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    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    I am a PC tech and I was curious how Fry's paid their PC technicians. Is there a senior or lead PC tech position?  
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    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    I'll probably get slammed for this, but....I'd strongly suggest looking elsewhere other than Fry's. As an employer, Fry's has a poor reputation. Additionally, their service departments have a bad reputation when it comes to the quality of their work and the length of time that PC's sit on the shelf before they're actually looked at.
      CommentAuthorGuest 7632
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2010
    as of now, techs get paid min. wage + commission. it varies week to to week. and it REALLY depends on the store you are working at, some stores get a lot of business while others dont. most regular techs are getting paid $15-17/hr, give or take. A+ techs get +$1 more/hr. Sup's $19-22/hr.

    This is the average from my store..
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    Techs sound like they are doing okay ObiWan.
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2010
    min wage + commission is crap.
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    Guest: Techs sound like they are doing okay ObiWan.
    As a tech you get minimum wage plus commission but rather then products you have to sell services to customers that are more inclined to hate you because they never read the actually terms of the PSC on their receipt and just listened to what the salesmen said (while I don't disbelieve lies, I think its more good salesmen like lawyers don't answer questions that aren't asked which means you don't give out a lot a details). You try selling to people coming with broken computers when someone who didn't read their warranty is suddenly blowing his stack because the PSC doesn't cover Physical Damage and you're being called liars, cheats, etc.
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    35 hours/week, averaging out at way under $500 each week. This is before taxes so do you still want to work here? Projections? What projections?
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2010
    min wage + commission is crap If you can't sell. Sky is the limit if you know how to sell am I right?:face-monkey:Fry's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    flea: min wage + commission is crap If you can't sell. Sky is the limit if you know how to sell am I right?:face-monkey:
    You got it, Flea.
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    In warranty (PSC) units pays ZERO commission. You're paid $8 and hour to fix those. Ever tried to sell a customer upgrades that will cost a minimun of $100 (without parts yet) on a 3+ year old computer? They'll tell you they can go to the Computer department and get a newer and faster computer for $300 with a newer operating system. Or try to sell a virus scan for $70 and yes you have to tell them that we cannot guarantee 100% removal of the virus? When any customer complains, they are either refunded the diagnostic/repair fees or it's waived altogether? You're doing free work ultimately. Sell? Ha!
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    if i remember correctly, commission is actually group commission, just like software, the whole team gets the same commission pay
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    I agree with flea and yes it is grouped commission..i have an interview this week. i have the a+, Cisco, and network+ training but no certs! after looking hard for a job and finally getting an opportunity, ill take what i can get... especially if its doing something im passionate about!!!!!!!!

    Hope i knock em out during my interview.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2010 edited
    Guest: ... especially if its doing something im passionate about!!!!!!!!  
    Fry's will suck whatever passion you have, dry.  
    Take the time and earn the certifications. Having them will give you an advantage elsewhere, especially with even having the basic CISCO certification.
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    Well at least the pay isnt bad ....right????
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2010
    If you think making slightly over minimum wage as "isn't bad", then go for it.  
    You could probably do better elsewhere, and be happier.
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    Damn i didnt know that...even after commision???

    And what area are you talking about???
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2010
    If you read the beginning of this post, apparently it's minimum wage plus commission. If you're impressed by that, you're setting your sights too low.  
    As to what I'm "talking about", earn your certifications and apply to a reputable place of employment. You'll be happier you did.
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    I wouldn't listen to Obi-Wan, basically 90% of his posts on this forum are "go somewhere else", so his opinion is basically useless. Not sure if he even ever worked at Fry's.

    First of all, as others have said, it is min wage + commission. So you can make $8/hr, you can make $20/hr, you can make less you can make more, etc. As others have said, it depends on your store, time of the year, alignment of the planets, etc etc. Average is actually decently high, most of the techs at Fountain Valley, CA store tell me $15-18/hr usually.

    Is that good? For retail, yes. Would I want to do this for the rest of my life? No. I would recommend that you go for it if you think you are willing to try and get people to sign up for a bunch of services for money. If you are shy or coy, don't bother. Times are tough right now, so unfortunately we might have to take jobs that are less than ideal. People like Obi-Wan are a bit jaded in their opinion. I work with people who are old enough to be my parent and are making the same $8-10/hr as I am. That is just how it is at this point. I suggest you apply here and try it out, maybe in a year or two you will have some more experience, some more certs and maybe a better education and can then move on to something better.

    Good luck.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    I've been working in service for about 6 months now, and I think I've officially been "broken in"... I feel like I'm on auto-pilot most of the day. Maybe I'll get some machines repaired today, maybe I won't, you can never predict what the day will hold.  
    We're expected to 1) Give status updates on customer machines. 2) Schedule wireless installs. 3) Schedule deliveries. 4) Research and request parts. 5) Bill parts after we fix a machine. 6) Schedule TV and appliance repairs if customers bought an extended warranty through us. 7) Answer phones (which never seem to stop ringing by the way) and provide basic customer support. 8A) Constantly deal with customers calling or coming in to the store, asking why their computer that was sent to the manufacturer for repair isn't back yet. 8B) Listen to them bitch and complain about how long it's taking for their unit to be fixed. 8C) Having to pretend that you can speed up the process simply because they ask, "well can you expedite my repair???" as if there's a "Don't Take Forever" button on our system that can be clicked and THAT will then make the manufacturer repair it faster. 9) Work on Fry's store computer systems that don't communicate with each other (it's common to have to switch between half a dozen screens to do any given task in service), crash constantly, and are slower than shit. 10) Check in customers through a repetitive, mind numbing program that takes forever to fill out and crashes more than it's up, forcing us to fill out things by hand. 11) Prepare loaner computers for customers (a long process that requires a slew of passwords and sucks about 30-45 minutes out of your day) 12) Check customers out once they're repaired. 13) Answer the questions of every tom, dick, and harry who sees you over in service and decides that if he can't find a salesman, he'll ask you.  
    I know I'm forgetting many other things we're required to do, but then and ONLY then, if you're not doing anything else, you're required to also repair fifteen computers a week or you could get written up for not making your quota.  
    The amount of stuff you're required to do in service is staggering. It's no wonder that service has such a high turnover. These days, I feel like I'm just going through the motions, mentally in another place. When customers are rude and making threats, I'm seriously on a beach somewhere, in a happy place and I know they're talking but I'm not really listening to what they're saying because they always say the same thing. When they finish what they're saying, I know that's my cue to come back from the beach and explain the situation and why there's nothing that can be done beyond what we're already doing and/or have done. Then they either start yelling again while I go back to the beach to finish up my piƱa colada, or they leave in defeat, at which point I continue with the 13 other things I was doing.  
    If you want to "repair" computers, Fry's might be the wrong place to look. Most of our time is spent attending to bullshit. I would say that on a given work day, only about 1 solid hour is spent actually "repairing" computers (THAT'S why repairs take so long). Also, expect that if you work at Fry's, you need to adopt the attitude that, no matter how hard you work, any day could be your last. Maybe you filled out the wrong form while billing and it cost the company a couple hundred bucks, or you went over 5 hours last week without even realizing it, or one of the million other ways you can get fired for making a mistake in a company that's run by manual labor, clunky policies and procedures, and paper paper paper, yet no tolerance for mistakes. After talking with various people in my department, I've learned that most of my coworkers have the same "any day could be my last" mentality, so as long as you can accept that mentality as part of the job, then you might make it.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2010 edited
    Here is my job:  
    Push refrigerators to one side of backstock.  
    Have my supervisor tell me he now wants it on the other side, push them back.  
    Pull a washer and dryer out from behind 6 other washers and dryers, put at front of store.  
    Find out customer does not want to purchase, put it back.  
    Move 8 more pieces of appliance that won't be delivered for 3 weeks to staging because supervisor wants it to be done.  
    Get yelled at by delivery guys who cannot find anything because staging is full.  
    Move all of staging back to backstock becuase supervisor realizes it was a dumb idea in the first place.  
    Rinse and repeat, collect my $250 "full time" ( 32-33 hours maximum ) paycheck, go home and cry myself to sleep. Watch cashiers make more money standing in the same spot all day, actually being able to work more than 32 hours + comission.  
    Still not sure if I would rather work in service department. My honest suggestions is go work software, those are the happiest people at Fry's. Then go to school, get a degree and do something else.
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    Well after interviewing with supervisor and then manager on the same day, they asked me to come back another day to interview with store manager. I supposed im on the right track to getting hired but may be wrong.

    Everyone i talk to either know someone in service that has worked there or have worked there themselves and tell me that the pay is decent, Some say 13-15/hr while others tell me annual pay between 30k-40k a year. A systems administrator told me that it is an excellent job to have but i honestly dont know if it is after also hearing a lot of bad things on this forum....
    I would like to know experiences like the one from gobo750 and actual fist hand account facts about the salaries offered by fry's for the service tech position!!!!!!!!!

    Is there room to move up?
    How often are raises given?
    Can this job be a gateway to further career opportunities?
    What are the benefits of working for fry's?
    How well is management with employees?
    Any answers to these questions will help me and many others on this forum, and are greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Ok first of all, there are no raises because you work on commission. The only place to move up is supervisor of the dept. Can the job be a gateway? Experience is always good I do not see why not. Fry's has standard medical benefits, 401k I believe, employee discounts, the usual. Management is pretty bad everywhere, Fry's is not a very friendly company to their employees or customers and will screw either one at any opportunity. Would I recommend the job? Why not, obviously if you are applying here then people aren't busting down your door to hire you. No offense, just not a great job market right now.
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    I agree and thanks for the answers...
    But do you know anything about the pay and how its paid???
    A lot of people here have said many different things!
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    10 thousand per month
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    That is accurate.  
    It's all in PESOS.
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    last year as a sup. 2 in service i ended at about 32k, this year at this rate... sh*t, probably 26k. looking for new job as we speak. sup's are doing way too much for way too little now. this year home office added a shitload of new responsibilities that do not pertain to service/computer repair. half the day is filled with crap like, "how come my stove/fridge/washer" wasn't delivered and asking why (tech advise) it doesn't work.. idk f*cking know!?

    frys tried to pool 3 dept's into 1. and that 1 only had 1 specialty to begin with. i hear so many customers pissed off to hell, and they all nearly say theyre not pissed at me, but at frys for being so retarded in the process.

    if you work in the bay area service dept., god bless you. FIRST. customer calls the main line (call center), SECOND they wait as all 4 phone lines in service go off the hook and you have a counter full of other customers waiting, and actual legit customers asking for repair status (10-15 min. have easily passed by now), THIRD you have to call ANOTHER phone line to Delivery Center to find out what the f*ck is going on (why can't the delivery center just handle it in the first place???), again, expect the call to not go through and spend another 15 minutes, meanwhile switching phones and apologizing to the customer for such a BS system. FINALLY, you get an answer. more than likely the delivery place already knows they cannot make it or will be hours late. however oblivious to communication refuse to share any of that information! By this time in the evening, Deliveries will pretty much express, "too bad" and let you deal with it.
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    minimum wage 7.25 plus commission is my new hire pay for service tech....... but you guys make it seem like a lot!!!
    Anyways take what you can get right now RIGHT????
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    Service technician get around 10$ to 15$ for sure.
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    I used to work for Fry's in the "Service" department.

    If working long hours under pressure to "do everything" from fixing your daily quota, making sure your parts are ordered even though you already put the request in, selling "services" to people like "a full windows installation with drivers" for $130 when all you did was press F11 which itself costs $60, dealing with angry customers on the counter and phone until you can get your supervisor or the manager in charge to get them off your back, working with outdated tools (like some bootleg CDs for almost everything) or now a beta of some new diagnostic software that gives errors with no code list unless you want to wait on hold with the company, giving out loaners for the PSC (even though you are not supposed to remind customers that they get a loaner unless they ask), checking in broken everything (cameras, vacuums, stereo equipment, etc.), making appointments for home service, checking the status on computer repairs, dealing with "Remedy" which is the worst piece of crap tracking software for repairs that goes down at least 20 times a day for HOURS, dealing with software changes that fuck up or make appointments disappear, working with a POS system that used to have Fry's PLUs but now is UPC based so you have to type MORE numbers just to look up a price because they wanted to save money on stickers and paying somebody to apply said stickers, having internet access that is actually a broadband USB dongle connected to a router because Fry's is too cheap to have actual internet in the service department for updating drivers and/or Windows, dealing with shady managers who will sell a DVD removal for $40 after they remove the screw and pull the drive out because somebody's kid pushed the DVD between the drive and the case, working with equipment that is being repaired constantly, having your commission reduced because your department (the only one in the store that has to deal with this) used too many cans of air, paper, toner, staples, etc. which come directly out of your pay and many other forms of torture that I have already forgotten for approximately $500 per week before taxes, then by all means work for Fry's. I feel sorry for people who work there because they haven't found another job. I feel equally sorry for people who work there and can be so shady and steal money from people "fixing computers" when most of the stuff could be taught in 5 minutes and the same gadgets purchased in the store. I probably could have lasted longer but the company policies and the crappy pay (A+ raise? I don't think I got it, but who knows...) made it really difficult for me to stay.

    I realize much of what I typed was already said but I figure another person's point of view wouldn't hurt (even if it is the same...). Working there isn't about repairing computers. It's more like damage control for Fry's salesman, warranty service by shipping crap out and dealing with paperwork. And remember if you take up the slack because somebody else in the department won't do certain parts of the non-existent job description, you will ALWAYS be taking up some slack somewhere because people mostly do the least they can to make their money. TRUST ME and good luck!
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    It's min wage plus commission. However if that commission doesn't bring your pay up to 13/hr
    Then Frys pays the difference. I just had my last interview there and that is what they told me.
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2011
    @Guest 15493 did they also tell you that difference MUST be paid back to Fry's?, complete bullshit what frys does in the draw process  
    The draw process is as follows,  
    1.) let's say the minim each week to average $13/hr is $400  
    2.) your first week your just learning the system and u make $200, now your in draw -200  
    3.) week 2 a little comfier but still mastering techniques, you made $250, now your in draw -350  
    4,)week 3 allright your catching on finding out which customers to avoid and which wallets to rape and you made $360, now your in draw/debt $390  
    5.) week 4. Yayyy 1 dreaded month at Fry's, you have a vibrant confidence because you know the tips tricks n techniques... But even if you do bad weeks can still happen, the whole week was slow so u only managed $265... And then a customer returned one of your goods/services which eradicated $65 from your pocket. Now your in -$590 draw  
    6) week 5, with idiot sups (like Wattana from Store 10, complete moron/scum/management skills on par with the hair on my ass) and a poor couple of weeks you are now demoralized, but you grind it out and find some hapinned because u broke draw with a respectable $440... But wait you still owe Fry's!!! :0, so now they rape your hard earned money for $40, to bring your draw down to -550  
    7.)week 6. Generic implications but you still make 480, draw now down to -470  
    8.) continue the math week after week  
    9.) because you learned the ropes with no proper training you owe Fry's money,, and potentially wasted 3 months of minimum wage  
    Short story long fuck Fry's, especially store 10, miserable sups always mad because they know the company is crumbling, so they take it out on bright and clever associates, because outside Fry's they have no authority and have no skill set for the real world, no management skills, no brain, no brawn... Yo Wattana when Fry's bites the dust let me know where your flipping burgers, because I might just wanna see how your miserable life turned out
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2011
    Whoa so they are even doing draw for service and essentially making it 100% commission base?
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    t0rrent: Whoa so they are even doing draw for service and essentially making it 100% commission base?
    Service is the exception I believe. Draw does not apply. But 13 an hour is a bit shit when you are working in one of the most demanding and depressing departments at Fry's. At least Techs made $16-17 an hour when I worked at Fry's, 13 an hour is just an insult.
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    I just started out about a month ago and have learned the techs there are all idiots. I'm not even certified, I'm prior military and worked on more high tech top secret shit than can imagine. On top of that with my security clearance I was the new guy able to get the service (40 level) manuals. Plus.... I was the one actually looking for the polocies and procedures of Frys and how to do everything right. Just because you have an A+ on your badge means you just wasted your money and you're an idiot. That's why I was brought.. I'm a tech and not certified, but I have a ton of military training documents. The idiots there never even heard of a god damn flow chart for trouble shooting!!! Give me two more months I'll be running it, or suing it to the ground. Can't fire a disabled vet.
      CommentAuthorGuest 1980
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2011
    Not enough. Not for all the bullshit you have to deal with on top of just fixing computers. Take it if you can't get anything else but just be warned. They're counting on people putting up with the pay cuts because of how hard it is to find a job right now.

    Our particular dept. has a great rep as far as I know. We usually have a 24-48 hour turnaround on diags and every single one of our techs are A+(not that that means shit, you can hire a certified tech and still find them using an entire syringe of thermal grease on one cpu install.. but I digress). We make twice as much as the stores in CA but get paid less because apparently the cost of living is much more expensive there. So we get to scrape by on what ends up being around $12 an hour. (I'm not trying to bash on any CA stores, just that I feel we're working hard just to get shit on because they can get away with shitting on us)

    There is no longer a minimum/base commission. So no, they are not going to pay the difference. Don't be fooled otherwise.
    I'm pretty damned sure if I had stayed with my previous job doing menial labor I'd be getting paid just as much as I do now for 100% less stress. I'd be in better shape too. :/

    Anyway here's hoping I don't get fired now...