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    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010 edited
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    The servicer will submit the estimate to Frys for approval. The estimate will be declined most likely today or tomorrow, and on Monday they will submit what is called a "Buyer's Request". The paperwork for your TV then goes from the in-home team to the buyer for the audio/video department. They then find the most comparable unit and fill out the replacement paperwork. Since they are most likely going to start the paperwork on Monday, the store should be receiving the request on Thursday night. Now the thing is, the service department manager receives these orders along with the supervisors, but the mgr is off on fridays and saturdays. SO if you call in, make sure to speak to either the Sup1 or Department Mgr if it is on Thursday. They will most likely replace it with a 65" Mitsubishi. If you do not want that TV, you can return the replacement for its value and buy whatever you want
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    Thank you so much for the information. Very much appreciated! I will probably attempt to call them today just to see what is going on with it, thanks for letting me know I need to ask for.

    So you think they will replace it with a 65" instead of a 60"? I know I bought a 62" but reading other customer experiences they usually replaced it with a 60"...either one is fine by me as I will just replace the 60" pay the $100 difference for the one I want.

    Do you think there is any chance they will want to fix the TV? What are the factors that play in repairing vs replacing if you know.
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    In my experience, all of the 62" sets that I have seen replaced, have been replaced with a 65". It is definately not cost effective to repair a DLP tv when the engine has gone out. The part alone is probably near 1100, with labor + diagnostic around 550. The unfortunate part of the replacement process is once they decide to replace it, which they will, they hand the paperwork off to that "buyer", and they decide what the replacement is. The store doesn't have any contact with them so they can't get you any updates. That is the only frustrating part. But that process definately takes a few days and I know they don't work on the weekends so I would expect the paperwork to be in Wed/Thurs of next week
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    the Frys Performance Service Contract is the way to go. I would recommend everyone to buy it.
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    Well I called Fry's and apparently they are ordering the part...they said that parts + labor will be $575 so they are going to fix it. That is the cheapest I have seen the part as I have looked online and found the part for as cheap as $700, but never $575 and that includes labor! I want this TV replaced because the light engine is more than likely not going to fix my problem as the repair tech that came out I was explaining the shadow effects that appear...he saw them but said it was a cabling issue even after I told him it happens on every input even the antenna. So if this part fixes my TV great, but I am not holding my there anything else I can to get this to go in my favor?
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    Hmm that sounds strange. If they truly requested the light engine the estimate should be very beefy. The servicers charge around 100-150 just for the trip/diagnostic fee. Based off that estimate, the only two parts that would fit that would be the color wheel or the lamp. Did Fry's say what part(s) the servicer requested? There are two instances in which a TV can be replaced. The first is the obvious; if it costs more to repair it, replace it. The other time is on the 4th repair for the same problem, with each problem seperated for 30 days, it will be replaced. If this is your first repair, you don't have much leg to stand on, the only real option is to get it repaired. If you have multiple repairs, you could attempt to talk to the store manager, they can bend any rules they want. But the Service Dept. HAS to fallow the written terms of the PSC contract, there is no way around that.
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    Okay so I called them back for a 2nd time today and actually talked to someone that seemed to be more on the up and up of the repair process. It took her a while to find my order, but she finally found it. She said she sees that the technician came out but after that everything is sent to corporate in LA. Once there the corp. office will determine if the TV needs to be replaced vs repaired. That seemed to make sense, and she could not tell me what part was ordered (which might have been because the repair order was not submitted yet since they just came out to my house yesterday mid afternoon.) So I am holding out that the cost of the repair will be more than $1k. I am not sure where the 1st lady I talked to told me the price of $537 or something around that, since this 2nd CSR had no information about that at all. So now apparently what will happen is after the corp. office makes their decision they contact the store which in turn contacts me to let me know if it will be repaired or replaced.

    The technician that came out said the optical something that starts with a C as his handwriting is very illegible. He said that part was around $1000...he said it included the color wheel and after researching this online it looked like he was talking about the entire Light Engine assembly as it comes with the color wheel.
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    correction on the bottom of my last post I said Light Engine assembly, I mean Optical Engine assembly.
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    if I am correct the part number they need is 938P019020, and that ranges from $600+ and most places do not have them in stock or they are refurbished. Does Fry's use refurbished parts for repair?
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    Well it isn't Frys who orders the parts. Frys outsources all in-home claims for appliances/TVs to a third party servicer that is authorized through the manufacturer. The parts may be refurbished though. The servicer should be faxing their estimate to the Home Office today, and the people there will either approve or deny the repair. If they deny it, it is definately getting replaced. The decision to repair/replace happens pretty quick, and it all depends on how fast the servicer sends it over.
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    Thanks for all your input today, and if its okay I want to pick your brain on one more thing. In your opinion if the Light Engine has to be replaced and they can get the part for $600 + the labor and time for diagnosis do you think that would push through as a repair or since it would probably be around $800-900 for the repair would they just say screw it and replace the TV? Just trying to gauge where the cutoff is for them....I used to work for CompUSA and if it was within a few hundred dollars they would usually just replace the unit because if the repair didn't fix the problem 100% and more parts were needed then they are spending more money then the replacement.
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    In the past 2 years, I have not seen a repair that has been over 700 bucks. Anything over, it has been a replacement. I have seen many times where the repair cost is actually cheaper than the replacement but they still process the replacement
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    I called Fry's back today and they were actually able to find my service order very quickly this time. Anyways they told me the estimate of the part was $585 (he did not say anything about labor or the trip / diagnostic fee from last week, but surely that has to be factored in somewhere??) He said now they are waiting from their insurance company who will determine if they will replace/repair the TV. If anyone is still following this thread what are my chances here? I am thinking $585 for the part but they already had to pay at least $100 for the Har-West guys to diagnose it and another $150-$300 for installation...does that sound right, anyone have any thoughts? Also how long does it take for the insurance company to make a decision to get back to the store to get back to me?
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    Does Fry's have to pay these Har-West guys for installation? Or do they have a contract with them where they just pay for the parts and the installation is on the house per say?
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    Fry's definately has to pay them for the labor. The estimates should have the part, diag, and labor. I just saw an engine request on a 65" mitsu get denied today, the estimate was around 1200 bucks. If they submitted the claim on Friday/Saturday, the approval will come in most likely tomorrow.
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    I found out that the 585 does include labor. Labor alone is 210 so I am confused on how they found the light engine at such a cheap cost. So I guess I need to accept the fact that they will be repairing the tv since it's so cheap to do so.
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    Anyone have any advice of how to break the light engine, without fry's knowing that is what you did? The light engine will not fix my problem and the tech tells me that the blooming/shadow lines effect are from a connection happens on HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Optical, and Analog its not a connection issue....just getting aggravated that they cannot fix it correctly and the only way to get this done is to break the light engine, this time on purpose, so I can get a new tv. thoughts?
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2010
    I like engines.
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    okay so I am 90% sure this is a refurbished light engine...any advice on how to wear this thing down quicker? Does fry's have a warranty on the parts they are installing or if it dies again in 10 days they have to fork over another $600 to repair it....and at that point it would be a total of $1200 for repairs is this something they look at for replacements?
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    I hope guest realizes someone could forward this posting to Home Office, figure out what customer this is, and deny any further claims...