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    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2010
    I purchases a Mitsubishi DLP TV from Fry's with a PSC that is going to be replaced by Fry's. When I purchased the TV I also bought a matching TV stand. When Fry's replaces my set will they also replace the matching stand? If not How do you suggest I get them to replace the stand because I do not have a "Generic" stand I have the type made by Mitsubishi that only works with that specific set.  
    Thanks for any feedback
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    The best thing to do if mention it to them that you got a stand that won't for the new replacement.they are going to give you another mitsubishi tv and they will take your stand back to give you the new mitsubishi stand.i work tvs for many years so I know =)
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    I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one. If the stand was purchased separately from the television, the stand is completely irrelevant to the contract. You are likely getting a replacement for either "economical" reasons or that it has been repaired 4 times for the same reason (excluding re-works.) After this has occurred, a request for the replacement on the television is sent to home office for approval.

    As for getting anything for the stand, the best thing you can do is simply ask the Store or Assistant Store Manager to do a (exception) late return on your stand for a store credit. If you ask for a partial store credit, you are more likely to get it. They'll take things into consideration such as "Do we still sell a TV that'll work with this stand?" "Is it on a Regular, While Supplies Last, Discontinued, or (return to) Vendor, Special Order, Temporary (Special Order) Status?" "What is the current value of this stand?" In the end, it is at the Store or Assistant Store Manager's discretion. As long as they replace the TV and the TV alone, the contract is fulfilled.

    Things that Store and Assistant Store Managers do not like: "CORs" Customer Opportunity Reports. It's basically when you fill out one of those negative "Dear Randy" letters or email the . They go to home office and are forwarded to them to respond to it. Though they do not like them, they act on it right away. If you put up a good point and argue it out in a well written way such as "the stand that was sold to me with this television was designed specifically for that kind of television" kind of thing, you might be able to get them to make that exception just to "close" that COR with you. Only do this as a last resort though. It's better if you stay on their good side first to see if you can get what you want; if you start off on their bad side, they will give you worse offers, not better ones.

    Wish you well with the stand. Sort of depends on the management. If a replacement on the stand is made, it will not be a contract based decision but rather of one for Customer Satisfaction.
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    quote: "If a replacement on the stand is made, it will not be a contract based decision but rather of one for Customer Satisfaction".

    In other words, yer shit out of luck. LOL
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    Correct. In other words, "SOL" if they are abiding strictly to the contract.

    But do not give up hope too quickly. Some Store Manager and Assistant Store Managers really do make Customer Satisfaction decisions very often. I see this in particular at the store I work at, which I will not disclose, but there are a lot of unusual decisions made. I suppose it also has to do with the demographics. Customers wont shop if too strict. Each store has to manage slightly different to work with their customers.