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    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2011
    Anyone Familiar with this location?
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    What do you need to know? I worked there for way too many years....
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2011
    Id like to get a job and start working there.. I'm not sure if i want to apply to Fremont or to Sanjose..  
    Fremonts a little Closer to where I live.. I recently asked if they were hiring at Fremont location, the lady i asked gave me this mean look and said i don't think so. and didn't even offer me a application..  
    it seems like when ever i go to Fremont 80% of the people working there are afghan and or Asian..  
    guest35401 Are you currently still working there?
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    No, i got out shortly after getting back from workmans comp as I got a better job with double the pay and less work. All the bay area stores are going to have a huge Afghan and Asian population. The only reason why fremont is so obvious is due to the huge influx of afghan immigrants who have settled in Fremont. As for getting hired there, sounds like you got a bitch. The last few times I walked in they had the little box for you to drop your applications in out front. If they don't have any, go to the checkstands and ask for the PIC of front checkout and get an application. As for management there, Andy is an awesome store manager. I was always cool with Danillo who is now the assistant manager since I left. A lot of the DM's have changed since I left almost 2 years ago though so can't give you any insight on that.
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    I think they have an In and Out hamburger joint near their place.  
    Beats the hell outta the shitty restaurants that the Concord store is surrounded in.
      CommentAuthorGuest 4479
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    My advice,

    Don't work at Fry's, they will treat you like shit. If you do get a job as a cs (sales clerk at the counter), you will get a rolling schedule everyday and that includes cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the parking lot, picking up trash in the parking lot.

    And if you are that desperate, and do get a job, DO NOT, get a closing the store hours. Trust me, YOU DON'T.
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    Fremont Fry's is shit. I work at the SJ Fry's and its a great job. I get paid good working as part time sales, schedule is flexible, cool management. Never really have a problems. People that say "Fry's suck" are just lazy. All I do is stand around and get paid for making sales. Easy.

    Plus Fremont has a lot of Indians who are cheap as fuck.
    Make the trip to SJ and apply over there.
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    I live in fremont but I work at the sj brokaw frys.. less cheap ass indians over there... its a chill job. beats my last 8.50 an hour job... i dont mind getting paid to stand around. its a good job if you are also doing school like me... dont work there full time... you will get sucked into frys and end up like the rest of the washed up saleman there. good luck.
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    Go work at SJ. There are too many middle easterners that will make your life hell on the sales floor. That's why I quit. Customers are all asian, which means no PSC. At least in SJ you have the hispanics so they'll buy PSC. If you have to drive more, so be it.