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    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2010
    I read a discussion re apple sales training you need to complete. Can anyone provide me with details on the training (who delivers it? is it classroom training or online? how many hours? outline? do you need to take tests and earn points? other?) thanks so much
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    it is online based at apple's sales training site.

    there is no books or actual physical training.

    there are videos/pdf files you watch/read and then take quizzes on to get points. you need to accumulate xxxx points for certain levels of completion. each quiz could be between 100-500 points.

    it takes several hours to complete.

    it is not mandatory. if you are not getting paid, frys cannot force you to actually do these. if the managers insist you do it, you can refuse, stating that you are not getting paid for this work (since you are commissioned sales). however, they will bring up that it will help you sell since you will learn about overpriced apple products. but even so, you are not required to do this. i did this for many years, but after i found it it is not required, i have not done any training for the past three years. each time they ask me to do it, i ask for a retro pay form. they decline, and i decline as well. cant believe i wasted so many hours doing all this training lameness.

    monster training is completely fine though. you physically go to a location to get trained and get paid. totally cool with that.
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    If they get on your case, we have a list of codes that give you a good amount of points to start with. The only thing you can get is an Apple logo on your name badge to show you are Apple "certified." Yay~ Now you can sell overpriced low margin laptops that pay you less than computer half the price.