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    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Hi guys. I have a question for those of you who actually work aty Fry's. I have been with Fry's for a few weeks and want to get in to sales. The merchandising just doesn't cut it, in terms of $$$. Just to give you some background, I am in my mid 20's, have an AA, getting a bachelors degree, used to work for a computer company, been a system builder for a long time, and generally know a TON about all sorts of technology ( home entertainment, computers, etc ).  
    I am trying to decide between AT ( where I work now ) or components. I have talked with salespersons in both departments and honestly no one can give me a straight answer. I know it is somewhat hard to compare, but OVERALL throughout the entire year, do you feel that AT ( either appliaces or telecom ) make more money or do components?  
    FYI I am in Southern California.
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    Components is DEFINITELY where the money is at. I have not visited all the stores; However, of all the ones that I have visited, Components definitely is the stronger and more aggressive department as far as sales go.

    The curse to this blessing is that the Sales associates in Components are more likely to be "let go" based on sales performance compared to the AT department. There are higher expectations, and you must satisfy those expectations every week. On the bright side to that, it is not very often that associates in Components get let go based on sales performance, it is just that you are statistically more likely to be let go based on that reason -if- sales just isn't one of your strengths.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Go for Components and get learn sales and component merchandise.