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    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2010
    1. You participate in the morning football-esque cheer.  
    2. Your voice is hoarse from the morning cheer. (See 1)  
    3. You want to cry after Receiving drops off 11 carts of go backs near the end of the day.  
    4. You don't know where half the stuff goes. (See 3)  
    5. When MP3 players can be found in two departments.  
    6. When a customer gets lost.  
    7. When you tell a customer that you don't carry that particular item.  
    8. When a particular item appears that you didn't know you carried. (See 7 and 4)  
    9. When a Computers Department carries ponchos.  
    10. When you can pick up Flash Drives, Porn, Beef Jerky, and Coca-Cola all in one aisle.  
    11. When you mistype a PLU and a XXX movie appears instead.  
    12. When a customer asks if we carry that. (It is illegal in Georgia for Fry's to sell any adult media)  
    13. When it takes 9 employees to figure out how to turn the stupid monitor off.  
    14. When the best route is to unplug it. (See 13)  
    15. When you ask for a Fry's Card.  
    16. When your sale SOLELY rests upon the approval of a Fry's Card and the anxiety during the process.  
    17. The shock of a denied Fry's Card to a customer who has a credit score of 700+.  
    18. When someone is approved for $50 on the Fry's Card. (No joke.)  
    19. When you are constantly wrestling the main printer in your department for your quote.  
    20. When you try to hook, line, and sinker that customer strolling through an aisle with stuff all ready in the cart.  
    21. When a simple $5 cable sale ends up being over $3000.  
    22. When you want to stand in front of the Manaboard in backstock after getting several high dollar hits on an incredibly slow day.  
    23. When after getting certified to drive the Manaboard, you accidentally skewer a laser printer, drop a stove from 30 feet, or hit that corner popping a wheelie.  
    24. When you are the only salesperson on the floor for two hours when it is a busy.  
    25. When your supervisor slaps your rear and says, "Go Team!" after the cheer. (See 1)  
    26. When you unplug the battery of the Manaboard and walk away while the rider is 40-50ft. up.  
    27. When you misspell F, R, Y, ', or S during the morning cheer.  
    28. When you bring down a HUGE and HEAVY item only for the customer to change his mind, asks for a better looking box, or walks off.  
    29. When the thoughts of "where to hide the body" races through your mind afterwards. (See 28)  
    30. When you see the same customer buying the same item, and returning the same item, thinking that Fry's has a rental program.  
    31. When a customer buys an item from Fry's and tries to return it at Wal-Mart.  
    32. When a customer asks for a large discount thinking that profit margins on most mainstream electronics are 30%+.  
    33. When the customer relates to a salesperson a good experience with the Performance Service Contract.  
    34. When the customer relates to a salesperson a terrible experience with the Performance Service Contract.  
    35. When you are trying to sell a PSC through a messenger through a phone.  
    36. When a customer, knowing that you work off commission, grabs you by the leash of, "Do you work off commission?", only to not buy anything.  
    37. When the cashier forgets to scan the quote.  
    38. When the customer forgets to give the cashier the quote.  
    39. When during the pre-Amex days, all of your sales were stopped by one question, "Do you take American Express?"  
    40. When you felt excited that Fry's announced the acceptance of American Express cards.  
    41. When a customer asks, "Get me everything you feel I need," and not trying to grin.  
    42. When after Christmas, all of your laptops are gone... period.  
    43. When all the stress balls go missing.  
    44. When all of the supervisors are in V-Con and you need keys to the cage.  
    45. When the Supervisor in Store 21 answering the questions during V-Con is mistaken to be a girl by home office. (You know who you are.)  
    46. When Supervisors refuse to answer questions during V-Con. (See 45)  
    47. When the sales rep for whatever company during V-Con is somewhat new to the English language and forgets to use important parts of sentences such as articles and pronouns.  
    48. When a 50+ year old man dresses up as a pimp with bling during Halloween.  
    49. When you carry two or more different models of the same manufacturer but are the EXACT same thing at the EXACT same price. (And Toshiba I am talking to you.)  
    50. When a customer can go in, eat breakfast, shop, eat lunch, shop, eat dinner, shop some more, and then get locked in after store closing.  
    51. When a customer asks to raise the price of an item by $50 only so the customer can take advantage of the Loaner on the Performance Service Contract.  
    52. When a different department merchandises your department's stuff (Putting up signs, plu's, pegs, etc.) without even realizing it.  
    53. When one sole item needs to be shipped to RTV. The one item no one has been able to find for weeks.  
    54. When no matter how many times the item in inventory is reset to zero, a customer manages to find 10. (See 53)  
    55. When a large item goes missing, (e.g. 42" LCD TV, Laser Printer, Desktop Computer, Washing Machine) and is scanned during inventory, no one is still able to find it. (See 54)  
    56. When a shipment of other merchandise (e.g. Jewelery) from an entirely different company (e.g. JC Penny), ACCIDENTALLY comes in through Receiving, gets signed off by the Department Manager, gets signed off by a Supervisor of any Department (e.g. Computers), is sent to the PLU machine, and somehow... SOMEHOW ends up in topstock in the warehouse next to office supplies. (I bet someone got fired that week.)  
    57. When a cold-calling sales rep from some other company calls Fry's to sell Fry's office supplies for use for Fry's employees.  
    58. When a Best Buy salesperson calls Fry's, MENTIONING that he is price matching, and you mess with the guy.  
    59. When your pristine white dress shirts looks like they got mauled by a cougar 6 months later.  
    60. When you realized you spilled ketchup during your lunch break on your once pristine white dress shirt (See 59).  
    61. When you realize that maybe spending $100+ on comfortable shoes is not a bad idea.  
    62. When you swipe your card to clock in ONLY for it to change at 10:06 during the swipe.  
    63. When you can be an a complete and total jackass to the customer, and the customer likes you more for it.  
    64. When you are trying to clock out, only to go through a gauntlet of customers to the clock.  
    65. When a customer goes through a gauntlet of helpful salespeople.  
    66. When you "borrow" another Department's ladder, tape gun, box cutter, etc. under suspicious circumstances.  
    67. When they "borrow" it back while you are using it. (See 66)  
    68. When you pick up the phone and right before you say your opening greeting, the Loss Prevention Officer over the phone tells you there is a customer behind you.  
    69. When you have an extreme sense of paranoia due to the number of cameras (See 68).  
    70. When you decide to create a drink or sandwich in the cafe than just ordering off the menu (e.g. Caramel Green Apple Milkshake, French Bread Pizza, etc.).  
    71. When even the older fellas (e.g. 70+) will give you the finger and laugh about it afterwards.  
    72. When a customer accuses the most honest and moral person in the store of lying and cheating, only to be laughed at by management.  
    73. When a part-timer can receive medical benefits.  
    74. When a sales person believes he has no schematic to work on, only to be laughed at by management.  
    75. When the schematic from Home Office does not physically fit at all on the aisle, table, etc.  
    76. When the associate who gets the worst of all aisles (e.g. Ipod Accessories, Cables, any other little stuff) takes depression medications.  
    77. When such associate works off commission and cannot afford the depression medications (See 74).  
    78. When you don't give a crap about misplu'd items and still throw em in go backs.  
    79. when a customer wants separate transactions you get pissed.  
    80. when your sup running the podium is slow.  
    81. gift cert people walk up to you and you treat them like shit.  
    82. when you have a persons life story told to you, just because you asked him if he wanted to apply for a damn frys card.  
    83. When old people ask to many questions you just lie to them, so they stop bothering you.  
    84. When restocking you never read the plus.  
    85. You mix all the products which look the same.  
    86. Just to get rid of cheap customers you close them on the cheapest crap you can find and sell them on the "insurance"  
    87. When closing go extra slow because someone will pick up the slack whether they know it or not.  
    88. You are ok with your commission report showing $0 for the day or less than $100 for the week on your 4th work day.  
    89. You do favors for supervisors because your sales are so low you think it will help your cause.  
    90. You push carts full of go-backs to the warehouse.  
    91. When doing go backs, and realizing that there is no more room on the pegs, so you leave it behind for someone else to do. (See 90)  
    92. When you are redoing a whole bunch of regular price changes because you were lazy last week. (See 84)  
    93. When while doing TSR, you notice someone put the shelf tag ad price PLU on the item.  
    94. When questioning why it is called Total Store Recovery.  
    95. When you get screwed because the supervisor put your name on the CTC.  
    96. When you are looking at your fellow associates to save you from a customer. (See 82)  
    97. When making a whole demo set up look nice and awesome, you get shocked.  
    98. When you can't feel your hand. (See 97)  
    99. When the AMD, Intel, Sony, Samsung, whatever Rep tells you something about some product that customers REALLY don't care about. (Apparently ATI HD4850 Video Card has a trillion transistors on the GPU.)  
    100. When Recieving Department is so cold in the Winter, you can cut glass.  
    101. when you sit threw a whole week of training just to learn nothing  
    102. when you dont know were something is you send them 2 componets  
    103. if you build a fort outta boxes in your backstock so u can hide behind  
    104. When you notice that the grand piano is playing the Super Mario Bros. Theme.  
    105. When people presume that the back corner of the building is where the restrooms are located.  
    106. When aisle 46A carries Blank Media instead of Cables due to reorganization.  
    107. When a customer asks if we carry ZIP Drives. (Or Floppy Drives for that matter.)  
    108. When a customer somehow returns an Apple computer without a mouse, keyboard, or OS disc.  
    109. When a strip search on employees upon leaving is the next step in security.  
    110. When you lock someone in the cage and walk away.  
    111. When customers hear an employee scream. (See 110)  
    112. When a male sales person asks a woman customer if she needs help, and she accuses the male sales person that he said that the woman customer is unintelligent. (That was a FUN day.)  
    113. When a customer demands for a salesperson to get fired because the salesperson didn't do his job (Give discount, etc.).  
    114. When you laugh that Best Buy has a better price or deal.  
    115. When a customer asks for a price match from a competitor only to find out that the competitor does not carry it.  
    116. When an item goes on sale,making it negative by $27, only for the DM to do a "match price game", on another better item to make it the same price as the sale item, making it negative by $0.01 and STILL pay commission.  
    117. When ad items don't pay a cent.  
    118. When customers assume that we get 25% off with employee discount.  
    119. When customers assume that we get 10% off with employee discount.  
    120. When customers assume that we get 5% off with employee discount.  
    121. when a customer comes to pick up their computer they left in service over a year ago  
    122. when service tells computers to restore their own systems and charges them a red-carpet for each system they do  
    123. when all departments get charged red carpets for anything service can get a receipt for  
    124. when service claims "bad" hard drive to get the customer to pay for a backup and restore and warranty labor for hard drive install and restore  
    125. wondering when a flashy "POINTS X2" or "BONUS POINTS" will show up above your head (see. 122, 123, and 124, and 126, and 129, and 132)  
    126. when you install a "free" upgrade to your computer because you were "testing" the graphics card and "forgot" to put it back.  
    127. when burning out the motherboard is easier than being compliant with the paperwork to state the real problem or to restore without the recovery disks  
    128. when you steal someone elses toner because your out in the service department and you control toner refilling muahahaha  
    129. when you p2p copy software from customers computers  
    130. when customers complain to you in service and you decide to do nasty things with their computer and wallet (see. 124)  
    131. when customer doesnt read the service contract and you did the backup without telling them and a full restore along with optimization and a ram upgrade (see 130)  
    132. when you set up all the info on the terminal saying the customer wants things when you simply called using telepathy and heard a yes (see. 130, and 131)  
    133. when you grin as the computer either goes to the crush pile or the customer pays atleast half of what you set up and your boss has to deal with it. (see. 130, 131, and 132)  
    134. When a customer insists that there is nothing wrong with writing a check with P.O. box address, and won't listen to your supervisor and demands a manager who looks at you like you've grown 2 heads for asking such a stupid question..again.  
    135. When the customer claims that they did not see the "one per customer" memo on the ad, and insists that they can take 10. And, instead of going back through the line, they make you split it between 10 registers because they just have the one credit card.  
    136. When the sale is lost because debit doesn't work and the customer thinks that by signing the receipt they will have to pay interest on the purchase, no matter how nicely you try to tell them that it's just a signature verification and comes from the checking account, just like debit.  
    137. When business customers try to pay for a TV with a business card that either has no name or their bosses name on it, and then complain that they have to wait while you call the bank.  
    138. When the business customer is not on the bank list of authorized users for the company credit card and refuses to pay for his $5 cable in any other way. (Now, that was fun!)  
    139. When the special order item requiring a dept. quote is merely a $2 plastic microwave cover on ad, and is on the sales floor with everything else.  
    140. When you are merely resigned to your fate (and not at all surprised) to find that the computers have been down for more than 2 hours upon arriving at work.  
    141. When half of the dept. is late back from lunch because no one can find the Sup. card.  
    142. When more than just the lights go out, and a manager is required to open your till by key for every transaction, keeping in mind that there are well over 40 registers, three managers and two supervisors. And, the managers still manage to get mad at you that the line is too long.  
    143. When a customer walks up and says "AP, please", expecting to get a discount even though he has no associate with him and furthermore doesn't know what number to give you, or worse yet acts surprised when asked for a number. At which point he just says, "Why can't you just give me AP, already?"  
    144. When, while taking your prescription medicine in the breakroom, your co-works congratulate you on getting away with getting high while on the clock....and then look surprised when you take the bottle out of your locker and show them the prescription label, and therefore proof that you are NOT in fact doing anything illegal at all.  
    145. When you got written down for V.Q. because you didn't show up to work for three days, even though you did try to call (no one picked up) and you faxed your doc's note which the managers claim never arrived, despite the fax verification in your hand, and they still don't believe you after you show them your cell phone records of your five attempts at calling the store number for each day missed.  
    146. When a customer asks for "the tall white (insert sex here)" and everyone knows who they are talking about because there is only one person in that department meeting the description or you know who they are by the way they describe how he/she talked or said.  
    147. When a customer has to inform you about store policy AMEX acceptance, because you honestly thought the new stickers at FCO were a joke. Or, heaven forbid, you find out that the manual credit card processing procedure had been changed while you were trying to get the sup to run the machine that (surprise!) is no longer needed.  
    148. When management is surprised that you don't know these new procedures (see 147).... and the reason for your ignorance is that you did not go to the weekly Vcon meetings. And the reason for that is either that the Vcon meetings you were assigned to were on your day off...or you were told to forgo the meeting in favor of the line, in which cashiers still far outnumbered the customers.  
    149. If a Customer ever told you that the sales person said that the warranty covers every thing.  
    150. if a customer said that their cracked screen is covered under warranty.  
    151. if you have every laughed that the servers crashed and the rest of the store is in a panic.  
    152. have been physical threated by a customer because your systems are down and you can't get the customer a loaner.  
    153. have given a customer a discount on their repair because they brought you food (normaly free).  
    154. have been forced to work on the SM pet projects (ie. their computer or their friends)  
    155. have the sells department think that if they drop off demo they just sold that it will magical get restored and be done in 5 min with out telling anyone in service.  
    156. have people tell you that they fix computers too, but then drop their computer off because it loaded with virus and they can't get fix it.  
    157. have vomited from customers home made porn.  
    158. have customer's that don't want you to fix there problem but write down the steps to fix it so they don't have to pay for the repair.  
    159. have customers that think because they know your name from your name tag that they are your friend and going to fix there stuff for free. ( with out bringing food)  
    160. if you don't care how much the customer has spent in the store and hate them more as they spit out random numbers and threating to take their money else were because you won't cover software under their PSC.  
    161. Have had to answer a man in drag tech questions with out laughing.  
    162. you feel that certin people should not be aloud to go on-line and have disabled their on board nic in the bios.  
    163. are posting on this site to vent after years of abuse.  
    164. have more then 5 free pens from vendor reps.  
    165. have been felt up by a LP at the door on your way home.  
    166. you are not employeed at Fry's but your picture is still up in your ilse  
    167. you're off the clock and not in dress code and customers are still asking you questions.  
    168. you let customers return product they purchased at Best Buy  
    169. you ask mormons for computer advice  
    170. you killed a "needs a restore demo" because you dont want to do it.  
    171. you sent restores from returns directly to computers so they can restore them.  
    172. you watched the computer dept. become very nice to the seemingly omnipotent service dept.  
    173. you charged a customer simply because you didnt like them  
    174. you have seen porn you didnt think existed fly by while doing backups  
    175. you have gotten a 3 hour suspension for "offroading" on the sidewalks  
    176. you were seeing how long the service van will go without any oil pressure  
    177. you have gotten a GTA3 insane stunt bonus while driving the service van.  
    178. you went on a service call to your old apartment to move a table to your new apartment  
    179. When you continually call Service Department for a PLU on particular services.  
    180. When you prepare for MOPAR, and they never come.  
    181. When you prepare for Randy Fry's visit, and he never comes.  
    182. When the Supervisors try to make you think he will. (See 181.)  
    183. When during V-Con, you volunteer another store to answer a question.  
    184. When you cannot view what is on the screen in V-Con and they expect you to take notes and answer questions.  
    185. When the Fry's Tech Show goes wrong.  
    186. When you see a customer sell other customers on product.  
    187. When the customer doesn't know what he is talking about. (See 186.)  
    188. When you try not to treat said customer like an idiot. (See 187.)  
    189. When a item gets sold because it has a built-in mug warmer.  
    190. When it takes 1 SM, 1 ASM, 2 DM and 1 Supervisor to figure out how to remove a pair of panties for the porn section.  
    191. When customers look to you for technical support especially if you're indian  
    192. You expect higher pay for working in the service department because you got your A+  
    193. You brag about how much you can make in commission a week as if you make that every week, 52 weeks a year.  
    194. You settle for minimum wage or less than minimum wage in sales.  
    195. You play stupid and direct customers to senior salesmen who act like the know everything.  
    196. You find out the customers budget get them a cheaper computer/hdtv which allows you to bundle the service contract. The customer ends up with an obsolete computer/hdtv.  
    197. You downplay features and specifications so the customer gets something that pays you higher commissions.  
    198. You tell customers everything is on sale on items that pay commission, its sold out if it doesn't pay.  
    199. You sell customers products that are within view so you don't have to make trips to the warehouse or other aisles.  
    200. Or you come to work unprepared, you don't know if the product is in stock, you don't know if it pays, and when the customer decides to buy it, its not avaiable. You've wasted the customers time and the customer never comes back.  
    Thanks to all that contributed to
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  2.  permalink
    Reading through this... so much of it is true o.o
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2010
    That was too long, I didn't read it.Superhero!
  3.  permalink
    Its alright Ayahoe if your attention span isnt that good. Im sure everyone will understand. ; )
  4.  permalink
    That's...eerily accurate. O_O
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2010 edited
    CrazyFox213: Its alright Ayahoe if your attention span isnt that good. Im sure everyone will understand. ; )
    Did you just attempt to insult me? But really I have internet ADD where we believe blocks of info are more effective than walls.  
    PS this wall of text would probably be worth reading had I actually worked at Fry's, don't get me wrong.Superhero!
  5.  permalink
    i love 177
      CommentAuthorLiana Mei
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010
    This post is so true that its embarrassing to think that I ever worked there.
  6.  permalink
    201. When you are told that you must ring up a cart-full of merchandise (hundreds of $$ worth) by manual order, 45 minutes after closing. The process takes the better half of an hour, and you get in trouble for staying past the 5 hour lunch rule, even though you were only following the manager's instruction as the last associate at the registers. :)  
    202. Managers blame you for a large lost sale when the customer leaves because your debit pad wasn't working and the customer refused to run the card as a credit....and the customer refused to wait two minutes for the next cashier.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Kaelyn Amira: 201. When you are told that you must ring up a cart-full of merchandise (hundreds of $$ worth) by manual order, 45 minutes after closing. The process takes the better half of an hour, and you get in trouble for staying past the 5 hour lunch rule, even though you were only following the manager's instruction as the last associate at the registers. :)  
    202. Managers blame you for a large lost sale when the customer leaves because your debit pad wasn't working and the customer refused to run the card as a credit....and the customer refused to wait two minutes for the next cashier.
    203. If you are a cashier and a customer asks you to compare virus protection brands honestly, you help them out and they choose what they want and leave happily, but management gets on your ass because the salesperson bitched about how you fucked up their commission
      CommentAuthorLiana Mei
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2010
    204. When a sale is lost due to the lack of a built in mug warmer. (see #189)
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    205. When you're a cashier and you can only take a 30 minute lunch because due to the system being down and having to do manual receipts all day with long ass lines the whole time
  7.  permalink
    75. When the schematic from Home Office does not physically fit at all on the aisle, table, etc.  
    76. When the associate who gets the worst of all aisles (e.g. Ipod Accessories, Cables, any other little stuff) takes depression medications.  
    77. When such associate works off commission and cannot afford the depression medications
  8.  permalink
    Liana Mei here, can't seem to sign in.

    206). When your till and the safe are almost emptied because a customer paid $2000 cash for his TV and won't take his refund by company check (which is supposedly the company policy).

    207). When this customer (see 206) arrives first thing in the morning and moans and bitches to management that they want their refund now...despite being told that the cash is simply not available.
  9.  permalink
    Liana's back again.

    208) When you are trying to clock out, only to go through a gauntlet of customers to the clock. (see 64) are courteous, stop to answer the customer's questions, then clock out only to be yelled at by management for your measely 2 minutes of OT.

    209) When a part-timer can receive medical benefits (see # 73)...and yet still chooses to purchase their own health insurance because the plans offered do not cover the employee's basic medical needs...such as non-formulary medications that are required for said employee to survive the week.
  10.  permalink
    Liana again (attempting to fix computer error)...apparently both IE and Firefox want me to open a file inorder to log-in...anyway continuing the list.

    210) When there is no sign stating "We do not accept bills over $20"...and therefore the customer buys a soda for the sole purpose of breaking the $100. For the next hour +, you get yelled at by management for "turning away" customers that you literally CAN NOT help...because that one *bleep* customer wiped out your till with a single transaction.

    211) When you can not "buy change" from your fellow cashier because this is punishable by suspension which the customer refuses to believe.
  11.  permalink
    Liana and her insomnia again...I swear reading this post again just gives me more and more ideas....

    212). When the PLU sticker does not reflect the product's current price...and you are not at all suprised. Its all fine if the price is lower than the the sticker...but if not. Hmm.

    213). When sale items were not re-plued and the customer insists on getting a manager to write a quote for the discounted price. (see 212)

    214). When you finally decide "to hell with it" and skip the steps of explaining a misplu to the bitchy customer and simply beg the dept manager to get said customer out the door, discount or no discount. (see 213)

    215). When you get in major trouble because you processed an LCD monitor purchase by manual order (stupid crashing servers) and forgot to include the PLU for the recycling fee (which is added automatically into the computer) and therefore the actual sales total does not equal the amount of the cc temporary authorization...or it means that your till is short by the exact amount of the fee. Do I smell a disciplinary write-up?
  12.  permalink
    Not going to bother introducing myself this time....

    216) When, during Black Friday closing, you find customers and carts parked on the shoulder of the freeway onramp (directly behind the store) because they can't be bothered to park in the empty lot down the street...the ad item might be gone by the time they get to the if it hasn't been gone for hours already.

    217) When, on the morning of Black Friday, you are very thankful to management for having the foresight to have a tiny "wall" seperating the exit and enterance lines, thereby insuring that customers can not trample you to death to get to the ad items. (Yes, this actually happened a few years ago, I believe it was at a Walmart in New Jersey...sorry NY)

    218). When customers actually do think that having a certain brand of credit card makes them a VIP customer deserving of the royal treatment (and, yes, American Express, I'm talking to you).
  13.  permalink
    219). When you were elated at the prospect of having a tool as basic as a cash register display.

    220). When there is mutiny in the checkout line because the Vanna told the customer the wrong light number (who can ever tell which green light is actually flashing, anyway?). You try to tell the customer that he probably meant the light 2 down from you, but no, the customer insists that you must help him immediately...despite the fact that your light is off due to a computer crash.
  14.  permalink
    221). When upper management's idea of employee appreciation is make you show-up at the store for a 6 am "Awards Ceremony" which of course means getting up before 5:30 am...You have the breakfast (which is barely decent) and the ceremony over by 7, clean-up for an hour, then the store opens at 8...then the customers are left to wonder why all of the employeees (without exception) are zombies. Or worse yet, this "appreciation" is infliced upon you on your day off...and if you don't show up to be "appreciated" you can expect to be suspended....

    Yes, Liana is going to try to kick her insomnia by actually going to bed now, before 2 AM hits... Wait, are the clocks going foreward or back this time? I always mess that up....Good thing I don't work tomorrow.
  15.  permalink
    190. When it takes 1 SM, 1 ASM, 2 DM and 1 Supervisor to figure out how to remove a pair of panties for the porn section.