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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2010 edited
    I applied to frys earlier today and already got a call back. Literally it was about a 2 hour turn around. Unfortunately, the only times they had were for monday, and the times were during classes. Besides that, its finals week and monday alone I have 4 finals.  
    When I turned in my app today, I was well dressed, applied for a frys credit card (so that they would hand my app directly to a supervisor instead of the box), and spoke to a supervisor. I have almost 3 years experience in retail electronics and over 60 units in college.  
    So my question is, do you think they will call me back and reschedule for the following monday?  
    Anyone had an experience like this?  
    And would they look at my financial "well being" because of my credit card application?
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      CommentAuthorGuest 7632
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2010
    they made you sign up for a fry's card for priority? wtf, what store was this?

    just call, i'm sure they wouldn't mind that much. when i first worked there, i honestly never even went through the whole process of interview and training.
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    Haha the roseville store. I really didnt mind but I did find it odd... like a cheap way to get credit card apps. But still for a call back that fast...

    And I think thats a good idea. Ill call back or wait for a call next week. Screw finals haha
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2010
    C2k:, applied for a frys credit card (so that they would hand my app directly to a supervisor instead of the box)
    I believe kids these days would say, "you got played."
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    At my store I have no problem rescheduling interviews as long as it within reason and they are not asking for a time that I am not there.
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    Roseville just got a new Customer Service Department Manager, combined with this 25 year anniversary and Randy Fry's visit this Thurday, things could get a little hectic. If you don't get a call back I'd say call the store and try to reschedule. The supervisor in charge of new hires is Nicole. Ask for her. Good Luck!
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    You didn't ask them to reschedule on the phone immediately? If not, you will probably have to initiate the call to reschedule.Superhero!
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    Did you ever get a call back to reschedule? In my experience, unless you made one hell of a good impression, calling and asking for Nicole will only annoy customer relations. She could be standing right next to the phone and you will be told she is unavailable. The fact that you were dressed nice is the only reason that your application was actually looked at rather then it being put in the box as soon as you were not looking. So good for you on knowing what to look like when applying for a job. If your looking for something to get you by then Frys is OK, but its not a great place to work. If you play the game right you can go far.There are a few good managers left but for the most part they are all two faced. Good luck.