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    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    I was on unemployment and i regret accepting a job offer at fry's. I was miss informed about the job, i am hired as an av accessory sales. They expect me to dress like an attorney while performing physical labor. The company is very unethical and they want all the commission only salesman/women to stay half hour after the store closes to do free slave labor. I go to school full time and they constantly keep messing up my schedule. A very unlawful and unethical incident happened to me last week.  
    I started working at Fry's electronics since December xx, 2009. On Monday January x th I was suppose to work a 4:30 to close Part time shift (since I hold my manager that school starts on Monday and my availability will be short). The store closes at 9PM and we are usually out by 10PM. Fry's has a 5 hour rule where every employee is forced to clock out before reaching 5 hours for lunch. At 9:30 I informed my manager that i am hitting my five hours. My manager forced me to clock out and take a 30 minutes lunch, while the store was closed. The doors were locked and my manager told me that I was not able to leave. There are no vending machines in the Fry's lunch room. The cafe in the store was closed (since the store was closed) and i was only able to buy soda and a candy bar from the main register. I am wondering if it was illegal for my manager to force me to clock out and take an unpaid lunch, while i was unable to leave my workplace for a meal. After my lunch I only worked for 45 minutes. ???????????????  
    i never shopped at fry's before. I now see fry's as an Electronics Walmart, that wants the cheapest labor possible. The company does false advertising in the newspaper, offers 3rd class customer service, treats its customers and employees as theives. Sales associate in my department lie to customers about the product, but i don't blame them they are commission only. I would rather take out a large student loan and live off that while in school, instead of working at Fry's and being thier corporate slave!  
    Why does'nt frys recycle?
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    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    yep you summed it up pretty good.Looking for my head ............... yeah the eight valve one yeah ....
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    k, first off its illegal for frys to make you clock out at the five hour mark, they were sued over that. Second if they force you to , just stay clocked in. If they write you up they can get sued, they just wanna scare you, also if the door is closed and they wont let you out by law you have to stay clocked in. THEY CANNOT FORCE YOU TO CLOCK OUT if they wont let you leave. its the managers fualt for fuckin up your schedule.:face-monkey:
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    oh and recycling would show that Frys cares... but as w:face-monkey:e all know frys doesnt. usually its only supervisors or managers that care
      CommentAuthorGuest 356
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010

    Wrong. They were sued because they were allowing associates to work OVER five hours WITHOUT taking an unpaid lunch. So per California State law, they most certainly have the right to FORCE you to clock out at the five hour mark.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2010
    nope.. they were also sued for firing and writing up people for working over five hours when they were forced to stay. Frys can no longer write anyone one up. They can do it for not taking thier lunch on time not for 5 hours becuase its the managers job to make schedule easy for them to follow and clock out on time. I havent seen anyone written up in the last month including me for going over 5 hours during closing. specially when they close the gates and wont let us leave.:face-monkey:
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2010 edited
    Well in my state the law is that if you work 6 hours or more than you are required to take a lunch. Unlike California, in my state if you work less than 40 hours the comapny does not have to pay you overtime. That what Fry's takes advantage of in this state, they give people under 40 hours but make them work 10-12 hour shifts. I am planning on quitting, but guess what? I am gonna be behind each and everyone of you guys/girls in here who are being taken advantage of by this evil company. Before I graduate college which is in 2012, my goal now is that I either want Fry's to go bankrupt and fail or form a labor union. Fry's needs to be more like Costco, rather than going the Walmart route. When are people going to realize that the form of Captilism we have in our country is doing a very large damage to the poor, working class, middle class, and upper middle class. CEO saleries have increaed more than 450% in the last 30 years! Fry's is Walmart's brother and I hate both of them with a passion. Fry's is from The SF Bay Area, and still does not even bother to recycle and they waste sooo much paper. Why don't they have vending machines in the employee break room? It's an electronics store, yet they don't even have a TV in the break room! No employee discount at the overpriced cafe? Even Target and K-mart offer employee discounts in their cafe's! Also Is Fry's a fundemental Christan company??????? Oh yeah and how should I quit, should I be nice and give a 2 week notice? I want some good and interesting ideas on how should I quit from this fradulent company that even lies on it's shady newspaper adds. They even screwed by last week paycheck, I worked 41 hours, but they only paid me for 39 hours.
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    I do agree that Fry's is a bad company for the way they treat their employees but even I wouldn't want to see them go bankrupt because too many people depend on the job and company. Some of them made good money for doing what they do. There should be a union to at least try to force Fry's to go back to the old commission system plus the hourly pay. If Fry's went bankrupt, where would all the employees work? The economy is so bad right now that I rather see increase of jobs and not more job losses.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2010
    Unfortunately, Fry's has always skirted the edgeof what's legal from an employment standpoint. Up until the time that either a serious injury (or worse) happens, or OSHA or a local or state agency pays a visit right after closing and finds the doors blocked (which creates both a fire and life safety hazard) or unless enough employees get together and contact OSHA, local/state agencies and the local news, nothing will change.  
    And...I can tell you that Fry's is NOT a "Christian" company. Their overall internal ethics and policies point to just the opposite.
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    userdos i dont know what store you work in but my friend was suspended for working a 5 hour shift here in 26
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    So what if they go bankrupt, the employees will get unemployment benefits. Right now the government is paying for various schooling programs that are up to 2 years for people on unemployment. It will actually gave many unfortunate employees a better opportunity to improve themselves and have a more satisfying career. I have worked in many retail stores, and by far the is the worst of the worst. I make minimum wage and they expect me to be clean shaven, wear dress shoes, dress pant/shirt, tie and do physical labor and constantly pull TVs. They dress code for accessory sales should be khaki/chinos, polo shirt, and black sneakers. It will actually look more professional and the employees will able to work more comfortably than a stereotypical accessory employee in wrinkled black pants, stained half sleeve white shirt, cheap tie, and scuffed up leather shoes.....It really looks retarded! Well obviously i am going to quit as soon as i get a new job, but i really do want to form a labor union at Fry's. Are there any people in here who are interested?  
    I am the new Fry's corporation nightmare :face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2010
    ^^^^The last post was posted by me^^^^^  
    "Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks"  
    Karl Marx (RIP)
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    cant remember the complete qoute but someone semi famous said this,  
    When we as people are put into straight commission we are no longer free workers, our lives are at the whim of every small thing the consumer does. Because we have no absolute right anymore we are just like slaves....:face-monkey:
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    To wom it may concern,  
    On November 29, 2009 I purchased a 58 inch Samsung Plasma television from the Fry's in Burbank, California. One week later, the television was delivered to my house. When the delivery man brought it in, I did not have an HD box to connect to the television set. The delivery man hooked it up and turned it on for a minute. At that time, I did not examine the television with a microscope because I trusted that Fry's was a reputable buisiness that sold good products. The week the television was delivered was the week of finals at my school and I had two big papers due and a final to study for on the following Thursday, so I did not watch television at all. Less than two days after the television was delivered I returned home from school and decided to watch the television. While watching the television on an HD channel, I noticed that there was a small crack under the screen on the upper right hand-side, THERE WAS NO EXTERIOR DAMAGE TO THE  
    TELEVISION. I called Fry's right away and they  
    told me that I would have to wait to call the manager of the store the following morning. Right away, I sent an e-mail to this same e-mail address notifying customer relations of my problem.  
    I called the store the following morning and was told that the delivery man would come by in another two days with a replacement set. When he arrived at my house two days later, he and another store employee came in to my house to look at the television. Neither of the employees could see the crack until it was pointed out to them, which one of the employees later admitted to Ceasar, the district manager, while he was on the phone in front of me. The delivery man hung up the phone and told me that there was nothing that they could do for me, they would not replace the television. I asked the delivery man to call Ceasar, the district manager, back so I could speak to him. Ceasar told me that he would send a man from Samsung over to look at it. A few days later, the man from Samsung came and told me that it was physical damage and that there was nothing he could do for me. He told me that if the damage truly did not happen at my house, then the  
    damage must have occurred during the shipping or delivery of the television.  
    For three days I tried to get Ceasar back on the phone. When I finally did, he told me that he could do nothing for me. I told him that I would post a complaint with the Better Buisiness Bureau. He told me to go right ahead. I did just that, and Ceasar even responded to the complaint via e-mail and posted it in the Better Buisiness Bureau response section. I have the full complaint and response passages and I would like for you to read them.  
    Complaint ID: 98477688  
    Complaint Classification:  
    Complaint Description - Posted 12/15/2009 2:13:46 PM  
    On 12/08/08 A TV I purchased from Fry's was delivered to me. ITwo days after delivery, I noticed a small crack in the screen, under the protective glass screen. There was no external damage to the TV. I called Fry's 2 days later when I noticed the problem. They sent delivery guy and he said they could do nothing for me. They said I would have to deal with Samsung. The crack is not noticeable from 1 foot away. Screen needs to be illuminated with a bright background from more than 5 feet away to be noticed. I did not watch the TV for the 2 days it was here because I am a graduate student with 2 children and it is finals week. I am extremely upset because I know 100% for sure that the damage did not occur here. I feel as if there is nothing that I can do, because I did not take the time to examine the TV with a microscope when they drooped it off. Being that I have 2 small children, and I and my wife both attend college and work, I have no time to fight  
    them on this. I am going to try to get the $479 back that I spent on a 4 year warranty. The district manager Ceasar something is not returning my calls now. I reported this right when I discovered it, less than 2 days later. Please help me if you can. Unfortunately, I payed cash for the TV so now I am left with few options. I know the TV was not damaged here, so I am prepared to do whatever it takes to try to fight this. It is not fair. I spent over $2600 dollars of my hard-earned money on this and I do not want to get ripped off  
    Complaint Summary  
    Plasma TV delivered with a crack in the screen.  
    Resolution Sought  
    I want what I payed for, a 58 inch Plasma TV with no damage to it.  
    Additional Information  
    Date Problem First Occurred:  
    Product or Service: Samsung TV delivered with a small crack in the screen.  
    Model Name or Number: Samsung PN58B650  
    Date Purchased: 11/29/2009  
    Order Number: 17790271  
    Amount In Dispute: $0.00  
    Company's Response  
    Company's Initial Response - Posted 01/06/2010  
    I explained to the customer that we would not be able to exchange the unit. Customer asked if he could get a chash refund on his PSC. I explained to the customer that we would go ahead and give him a full cas refund for his PSC. I also explained to him that I would contact the SM/ASM and the DM to inform him that we would be doing this for him.  
    Initial Response Summary  
    I explained to the customer that we would go ahead and give him a full cas refund for his PSC.  
    Consumer's Rebuttal  
    Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 01/07/2010  
    It took me over 3 days to get the manager in charge back on the phone. I knew I would get the shaft on this one, so I got my money back for the 4 year warranty. Fry's was not cooperative at all, even though their own employee admitted he could not find the crack until it was pointed out to him. The bottom-line is that Fry's delivered a TV with a crack in the screen and would nothing about it. The burned me for money that it took me a long time to earn. I am an honest person, and I brought the problem to their attention in a timely manner, yet I still got burned. I really do not understand how Fry's can get away with what they did. I have no recourse because I am a full-time student with two young children. I do not have the time or resources to pursue this matter. I would love to see Fry's get what they have coming to them in court. I am completely disatisfied with my whole shopping experience at Fry's. I will never shop there again. If anybody at the  
    Better Buisiness Bureau wishes to pursue this or has any suggestions for me, then I would welcome the assistance. Please help, I am a victim of unfair business practices perpetrated by a business with no sense of right or wrong. HELP!  
    Company's Final Response  
    Company's Final Response - Posted 01/07/2010  
    If Mr. Johnston wants to take this to our legal dept. he can put his request in writting and fax it to 408-487-4747 attention Legal dept. I will have Mr. Perez contact Mr. Johnston regarding refunding him is full amount of this PSC. Since Mr. Johnston did not state he wanted the refund as was offered to him by Mr. Perez.  
    I do not understand how you can have a district manager working for you who does not tell the truth. To begin with, I was told that nothing could be done for me. I asked for an exchange or refund and was denied either opportunity, Never once was I told that I could get a full refund. It is untrue that I was ever told that by anyone. Secondly, in the final response to the complaint, Ceasar said that Mr. Perez would get in touch with me to refund me the full amount of the purchase. Again, this is not true because nobody has tried to contact me regarding such a matter. I would like you to know that Ceasar, your district manager, does not tell the truth. I am an honest person who goes to school and has two small children. I have enough to worry about rather than trying to fight for what I payed for, that being a 58 inch plasma television with no damage to it. I notified your company about the problem in a timely manner, yet I still got burned. I am just  
    one person and I know that I do not matter very much to a company as big as Fry's, but what happened, regarding my purchase at Fry's, was not fair. I worked part-time and I saved that money for a long time. I worked hard for the money that I used, over two thousand dollars, to purchase the television. I am beside myself that your district manager can tell lies about what happened and what was offered to me during the course of our conversations. Are you really that dishonest of a buisiness that you would stoop to a level that low? I was going to let this matter drop, but when I saw his final response that contained the lies, I had to continue to pursue this matter. Now, I feel like I am fighting for the customers who have gotten burned, and who will continue to get burned by big buisinesses. How can he perpetrait such an injustice to the American consumer and get away with it?  
    I am willing to remove the complaint which I filed with the Better Buisiness Bureau and stop pursuing this matter if Fry's does one of two things. I would be satisfied if Fry's either gave me a full refund for my purchase, which Ceasar said he would do in his response to the Better Buisiness Bureau anyways, or better yet, I would like my television replaced with a new one that has no damage to it. I just want what I originally paid for from Fry's, no more, no less. It is not fair that I have had to expend so much energy and spend so much time fighting for something that I should have gotten in the first place. The television was delivered to me in that condition, it was not my fault, yet I am having to go through such trouble to get what I rightfully paid for and deserve. It is not right.  
    If anything, I just wanted for someone to see what type of person you have in charge of some of your stores. It is not right that he can tell such untruths and get away with it.  
    It has been a while since the television was delivered to me, and we had a rain spell that completely soaked the box. I kept it outside because it was so big. It got wet and I had to throw it out. I had the box on the days that Fry's and Samsung came to supposedly replace the television. I do not have it now. However, I do have the television in the exact same condition as the day I purchased it.  
    I would like to know if you are going to do what Ceasar said he would do in the Better Buisiness Bureau response, give a full refund for the purchase. As I said earlier, I would be more satisfied with getting what I paid for, a new 58 inch Samsung plasma televion (PN58B650) with no damage to it. Thank you for your time. I will be awaiting your response.  
    David Johnston
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    ^^^^^^^wtf^^^^^^ post that in a new thread!  
    "Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society"  
    "Capitalist production, therefore, develops technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth - the soil and the labourer"
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    "I explained to the customer that we would go ahead and give him a full cas refund for his PSC. "

    He agreed to give you back your PSC money, not the money you paid for your TV.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2010
    So guess what???? yestoday I got a 5 day suspention because they think that it was no call/no show, but i did actually called in sick. Anyways so the sup of my department told me that I am terminated because i am new and 5 days suspention just means termination. After that the Asst. Manager walked in right after and I got pumped up and i told him that I am going to report Fry's to the Oregon Bureau of Labor for the incident that happened to me on Janurary 4, where i was forced to clock out by my department manager while the store was closed and was not able to leave for a meal. He told me that i wont get anything out of it, and i told him that i will not do it for money....i want justice and i am sick and tired of frys talking advantage of its employees and if i dont report it than it will continue to happen. I think that he got scared and told me that he will try to get me my job back? Why would I want to work for a company that treated me like dirt and because they know what they did is against the law, so now they want to give me my job back so that I keep my mouth shut and don't report them.  
  6.  permalink
    Nothing good will come by playing ball with them. I say put your money where your mouth is and report them. Make sure to write down everything he said to you and everything you said to him from the conversation you had and the time this incident actually occurred. I am talking about names/dates/EXACT times/etc.

    This can really come to bite them in the ass, shit like this needs to stop and you know this.
  7.  permalink
    "I think that he got scared and told me that he will try to get me my job back? Why would I want to work for a company that treated me like dirt and because they know what they did is against the law, so now they want to give me my job back so that I keep my mouth shut and don't report them.

    Fuck Anton! I know this thread is old now but the spammer has brought it back. I would tell Anton to go fuck himself if I ever saw him again!
      CommentAuthorGuest 9064
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    store 16 ftw