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    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2010
    A few days ago, a coworker of mine mentioned that each store gets a type of allowance in order to provide food for the associates at work during inventory, the awards ceremonies, and the appreciation BBQ. I'm just wondering if anyone can confirm or deny the validity of this statement. It's one of those things that I'd like to think makes sense, but still doubt because ... well, if there's ever a method to something that makes sense, Fry's would do it backwards, upside down, and in a foreign language. Or just not at all.  
    So, does anyone know?
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2010
    highly doubt it..  
    fuck i just started a week ago and im the only one working in my department for inventory:face-plain:
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    think of it like a store use billing. each store gets the same limit for these occassions and the store manager arranges the payment in advance. As far as who pays for it? It gets billed to the individual store.
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    i doubt each store gets same exact amount since some stores are much much larger than others (both physically and number of employees), maybe per employee u get XX dollars to spend a year or whatever.

    my theory... the amount spent for the food somewhat comes out of SM's quarterly/yearly bonus as the feasts increases the store's expense. during the holiday seasons, my store gets slices of bread and slices of ham and cheese from Sams Club, and you make your own sandwich for DAYS, i mean thats what we ate on Black Friday from breakfast till midnight snack. i am sure my SM can easily ordered some better food... but the she doesnt... so there must be a reason behind it...

    to FRYS: since you have not gotten this concept... here it is again... happy employees = happy customers and higher numbers. and obviously better food makes happier employees... dumbass frys
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2010
    Commissioned sales = You make money when frys makes money
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    The way the whole food thing works is this: The SM/ASM/CSDM/whoever buys the food with their own money (usually just a credit card). The keep the reciepts and file them with audit who then puts it through to home office. A few weeks later the manager gets a special check from good ol' Randy, thus being reimbursed. It's not a difficult concept. They do the same thing with people on A-Team (although the managers get their money back quicker). The managers know how much they can and can't spend. There.  
    asdf: Commissioned sales = You make money when frys makes money
    Not true. I can sell a $50 Netgear router that makes the store $18 and pays $5. Or I can sell a $300 Netgear 16port switch that makes the store $55 and pays $3. There isn't any incentive for me to help the customer who is making the store more money (the guy with the switch) because I can make more by helping the dude with the router. The pay scheme in components is completely backwards. It's fucking stupid.
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    i think its... you make money and then store makes money.

    store doesnt make shit without YOU!!

    your GP per hour rating = paychecks to ALL FRYS EMPLOYEES so guess what, it means you are putting $$ in the pocket of your SM, Randy Fry, the nasty dude that cleans the restrooms and that bitch in cafe that dont speak English... haha
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    we get asian food.
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    Each store has an amount called the "Associate Fund". It is used for many things like associate BBQ's, birthday cakes etc. The amount of the fund depends on the number of associates assigned to your store. The cultural council has to approve the fund usage but the SM or ASM has to sign the form too. Other things are still paid out of the store's operating budget and not the associate fund (for example, pizza for inventory prep is just paid out of that budget--not the associate fund which is reserved for holiday parties etc.). Please talk to your Store Manager. I know want my store associates to come talk to me when they have questions...if they don't have time--try posting on Jon's blog including your store's number--it will get back to your store.
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    jons blog? where is that!!
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    Jon's blog is available on Express HR in the breakroom or from any store computer. It is not available from home.
    The store secretary can help you find it too.
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010
    WTF are you talking about. The money comes for food comes from home office. The CSM or somebody they direct to do so submit a check request from home office for a specific predetermined amount to be paid to a specific business. There is no specific budget for the money but the amount does affect the bonus of the SM and ASM.
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    Guest 18019: the 'jons blog" you refer to is indeed available on ExpressHR, which is only available through Fry's Food, the Kroger subsidiary. Not Fry's Electronics, Inc. FYI