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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    I was kind of toying with the idea of making one. It would be laid out kind of like the game of Life with various squares telling a story which results in you either going forward or back a certain number of squares, with a die that you roll for each turn. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for squares. I'll start with a few:  
    Remedy crashes right as you were about to save an SRO. Go back 2 squares.  
    You give the boss a quickie. Get promoted to corporate. Go forward 5 squares.  
    You go over 5 hours on Black Friday because there was no coverage. Receive a 3 day suspension. Go back 4 squares.  
    Your supervisor has a breakdown and walks out. Get promoted to newly opened supervisor position. Go Nowhere.  
    Can anyone else think of one?
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    You show up to work, and your actually off that day because your manager changed your schedule and didn't tell you (or vice versa)

    have your cell phone go off during the morning meeting

    being volunteered to "cheer" at the morning meeting
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    Can someone link to an mp3 of the Fry's cheer for those of us poor souls who have never heard it?
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010 edited
    Haha, how should the game end? You finally quit maybe?  
    Here's a square for the board: The assistant manager notices you moving your mouth during the morning cheer but not saying the words. You receive a write up and a stern lecture. Go back two spaces.
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    A customer drops a massive deuce in the restroom, causing the toilet to overflow. Your supervisor looks at you and cracks a smile. "Grab a mop son!" Go back 3 squares.
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    The phone rings once, you pick it up to answer it. Your supervisor had already answered it and then yells at you for not picking up the phone. Go back 2 squares.
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    Customer refuses to buy Monster HDMI cable with new TV. Back 3 squares.

    Lip-syncing Frys cheer. Lose a turn.

    Catching supervisor rubbing up on Indian chicks ass in parts cage. Get out of jail free card.

    Ignore customer wanting ad item. Move ahead 2 squares. Talk customer into buying more expensive item, instead of one advertised. Move ahead 5 squares.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2010
    Guest: Can someone link to an mp3 of the Fry's cheer for those of us poor souls who have never heard it?
    What's there to hear? Imagine 20 associates in a circle, half-asleep at 7:45am, mumbling the following words: "Give me an F. F. Give me an R. R. Give me a Y. Y. Give me an apostrophe. apostrophe. Give me an S. S. What's it spell? Fry's. Who's Number one? We are. If we don't know? Lets find out." And then they trudge back to their departments. I think the real silly part about the cheer is that no one ever really seems to "feel" it. I don't know anyone who's "proud" to work for Fry's to the point that they want to cheer for the company as if it were their favorite football team. It seems like everyone I know has the attitude that it's just a job and everyone in the store seems to be looking for something better.