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    Yes, what the office space guy said made complete sense. and also i agree with the idea of changing the thread name. i lost someone who committed suicide so, thinking from my perspective, it would seem respectful if someone approached me and said "we want to have a moderated remembrance thread of your loved one." i would be astonished and say yes right away. however if i came to find out one existed without my approval initially i would be a bit pissed off, most likely due to the mourning, but overall i would be happy that someone wanted to remember this person because they all thought it was the right thing to do. its a touchy subject. i dont know. i just know how i would feel in a similar situation. its tough. but at least people here know this guy was good, and they want the world to know as well. btw gobo760, do you work in service?
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    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2011 edited
    paperback_writer:gobo760, do you work in service?
    Yessum. I'm trying to get out though. The pay sucks for how much you have to deal with. I'm also on auto-pilot most of the day. You know, I think Fry's Forum could really use a "Service" section. A place where all the techs in the company could go to get advice, share knowledge, tricks, and tools, and generally discuss ways to improve their numbers.
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    the level of multitasking is insane. it has its high and lows, but i think its the toughest department of all. paychecks seem to have gotten worse. i posted a few tips in this forum in response to a guy who said he was having a tough time selling services.
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2011
    This is so disgusting... Im a good friend of both Alex and his GF.... All those talking shit... How do you sleep at night. Ive never been more disgusted with a people as a whole then I am right now. Grow the HELL UP AT LET THE DEAD REST IN PEACE. Alex had been dealing with a lot... and for years. You obviously know NOTHING about him or his girl! ... one day his child will google his name and this is the BS he's going to read. Shame on you all... and to the person saying this should be up because there may be people out there that knew Alex that need to see he died.... IF THEY NEED TO KNOW, THEY ALREADY DO. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!! THIS IS HURTFUL AND NAUSEATING! FUCK YOU! Alex was a great person, he loved his girl and his son, we all feel stuck from time to time but if u knew him at all ... he loved his gf.  
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2011
    Yup, some of the childrens comments WERE disgusting, and no amount of admonishment will keep a retard from acting like a retard, but the thread WAS pretty much over....until you bumped it, and more than likely be over again until some spammer selling acne cream bumps it in 3 years.
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    Not to drag this back up again but i saw this post and thought people should see this post i found from a professional medium.  
    "Suicide is always selfish and I consider it the ultimate, unanswerable "F*-- you!"  
    What I am about to say is going to sound very harsh and it is based on my experiences as a professional medium. I apologize in advance for anyone who is offended or hurt by what I am about to say. This is brass tracks, no frills information from my talks with more suicides from the other side than I can count. It isn't pretty, so you may want to stop here.  
    Horribly for the people who do commit suicide it doesn't end the suffering for them.  
    Suicides do not get the oblivion they crave. Instead most get stuck in what I would call a "time loop". They are suddenly and violently shoved out of their bodies which I have been repeatedly told is a highly unpleasant experience. Often they then try to get back into their bodies, but the cannot since their bodies can no longer sustain them.  
    Many suicides relive their death and then the pain and horror that follows as family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers experience in finding them, seeing the body etc.... Then they relive it again, and again etc.... I have seen this go on for decades. Being denied the presence of God, being stuck on Earth without a body and continuing in such a horrific time loop is about as close to hell as anything I can think of.  
    I know people who have lost loved ones to suicide are going to read this and be appalled. There is something you can do about the fate I just outlined. In fact only family, friends, neighbors, people who have been hurt by the suicide CAN do anything.  
    1) Forgive them. This is a tall order, but it will help release them from the loop. Even if all you can do is start to consider maybe, someday forgiving them.... it is step in the right direction. There is a lot of completely appropriate pain, anger and rage for the survivors. Let yourself feel it all before you try to step into forgiveness. Stuffing your anger and then trying to forgive doesn't work and only hurts you more. Feel your feelings first. This takes time.  
    2) Light a candle and pray/send thoughts asking for them to be released and allowed into the full presence of God. Yes, I got this from one of James Van Praage's books... but I have had dozens of suicides tell me from the other side it really does help them.  
    3) The mentally ill or unbalanced who commit suicide are given a pass. As far as I can tell there is tremendous mercy and forgiveness on the other side. God, Source, Allah, the One.... it still applies. Those particular suicides have already suffered terribly and were not in their right minds when they killed themselves. They don't seem to suffer the "time loop" other suicides do.  
    4) Ask in your prayers that they be released from reliving their death and the aftermath. Sometime the answer is YES. I have had my guides usher past suicides into the full presence of God and it is an unbelievably wonderful experience. They are not doomed. Ask for what you and they both need, forgiveness, release and to be fully in the presence of God.  
    Every single suicide I have ever talked to from the other side has regretted their actions once they succeeded in killing themselves. Even those who were mentally unbalanced at the time regret the waste of their lives.  
    Trust me, it isn't the way out. The only way out of horrible times in our lives is through them, one step at a time. I know some people are going to assume I must have had an easy life and don't understand how hard things can get sometimes, thus don't know what I am talking about. That isn't the case. I am never going to say my pain or your pain can be compared because it cannot. I can assure you my life has had more than it's fair share of soul etching challenges and if I haven't been in your specific situation I been through enough to have compassion for it.  
    The only way out is through, don't make things incredibly worse by thinking suicide is an escape.  
    Again, I apologize for any pain the above has caused anyone. It is gut wrenching every time I read a suicide for a family or friends. I should also mention that an astonishingly high number of "suicides" are actually murders set up to look like suicides. If someone you loved died and it was ruled suicide, yet you cannot believe they would have ever done that... it is entirely possible you are right and they didn't take their own lives.  
    Lynne "  
    Theres the link if you feel like looking at where i got it from. you may have to create an account to see the full website because chip coffey takes his forums very seriously.