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    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2011
    I was just hired and have been given the option of working as a Customer Service Associate or in the Components department.  
    Which do you recommend? Does one pay more than the other? I'm in California BTW.
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    If you work as a Cashier you have to clean the bathrooms. The worst you'll do in components is move computer cases. Easy call Plus if you want to move to sales, you'll make far more money than any cashier.  
    Welcome to duty, soldier.
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2011
    Yeah, that's what I figure.  
    My eventual goal is to go to Computer Sales. I'm guessing it'll be easier to move from Components, right?
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    Much easier to move from Components. I tried moving from cashier to sales. Never made it there. To make the move from cashier to sales you need to prove you can sell by "selling" the Fry's Card which is pretty useless. You can't sell them unless you lie, basically. So since I wasn't willing to blatantly lie to every customer I stayed miserable at the register for nearly 2 years.
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    How do you lie to sell Fry's cards? I was never a cashier, but I am in sales and I don't lie to get people to sign up.
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    I recommend the Components department because it's within the sales floor area. It's consider a promotion even for a Customer Service Associate to become an Accessory Sales (or now... it's Merchandisers) position. From working on the floor, you will get a feel of the customers and fellow associates and learn what you need to learn; As well, you will more likely get promoted a lot faster starting on the sales floor.
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    Only an idiot would choose cashier.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2011
    Worse...only someone that's totally clueless would WANT to work at Fry's.
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    Random Fry Guy....the Fry's Card is only good to people for the special financing which is usually brought up at the time a quote is made, so its a somewhat easy sell for the Computer Associate. For every other customer it is useless and the only way to sell a card to someone at the register is to lie and tell them its a discount card or something. The register is the hardest place to sell the card at because by the time they get to check out, the customer has been bombarded by Fry's Card this and that and they are sick of it. If they didn't get the card from the sales associate, they aren't going to apply when they are seconds away from paying. And I saw many a customer sign up because they were told it was a discount card...and yes they still gave out their social number, idiots.