly bought an item alleging a $5 rebate; however, as I have to rely on others to pick up purchased items from Fry's, my friend did not ask for a rebate Form. I have access to a computer 2 hours a week. By the time I got to a computer, the 3 days for a rebate had elapsed. Never again will I buy anything from Fry's based on a rebate.
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    Thanks for the tip on how the URLs are set up. Just found a rebate form I had been loking for.
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2011
    Had a TON of customers tell me it is a waste of time. I generally hear one of 2 things, either you don't get the rebate or it takes 6 months or longer.
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    Best thing to do if you need or cant find rebate forms rather then waste time searching for them is to go to Frys site and request them from customer service. They emailed me the rebate form pretty quickly and painlessly. I was ready to threaten to return my $300 flat screen purchase for a $10 rebate for a remote control helicopter (I'm krazy like that!) out of principle if they gave me any grief, but in the end it was pretty fast & easy just talking to customer service.
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    Actually, the real best thing to do is to MAKE SURE that the cashier prints out the form at the time of purchase. BEWARE they will tell you, like they told me, that all the forms are included with the invoice. They aren't!!
    Hold up the line and verify that the rebate form is there (like when you stop the drive-through line to make sure all your burgers you ordered are in the bag before driving off!). They WILL need to print it out for you.
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    has anyone been stiffed by Fry's, never receiving their rebate?
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    fry rebate scam never buy any thing here with rebate
      CommentAuthorGuest 644
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2013
    God dammit. Would you bots fucking stop posting in Chinese and Japanese? Nobody here wants fake jordans, nfl jerseys, viagra or any other bullshit. Go fuck yourselves.
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