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    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010 edited
    A Clear rep has informed me that they've set up a couple of 4G towers in San Diego for testing. They plan to complete the San Diego 4G launch by end of the year. I have several Sierra Wireless 250U 3G/4G modems both Sprint and Clear branded and about to find these base stations.  
    From testing Sprint 4G in Kansas City I can say its pretty fast, typical speeds of 5mbps down, 1mbps up. In Las Vegas the 4G network is heavily congested with speeds comparably to 3G (1.5 to 3.0mbps down, 0.6 mbps up), even with 100% signal strength from nearly 20 base stations.  
    Also couple of weeks ago WiMAX Forum has moved from Portland to San Diego.  
    To find 3G or 4G towers you can check out the tower search in your area here  
    Sprint is selling their 4G EVO Android phone like crazy even in markets where 4G/WiMAX in unavailable. Currently, WiMAX only covers 20 million people in america.  
    Here is some 4G benchmarks for Speed Test for Sprint U600 vs Sprint 250U vs Sprint U1901  
    Here is some 3G benchmarks for Sprint 250U 3G poor performance vs U600 3G performance
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    There will never be a phone as good as my old Princess phone.
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    I got the HTC EVO 4G and I don't think I have ever seen a phone drain faster in my life when turning on the 4G. Hopefully 2.2 cures that.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2010 edited
    The drain is from pushing out 2 watts of power. lol  
    Oceanside has WiMAX on the way.  

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    we just got a notice in the mail here in lemon grove ca that clearwire will be installing 8 new 4g antennas in a football field by our house yay!!
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    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2010
    As if they 4G ITU can match theoretical speeds with actual speeds.  
    Sprint, Verizon, and T-mobile say 4G speeds up to a smaller limit because their system isn't ready for the masses using its true capacity.  
    Cox cable offers me speeds up to 12mbps, we all know the limits on cable are way higher. With cox powerboost I get like 30mbps down on up to 12mbps plan.
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2010 edited
    Verizon beat Sprint in getting 4G in San Diego. When will 4G be available in San Diego for Sprint?  
    Verizon 4G LTE is way faster than WiMAX, 2x faster!  
    Check out my speed tests in this thread: Verizon 4G LTE is blazing fast in San Diego
      CommentAuthorGuest 7248
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2011
    I just got back from Clearwater Florida where Sprint 4G reigns King. I was so impressed with my buddies 4G hotspot performance I ran to the nearest Sprint store and bought an EVO 4G, knowing we would get it here in San Diego soon enough. When it rolls out full bandwidth, you are all going to be very impressed.
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    when will san diego get 4g on sprint?
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    A Sprint sales rep in SD told me today in March. She said the problem was working out tower issues with the military. I'm not sure I believe her - she also said Verizon was not 4g here (LIE). I'm waiting - I figue by the time the Epic 2 is out (June?) we should have 4g.
      CommentAuthorGuest 3693
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011
    Well, Sprint reps have alternatively told me 1) by the end of Dec. 2010 2) By the end of January and now 3) Sometime in March.

    I love my Sprint service, but between this and no longer getting my yearly upgrade, I would jump to Verizon if they didn't want to charge me a massive deposit.

    Sprint/Clear 4G in San Diego? I'll believe it when my Evo sees it.
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    Okay, so here we're into the next year, without Sprint 4G in San Diego, and without an announcement from Sprint of when it will be in San Diego.
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    I drove by the Mormon temple on I-5 and got a strong 4G signal.
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2011
    Thanks Ill test it out tomorrow.
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    Definitely getting a 4G signal in University Town Center today. Android app showing download 4.993 mbs and 0.964 mbs upload.
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    Got my first 4g signal on my evo tonight in san marcos, ca. They must be testing the new 4g towers..the signal is strong but it has been dropped back to 3G a couple times within the time period it has been on tonight...which is about 6 1/2 hours so far
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011
    FWIW, using Clear's internet access where we live (Humble, TX). Excellent service and reception. Haven't had any real problems/issues.
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    Getting 4g right now in san Marcos. I'm next to old spaghetti factory.
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    check it out in san diego city limits in the college area

    screen shot taken at my house off Montezuma and college
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2011 edited
    Guest: check it out in san diego city limits in the college area  
    screen shot taken at my house off Montezuma and college
    Seriously? Ill check out coverage at Qualcomm headquarters. I havent used WiMAX in a month.  
    One more thing. In the same location 4G LTE is blazing fast, 15mbps down, 8mbps up.
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    Still not picking up anything in north county. I live in oceanside.. I installed sensorly android app and it shows must of san diego lite up but no patches of ncounty
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    Not getting any 4G signal yet and I live in Pacific Beach.
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    Went to encinitas today and got one bar of 4g
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    Still no coverage at Qualcomm Headquarters.
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    No signal in North Park either. I can't believe I will have had my launch day EVO for almost a year by the time 4G gets to the 8th largest city in the country.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2011
    Guest: No signal in North Park either. I can't believe I will have had my launch day EVO for almost a year by the time 4G gets to the 8th largest city in the country.
    San Diego is the wireless capital thanks to Qualcomm. How can we not have WiMAX here? Oh but we can have LTE all day and night at 20mbps speeds!
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    Keep in mind how spread out and hilly San Diego is. Our size and topography are probably contributing factors to the delay.
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    five towers have gone up merely to keep Clear from losing spectrum rights in those areas. you can see at clear's website where they are (national city, escondido, part of la jolla, and some others i think). Likely no additional roll out due to fact that Clear doesn't have enough money to do anything other than put up towers in certain rural areas to keep from losing spectrum rights.
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    I've had my EVO since the launch day. Its pretty crazy that Wimax hasn't came to San Diego. What's worse is the fact that Sprint's Alliance Roaming Agreement that was terminated affects San Diego. If you drive out the 8 past Lakeside you will loose coverage until after Pine Valley. The loss of coverage goes north of Pine Valley up to Julian and back west on the 78 towards Poway. I was fine with no Wimax when I had data roaming in these area's as I often go hiking and camping but that is all lost. Kind of hard to go camping and hiking using your phones GPS when you can't get GPS anymore. My co-worker has the Verizon Thunderbolt and the LTE speeds are incredible here in San Diego! Since Spint no longer roams off Verizon in the areas I frequent I will be pressuring Sprint to let me out of my contract without ETF. Too many false promises and now a total loss of coverage is an area I go 3 or 4 times a month.

    For you guys wanting to find the Wimax coverage here in SD there is an app on the Market called Got Clear?, it is made by Clearwire and there are quite a few pockets of 4G in SD unfortunately not anywhere near my home in North Park or office in Mission Valley.
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    Sprint, still a half baked network filled with promises but no delivery. You want 4G or LTE, only Verizon has it in San Diego. The rest are a joke.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2011
    Guest: Sprint, still a half baked network filled with promises but no delivery. You want 4G or LTE, only Verizon has it in San Diego. The rest are a joke.
    In La Jolla there is a WiMAX signal but my 4G/WiMAX datacard won't connect.  
    AT&T 4G/HSPA+ is faster than WiMAX getting 6-7 mbps down 1-2 mbps up.  
    Verizon 4G/LTE here is about 20 mbps down, 8 mbps up.
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    Today, my overdrive hotspot that is 3g/4g turned 4g for about a minute or so, and this is the third or 4th time its happened recently. I called sprint and spoke to them and pointed out that the 2010 super bowl in feb 2010 i saw an ad for 4g. where is it in june 2011? not in san diego 92102, but chicago is what the supevisor told me and its 8.6Mbs in his experience and he was in Oklahoma City call center and they still don't have it either.  
    I am just 1 mile east of the gaslamp and north of 94 but south of balboa and west of 30th but east of 15th street. I am really frustrated now that they don't know but they did admit they are testing in san diego and by end of year they will be fully deployed. sprint also got some cash flow recently from investment and i don't doubt the 4g will roll out, but why they aren't beind sued for false advertising and misrepresentation is beyond me.  
    i don't like verizon and hate at&t and wish there was more competition and i hope tmobile doesn't go through. its so sad that the qualcomm is here and wimax is not in the 8th largest city in the usa, come on guys seriously i don't care what the reasons are you don't give us blue balls like that, that's why i left cox!  
    then sprint teamed up with cox and i am still without 4g sprint wifi in south balboa park, golden hill and east village, and downtown either, does verizon do 4g in balboa park, downtown and coronado? you would think coronado would have 4g sprint wimax by now but they don't either despite the affluence and flat terrain. where are the sprint users there bitching about not having 4g and false advertising a year after a super bowl ad?  
    there are so many wifi tech heads here they have here with a mission and lots of 3g free wifi. i don't see how hard it could be to get these guys as volunteers to put up some wimax towers where they have a presence and then target lower plans for use of 3g on wifi networks and cell phone plans and give folks in this area a break in pricing. these guys are great, i want 4g wimax i pay 59.99 plus tax and fees for the portability of my overdrive, i want the price cut in half and want wimax over here, it should be prime market for boost mobile subsribers sprint is missing out. it would be great public relations for sprint as well.  
    What We Do  
    We make wireless internet work for low income communities. We work with building owners to survey and prepare a property, and then organize an installation day. Our volunteers work with local residents and staff to create the network. Then we help residents get their computers online. Afterwards we continue to monitor and maintain the network using state of the art technologies.  
    We use the latest wireless mesh network technologies to create high speed broadband WiFi coverage inside residents' apartments and homes. We legally share high speed internet feeds between multiple households to keep costs low. We involve residents, building owners and other local partners so they are invested in the results and the ongoing operation of the network. We build internet for communities and are positively affecting the digital divide.  
    Broadband Internet for Affordable Housing Residents  
    Socalfreenet is a non-profit social enterprise bringing free broadband Internet access to affordable housing residents. Low-income families are in need of high-speed Internet access to help them attain their financial, educational, and employment goals. Most households have low-cost computers but lack high-speed Internet connectivity. Socalfreenet’s mission is bridging the digital divide to help low-income families obtain access to information and communications technology (ICT).  
    Overview -- History  
    In 2003, computer technologists built a wireless network to provide free high-speed Internet access to the low-income neighborhood of Golden Hill in San Diego. This volunteer effort of Socalfreenet was so well received and successful that it radiated to a 20 block area and several affordable housing complexes, serving over 1,000 families per month. Socalfreenet leaders formed collaborations to expand its network and have been partnering with community leaders and the MAAC project, a successful housing, advocacy and social service agency in San Diego.  
    Socalfreenet developed an affordable way to scale the organization to service all 26,000 families that live in San Diego’s 311 affordable housing complexes. Its self-sustaining model will maintain the networks and promote the expansion and growth of community assets. The cost-effective system will use the latest wireless mesh networks that share high-speed Internet access. Socalfreenet will use its resources to execute this model throughout California, the U.S., and internationally.  
    Objective: Community Impact  
    Having Internet access at home is the most efficient way for families to obtain financial, educational, housing, social, advocacy, and employment services and resources. Privacy at home enables users to investigate these personal issues at convenient times. And each community has its own needs to address. Access to Internet resources is essential to residents of San Diego affordable housing complexes, a majority of whom are Latino minorities and include working families, immigrants, children, women, seniors, limited English speakers, and the disabled. They must be connected to critical empowerment tools to achieve a level of self sufficiency. For the community, Internet connectivity in community centers empowers students to become technology advocates for their peers and families.  
    Strategic Priorities  
    Socalfreenet is partnering with local housing organizations such as MAAC, advocacy groups, private industry, non-profits, high schools, and academic institutions to realize the goal of providing access to ICT. Socalfreenet has proven success in actively engaging local residents. Community participation produces higher adoption and Internet usage, as well as increased efficiency and lower costs. The Socalfreenet model uses ongoing community-based technical support, training, and maintenance. The network has the ability to measure user penetration and adoption, and several other key metrics, and has shown a continued rise in resident use. People need and are empowered by high-speed Internet technology and value this service.  

    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011 edited
    Here is the Clear coverage map. Sprint is not advertising but Sprint reps have informed me that Sprint 4G customers can connect. It looks like Escondido, La Jolla, La Mesa and National City have 4G access here in San Diego.