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    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2010
    So I went to Fry's and went to the components department and they told me to buy this:  
    and said that it will fit in any computer case. So I apparently bought a mini ATX computer case and I was going to have service install it for me and they told me that the case was too small. They said that I needed a mid tower ATX case and I told that to components and they said that I needed a full size ATX case.  
    I want to buy this:  
    and wanted to know which department is right (service = mid tower) or components (full size ATX)?Fry's is corrupt I am here to talk about it.
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    Technically that power supply will fit in both a midtower and full tower. The only difference between a mid tower and a full tower (on the most part) is the overall height of the tower; full tower being taller than a mid tower, but on the most part a midtower will fit a full atx board and standard board atx powersupply (which your antec is) without a problem for an overall smaller form factor feel of a computer. Only time a full tower is used is if you want a lot of space to work on or your trying to fit an eATX class motherboard (usually only server class motherboards or high end gamer boards).
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    Everything Guest said is correct. Mid towers and full towers can both accommodate ATX form factor parts (like PSUs, motherboards, etc.) A full tower is necessary when accommodating a larger-than-normal motherboard or more drives than a standard mid tower case can fit.  
    However, sometimes full tower cases are chosen to accommodate specific cooling requirements, such as liquid cooling, or better-than-average air cooling, when parts would fit normally in a mid tower as well.
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    thank you, i now know what i need to buy