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    good thing i dont have to do it.
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    In compwnents, "promotion" is motivation, inventory is punishment.
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    I'm sure that employees who are pissed off at having to do inventory will be reallly accurate.
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    Doing inventory ourself has caused us to have a more acurate inventory. We actually get done much earlier then we ever did when other people did it. Doing inventory is not punishment, punishment was standing around bored for 15hrs watching others mess your inventory up. Now if your sales in components and your chosen to do inventory, it's because your a lower performer. Get your numbers up and I'm sure you'll never have to do it again. I know I love hitting F10 and knowing inventory under 5 is right most of the time.
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    As far as sales associates go, our store typical picks the associates that typically perform the best. For other department like AV & Computers they could only pick the accessory sales associates due to the type of pay.