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    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2011
    People need training on how to be an effective supervisor. It's sad when the Monster Rep has to come in and tell people not to use the big stick method. Telling people that they must sell one Bose Cenimate a week or face "disciplinary actions" is just stupid. The Moster Rep comes in and tells us our goal is 50%, but the uppers tell us it is 60% and if we can't meet it we could face "disciplinary actions". Ok, I'll admit that the monster attach isnt too hard to hit over 60%, but threatening us if we don't hit "more" than what the monster rep is asking of us? 1 Bose Cenimate a week? That thing sucks compaired to the harman sound bar with wireless sub which costs the exact same as the lower end Bose.  
    2 employees are arguing. What should a manager do in this situation? If you guessed " walk out of the room to let the situation get worse" you guessed wrong,,, but that is what happened.  
    Someone get a promotion to DM in a different department, he starts going off on people and acting like a total dick to show everyone who is in charge, he loses all sales people on one half of his department and even merchandisers are either leaving or want to change departments. The new DM must be doing something wrong to cause an already troubled department to implode.  
    Frys employees get little to NO training, the initial training before you go out onto the floor is a joke, after that any training you get must be done on your own time off the clock or when the random rep comes in to show the new toys.  
    Sure, a lot of things does suck about frys, and I could just go find another job, but could you imagine what kind of company this place could become is people recieved proper training and the company began to give 2 shits about the employees? I find it sad and a waste that things will never become like that. I'm sure that Randy would have an even bigger wallet if he would toss out a little funds from his private jet fund to pay for a bit of training so more people knew what they were talking about and to make sure management knew how to lead.
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    most ppl must go management trainee --> sup 1 or 2 or x ---> department manager. if a lot of ppl got fired at ur store or they changed positions, maybe there was a little vaccuum and the asshole came out on top. who knows. can't say, wasn't there.  
    i work in service to avoid half of that crap. but selling the stuff like monster and cinemates can have its ups and downs, then there is always the dreaded return :O  
    fill out a tell randy form in the breakroom. tell at least on DM who seems the least shady what you think, sometimes ppl have good counsel to offer.  
    again, i work in service, so they expected me to have tech knowledge prior to the job. i certainly learned tips and tricks while here, but you have to have that basic foundation of knowledge. know your product. know what pays the most dollars and convince the customer to walk out with that instead of the ad item.  
    "Keep Ya Head Up"
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    they didn't get fired, they quit. I am just leaving the department and getting out of sales. The top 2 people in the department are dishonest with the customers, one bragged how he took advantage of an elderly couple. Is this the reciever that is on add? Yes, that is why it is $600.00, it is 200.00 off and you need to take advantage of the sale while it lasts, we have 2 left.... We had like 10 and it was at its normal price. He had thought he did a good thing by taking advantage of an old couple. Same guy also bashes other businesses and employees to the customer, discrediting them in hopes that the customer believes that he is the only person there that knows what he is talking about. I even heard him telling a customer that "The people at Best Buy's don't know what they are talking about, they all are complete idiots, me, I know my stuff so if you have any questions feel free to ask". The DM's response is "That is a part of sales". That remark is being in full support of misleading or out right lying to the customer.  
    I make sure that my friends and family know what kind of practices are going on there and to either do their homework first which is a good idea anyway, but more so when going to Frys, before going in and talking to anyone. It is my hopes that a customer goes in and nails some of these people. Isn't lying to a customer to make a sale along the same line as false advertisement? It's fukt that we have sales people like this and management supports every bit of it.
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    " CommentAuthorpaperback_writerCommentTime9 hours ago quotepermalink  
    most ppl must go management trainee --> sup 1 or 2 or x ---> department manager."  
    Doesn't that just teach you the technical side of things? Does it anywhere in there teach people how to be effective leaders?