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    So, I'm a recent employee at Fry's (orientation week >.<) , but recent life/family things have came up and I have to leave town for a few months. Instead of working at what seems to be a mistake, I decided to just tell them I need to leave town/quit/whatever it is I can do. Problem is, they never pick up their god damned phone @.@ . I called at least 6 times this morning to tell them I wasn't going to be in and explain everything, but it just kept ringing. You'd think they'd have an answering machine >.<. So I called the main line, to no avail. And even tried after they closed, thinking they'd have an automatic forwarding system/answering machine. Nothing, just straight ringing. I'd go resign in person, but I need to get going tomorrow morning. Do you guys think I should just not show up, and hope they take the hint? Or is there some secret number I should be dialing to actually get through to someone -.- .
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    Like most other jobs, NO SHOW NO CALL implies voluntary quit.
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    haha, I go through that anytime I'm late or sick. I just have to wait for a supervisor to call me and ask "where are you" so I can then tell him "I've tried calling 7 times today and no one picked up". What we really need in order to fix this is an automatic answering service that answers peoples most common questions (like the system that banks use), then has an extension for technical service (that just forwards the call to some tech-support operation in india where the customer pays a fee) and if they still insist on hitting "0" at the end to get a person, we can then answer their question about what we actually specialize in (or forward them to one of the right extension if they were too impatient to listen to the options). The reason associates hate picking up the phones is because the call is always about BULLSHIT about 85% of the time and the phone NEVER STOPS RINGING! If we picked up the phone every time it rang to answer the redundant questions of every customer (where are you located? how late are you open? how much is a virus removal? What's your typical turn around time? My "x" isn't working, can you walk me through how to fix it step by step? etc), we'd never get a lick of work done.

    My friend actually works at a company where customers can just go on their website to see the status of their repair, and they get an automatic text message and email when their repair is done or there is an update in the status (such as a notification of a delay) before the customer calls in crying that their repair is taking too long. There are soooo many good ideas out there that Fry's doesn't utilize that would all but eliminate the phone having to ring 24/7. Plus, responses could be standardized. Instead of an overwhelmed employee answering a customers redundant question with, "what do you expect?? there's a CUE, we'll get to you when we get to you! *CLICK*" you can pre-emp the pissed off customer AND employee with an automatic message stating, "Dear X, we're terribly sorry but your repair is being delayed by Z days due to a part for your computer that will have to be special ordered from the manufacturer. We will make every effort to repair your computer within that time frame and will notify you the moment it is done. Thank you so much for your patience. If this wait is unacceptable and you would like to pick up your computer unrepaired, press 1 and we will end the repair and ready your machine for pickup. Thank you" or something along those lines. Our phone in service rings off the hook all day and 99% of the questions we get asked can be taken care of with a little automation.
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    I hate when I get this on the phone "Is this the electronics department?"
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    quote: I hate when I get this on the phone "Is this the electronics department?"

    Then you'd hate me. After being transferred to the wrong dept many times by the pea-brains anwering phone, I always ask if I have the right dept. I don't like spending 3 minutes describing what I need only to be told in the end I have the wrong dept. Hell, once they played musical chairs with me, and I was connected to about 4 depts before getting the one I asked for.
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    ^^^ That's fine and completely acceptable but I think what everyone is talking about is that "electronics department" could be ANY department. Service, AT, Computers, Components... you get the idea.
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    The fucking store is frys electronics. Every department is the electronics department.
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    Oh, my bad. I forgot they did away with the appliances dept,movie dept, game dept,cafe and customer service. I'll have to think twice before responding in the future.
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    Indeed, I guess you forgot appliances is a electronic, movie/game are in electronic in software dept, and customer service is what? Electronic department services, of course! Yes...
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    A washing machine was an "appliance" 30 yrs before "electronics" included anything more radios and TVs....before you were out of pamers.
    With your line of thinking, the greeting cards and motor oil sold at Kroger must be food must be food, see how it is a "grocery" store.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010 edited
    same here! I need a new job. It's really terrible, but its really to hard to get a job.