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    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2011
    I got a raincheck for a Denon 591 a week ago and looks like the store is still sold out, I know another location that has it instock and is currently on hold for me, but looking back at the raincheck, it has store name and customer # which makes me assume that it only works @ the location I got that raincheck from.  
    Can I take this raincheck to another Frys because other store don't have it instock? It's stupid they don't state it on the raincheck like every other rainchecks that out there...
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    Quotes in general do not work in other stores including rain checks. Ask them to transfer it for you.
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    Rain checks do not work in other stores.
    The easy way to solve this problem is call the department supervisor in charge (or manager charge if significant price difference) and see if they can price match your rain check on thei in-store quote. Fremont usually matches it.
    Note: if the price difference is more than 30% it'll require a store or assistant store manager unless you wanted to do a low price guarantee through which you pay the full price and get the remaining amount refunded afterwards.

    Frys is Frys. If you brought the raincheck to another store and they denied it. If you called corporate or emailed them more than likely someone will get talked to for risking a customer and possibly you maybe compensated for the inconvenience. Usually managers know this so they'll just save you the trouble... even if it's not policy.
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    They're making things difficult again.