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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010 edited
    Pls help me with my situation.  
    I purchased two computers, two months apart. One - school only, and the second- more use etc. The cheaper Compaq has been great with only one service return using the extended warranty. The GATEWAY- very much disappointed. It has been in on the next trip- six times for the same thing- cable/charger replacement. I also know that is why my battery doesn't hold the charge etc., as although I am NOT a tech computer person, I have heard from techs that one can affect the other.  
    Now that the Gateway is due again- I just learned the contract exp Feb 2010. I understand contracts- believe me. I also know what operating in "Good Faith" means. I worked for 25 yrs before now disabled- but yet going to school to change my occ to fit my limitations. My occupations included law enforcement (retired), ten yrs investigations for corp. world etc. so I am very good at supporting documentation, patient, understanding, objective ... and I should also add- I am an ADVOCATE for the rights of others etc.  
    Yes, I spoke to Dist Mgr. Barry Douglas who stated to me- records show only one cable ordered- therefore, Fry's has no record of the four other trips etc.  
    I am considering filing a civil suit- as it is obvious Mr. Douglas is going to stick by the exp contract rule etc. But I also know- in a civil courtroom, it is the preponderance of evidence that will preside. And guess what- I don't even mind losing if that is what occurs. Why? Because it is for the principal, and what I will call "Bad Faith Operations" and poor judgment, with Mr. Douglas and the policy and procedure he is following - that if I am the one to bring things forward regarding poor treatment of a poor product sold to me, so be it. ** I want to add on the Gateway purchase I also bought a back-up system, printer/jet system, with all charged on the new opened acct.  
    Is there any other suggestions anyone may have.  
    I plan on closing my Fry's acct by the week ending... and I can assure you, I am not done yet.  
    I do this NOT just for me- but those who follow.  
    Thank you for your time in reading this, etc. and taking the time to offer any suggestion(s).  
    After Mr. Douglas told me, "There is nothing to investigte"... and I closed my statement over phone repeating same of his remarks---- guess he had a change of heart. He called the Plano Supervisor that I had praised from yesterday.... who in turn called me. Turns out Douglas did investigate and found a way to help me. I am told to bring it in.  
    And for all- keep representing your Rights... and to the webmaster here- Thx for this site to all involved. This is saved in my FAVORITES :face-angel:  
    Peace Out.
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    Guest: Hello all!  
    I am hoping for some support and help... I just turned in my HP Laptop dv2740se for repair, it's still under the protection plan/store warranty from Fry's. Just to give a bit of history, my laptop was my first big purchase as an adult (That and my car) and it's like my baby. (I named it Lola, yes I know I am way crazy). My laptop has a heat sink fan that's dead, a DVD writer/light scribe that's dead, some dead/dying pixels on the display and the power jack is broken. (To the point where I have to hold the cord at an angle to get a charge.)  
    I really didn't want to turn it in due to the fact that I would be without a computer for X amount of time and I have followed this board and I know some of the complaints of screw ups. Plus, it was emotional for me to just hand it over, knowing I may not get my laptop back or working if some peoples' stories are true.  
    I guess what I really want to know is (to our experts): Would I actually get a replacement for my laptop? If they can fix the problems, will they wipe my hard drive? And Yes, I know it will take time to order parts but how long should it take? 3 weeks? 5 weeks? 4 months? (If the stories are true!) This waiting is killing me and I am really doubting my decision to turn it in. Like maybe I should have just had my computer limp along until I could purchase a new one in the fall.  
    In advance thank you to anyone who can give me some advice!
    Replacement depends on the difference between cost vs repair. You might get a repalcement or you might get your unit repaired. Before you bring it in if you want your data back it up either or youself or pay the $70.00 for them to do it. Personally I would do it yourself. If they have to send it out and the unit gets replaced by HP, Home Office, etc. you are not going to get a chance to back it up. Also budget atleast 8-12 weeks for the computer to not in your hands. So get a loaner, get a non-debit credit card and they can give you a loaner laptop before you leave the store.
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    "milling a chunk of aluminum to create an extended heatsink for the processor"  
    (2) No. You're not. You would like to think so, but you aren't going to make a heatsink. You don't have the knowledge.
    And how would you have any idea if I do or not? I've machined "harder" stuff on my mill and lathe before, and it wasn't all that difficult. Just time consuming.  
    "just decided to download a copy, and tell my ISP I had no choice but to DL Vista"  
    (3) You don't know much about computers. I've seen your type. ou know just enough to use big words and get yourself in trouble. Why would you inform your ISP of your activities? Retarded.  
    I'd only be telling them that IF they decided to throw a bitchfit  
    "after I told him they lost over $8,000 of business from us in the next year"  
    (4) I've heard that one often. Guess what: It isn't true, and employees don't give a shit.  
    Again, how do you know that it's not true? Seems like you love to pull shit out of your ass.  
    "they couldn't  
    verify the serial number on the laptop (the serial number was worn off the sticker)"  
    "when I found a way for them to get the serial number off the motherboard. First, I found a VBS"  
    (5) Seriously? You wanted to bring in a fucking VBS script? If you brought that in to me, I would kick your ass out.  
    It's better than the zero knowledge those idiots had. How would you expect to kick me out, anyways? You'd have no legitimate reason for kicking me out other than not approving of my idea for getting the serial number.  
    "then found Belarc"  
    (6) Why didn't you just go into the BIOS and get the serial number? Like any half-intelligent person would?  
    They claimed they couldn't find the Serial Number in the BIOS.  
    "they are going to be royally screwed if I ever have to go into the store and fight with them."  
    (7) Adults don't actually talk like that. I would put your age 16-21.
    When you've lost your temper with a bunch of idiots that are trying to fuck you over, you'd be amazed what comes out of an adults mouth. Plus, last I checked, 18+ is legally an adult. Whether or not your ornery ass thinks otherwise, doesn't matter.
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    Does Remedy glitch sometimes? I put "Repaired by" myself, and it showed up as another Tech! This could lead to disasters.

    Also, when customers come up asking how to do a restore, do you tell them which F8/F11, etc key it is? I'm trying to find a way to save the sale but I don't like lying or

    doing shady shit while on the counter. Ideas?
      CommentAuthorGuest 63
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010
    How much do Service associates get paid and what are the requirements for getting that job? I'm currently an A/V salesman, but I'm getting sick of all the bullshit they've been pulling lately.
  4.  permalink
    To the 2nd to last guest: There has been on occassion that Remedy glitches and puts the wrong associate info even when you plug your password in. I have seen it a handful of times. To the last guest; it would help if you have your A+ before you ask to transfer so it shows that you really want to be in service. Service associates get paid on commission but it is like software, it is dept. based not individual. My store is a low volume store, so that means we don't make as much as we could. Ask the DM if they hit their projections. If they just make it, like we do, the techs average about 15 and some change an hour. If it is a busy store, it could be alot more.
      CommentAuthorGuest 63
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010
    Yea, I'm getting my A+ soon. I could potentially make more money in sales, but I prefer more stability in paychecks. That and the treatment of salesmen has kinda gone to shit (even moreso than before).
  5.  permalink
    home office just took the red carpet computer off the store's internet line and made it only accessible through our router. why?
  6.  permalink
    Guest 30532: Does Remedy glitch sometimes? I put "Repaired by" myself, and it showed up as another Tech! This could lead to disasters.  
    Also, when customers come up asking how to do a restore, do you tell them which F8/F11, etc key it is? I'm trying to find a way to save the sale but I don't like lying or  
    doing shady shit while on the counter. Ideas?
    I haven't seen Remedy glitch like that yet. The main server does decide to call it quits every once in awhile. Nothing causes as many global tickets as Remedy crashes.  
    As far as how to handle selling restores, I would probably say something along the lines of "Each model is different in terms of how to restore them. Before we begin each restore process, we consult the service manual. I don't have the exact instructions on how to restore the machine in front of me, but if you would like, I can get you the number of the manufacturer and they would be more than happy to walk you through the restore process." At least that obfuscates the matter. I know that some stores offer Windows updates as a way of saying "yes, you could just press the F11 key, but we do the updates for you as well, and make sure everything goes smoothly."  
    Guest 53073: home office just took the red carpet computer off the store's internet line and made it only accessible through our router. why?  
    It's a virus-protection measure. Rejoice in Red Carpet not being slowed down by the Fry's Launcher. :D
  7.  permalink
    however, the internet on the red carpet machine was faster than the internet from our verizon wireless anyware box. driver downloads can take 45 min, and that's if a customer doesn't ask for dumb shit like "can i plug my internet now?" when you know the answer is no
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2010
    the internet connection on the red carpet machine is a T1 or DSL, vs 1x/EVDO on verizon.
  8.  permalink
    The subscription the stores had was upgraded because of the change.
  9.  permalink
    but no increase in bandwith?
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    The internet speeds at store 23 are disgraceful. To my knowledge, we are served by a single T1 connection. (1.5 Mbps) It would be much cheaper, and far faster, to switch to a dual WAN setup comprised of a modest DSL and cable internet connection.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    Put up a cantenna and take internet from surrounding residential areas on cable internet.
  10.  permalink
    will the ultra-x software get updates? does anyone know if it is capable of self-updating?
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    The thing I like best about Ultra-X is that not even Ultra-X Inc knows what the error codes mean (the original programmers had some dispute with the company and left before telling them how to use the software). In typical Fry's fashion, that's the one they give us to diagnose all the machines.
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    I just want to ask if Fry's store offer a service (or refer me to somewhere) that can help me with my notebook.
    I wanted a internal hard drive installed for more space (my D drive is almost full) and I don't know where I can bring it or what kind of notebook hard drive to get. I own HP Pavilion dv4-1220us Notebook.

    Hope to hear a response ^^ Thank you in advance ^^/
      CommentAuthorGuest 7000
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2010
    Hey, I'm looking for a job and i was wondering if Fry's hires directly to the service dept.
  12.  permalink
    @Guest 7000 yeah, we have really high turnover due to how complicated the job is (not the repairs but all the paperwork that goes along with each repair) and having to deal with all the angry customers and store computer systems that take about 6 months to learn properly, so we constantly have people quitting in exasperation, and those positions need to be filled. Just keep stopping by and asking the service department manager if he has any openings every few weeks. And make sure to be A+ certified and preferably, Mac certified as well (that will get you in the door imediately).
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    i left to try and find another job, but that didn't pan out. should i reapply to service? i used to work there for abt 2 years, quit a few months ago.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2012 edited
    You are really acting like an ignorant child in an adult body who has no consideration for others. Thinking that everyone needs to bow down to you, cause you think you're special or something. Complaining on a forum about how you're cheap and think you can actually just make your own heat sink for your computer. Honestly, that is really the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. I'm sure you can do it, but you can't even fix your own computer? I mean how damn hard is it to take out a hard drive, put one back in, torrent Windows Vista, and install it on the new hard drive? Oh, but I guess we need a “certified technician” to do it for you.  
    Oh, I've heard that line “after I told him they lost over $8,000 of business from us in the next year” before. Let me tell you, it honestly doesn't make a difference to the majority of the individuals that work at Fry's. Cause honestly, it is your loss. A lot of customers think it's Fry's fault for their own stupidity, don't understand Fry's policies, or are looking for something cheap. I can tell you right now, that for every stupid customer leaves another one who actually understands comes in.  
    The serial number on the back of your laptop is actually valid and that's all you need to activate your copy of Vista. If you didn't know already, you can call Microsoft and get another product key from them for free. Not a lot of people know that Microsoft is actually a really relaxed company. But I mean, you're the one informing your ISP that you're going to be torrenting/downloading Vista like the dumbass you are. Who in the hell tells their ISP that their going to be torrenting/downloading a file? I mean, can you even imagine that conversation I would be laughing my ass off if I was that person taking the call.  
    Back to the original topic at hand, stop being such a cheap fuck and actually just Google the issues you're having and do it yourself. Then again, you're stupid so I wouldn't suggest that. I really don't know what to suggest to you, I mean all the trouble you've gone through just cause you know nothing about computers seems like a mess. There is really not enough words to describe how I see you as an individual.