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    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2011
    Store Manager just up and quit, Software already on commission, AT and Components soon to follow, hour cuts circulating store wide, Employee morale and confidence is horrible, Overall a decent supervisor team in computers, but horrible Computer DM who is calling several employees "an embarrassment" to the department, Sales floors are flooding like it's name was Hurricane Katrina, employees responding vigorously back in computer department, Even the top salesman is shaking his head at all the commission drops, and several other bad things happening.... Shits about to hit the fan really soon, just remind me to wear a sweater over my clean white shirt
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    At store 31 only part of Software went to wage and commission. Components and AT are to go straight commissions next quarter. Yes morale is way down. I think it's not just a store or 2 or 3 going down, it's the company as a hole. To many changes going on at the same time. That's my opinion.
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    At store 32 they've been firing people left and right. AT DM got fired two Thursdays ago. Some sups gone. Many cashiers gone. Its sad yet laughable all the negativity going on with this company. I hear there are 50 people on a list to be fired. I'm sure I'm one of them. Just hope my interview goes well this week cause this is BS
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    Store 38 is in the same boat.. max hours at 33, required to work Fri-Sun if you're full time, no exceptions. Part time associates cut to 4 hours. Store hours moved to open two-three hours later now. Firings left and right...
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    glad i left that shithole before it went downhill. that was the probably the darkest times of my life working at store 10. really thankful i saw that im worth more than being a drone over there. fuck frys.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Store 31 computer DM was fired (for general incompetence) and mac sup left shortly after. Overall morale at the store is down everywhere and it shows. Don't know how much longer this store can last at this rate. I hope corporate can do something (actually useful) to help, because if not, everyone's fucked. :(