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    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2011
    As a former Fry's employee, let me start by saying that there is life after Fry's. I was fired back in July 2010 for being in the draw for 6 consecutive weeks due to various things such as slow customer traffic, penny-pinching customers, sale items paying $0 commission, free labor like go-backs and schematics. Seening as I was deep into the draw and was frankly an impossible situation for me (or any salesman) to get out of, I basically said "fuck it" and allowed them to fire me. I hated my job at Fry's so much that I actually started to ask my DM "when are you guys letting me go?". I hated everything about my job from the time clock all the way down to the stupid ass dress code. When they finally fired me, it felt as if a hug weight was taken off my shoulders and I swear that I walked out of the store with a big ass smile on my face. Life has gotten better since my days at Fry's now that I've realize the deception that companies like Fry's feed us in order to maintain the status quo. Simply put, there is no better job out there waiting for you. You'll just be trading a horrible situation for a less horrible situation and you'll forever be stuck in the RAT RACE. A constant continuous cycle that get's you nowhere. Wake up, go to work, come home to get ready for work the next day. Now I know there's going to be a few Fry's advocates to try and bash this and say that it's a great company to work for but the truth is the truth. I'm writing this in hopes of encouraging the RIGHT person to break away from the slave-employee chains and start taking actions to insure a better quality of life for him and his family in the near future.  
    The Deception of the Corporate Dream:  
    Finding the right career path in which to invest your time and talents is becoming increasingly difficult in today's uncertain market. The corporate adage of career development, company loyalty and lifetime employment have given way to layoffs, re-engineering and lateral moves. The deception of the corporate dream is a reality for most business people, who simply face way too many challenges and obstacles beyond their control to achieve true business success.  
    In most typical job situations, Companies like Fry's are paying you just enough so that you won't quit and you're working just hard enough not to get fired. The fact is — corporate America pays "jobs" not "people". Please don't make the commission argument with me. How often have you taken hits on LPG's and price matching? How often have you gotten snubbed on your commission? How hard do you often have to work to barely get over draw?  
    It's impossible for everyone to achieve the promotion they want, because there are only a few positions at the top. Most people find themselves in the position of waiting for someone to quit, get fired or die on the off-chance they might be considered for the position. Have you or have you ever observed someone being passed over for a promotion because someone else received it based on who they knew or how much brown-nosing or ass-kissing they done, instead of on their own merits?  
    Fact #3: YOU HAVE NO SECURITY.....EVER!!  
    Even if you survive the sucky ass low pay and the politics of corporate America (FRY's) , you still face the possibility of being re-located to a different department, position, maybe even store and the devastating reality that you could be laid off tomorrow. Layoffs, reorganizations and cutbacks are simply a way of life in today's economy. Fry's and other companies like them can not and will not take care of you. They pay you money...and promise you nothing in return. We all knew that $1 million deferred compensation was full of shit mainly because no one will ever make it to the 15 year mark except a hand picked few and last time I heard, the whole program was terminated. You are %100 responsible for your own life so start taking control of it. Start saving money and really start planning for your future...or you can work until you're dead. Your choice.  
    The first thing they do is put you in public school to keep you under control, discipline and surveillance, so that you can be conditioned to be a future good worker for the needs of the empire, all in the name of "education". Education my ass. About %95 of what they teach you in this "education" are things you don't ever need to know and will NEVER use, either in real life or in any jobs or professions. You're basically trading more money for less money. Trading $100,000+ for a $40,000 job out of college...that's if you can find one. You're competing with other candidates with higher degrees and candidates with more "experience" than you. If everyone you're competing with in the job market has a college degree, then what is the value or advantage to having a degree? NOTHING!  
    Think about this? Let's say Randy Fry walks up to you and says: "In order to continue working with us, understand that we're going to be doing things differently. We will choose what type of house you're going to live in. We'll pick out the car we want you to drive and you better buy it because I told you too. I'm going to decide whether or not your wife is going to work. I'll decide where you on for vacation and I'll tell you how long you're going to be on that vacation. I tell you how long you can see your sick parents, and I'll decide if your kids will finish school with any student loans" Now some may ask "Can a company really do that?" YES THEY CAN!! THEY ALREADY ARE!!! HOW?? how much they pay you. Think about it? Why do you drive the car you drive? Aren't there nicer car you would like to drive? Of course there are but you can only drive the car you can AFFORD!! Think about it people.  
    Like I said before, these are some of the things I've notice after my career at Fry's just to realize that the only way to true freedom is not working for someone else for to be working for myself. I rather work like a dog for myself so I can accomplish my goals and dreams rather than the Fry's brothers. The bottom line guys is this...When you work for somebody else, you really are just making a living, not making a life. In essence, you are renting out your time, talent, effort and energy for someone else's benefit, instead of your own. The only way you can achieve true business success and gain complete control of your life is to have a business of your own or by having your money work for you by learning how to invest. I encourage everyone to become financially literate by reading such financial books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Think and Grown Hill by Napoleon Hill so that one day you can truly understand what it means to have freedom.  
    Thank You
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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2011
    Great read. Thanks for sharing with us.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2011
    Most I agree with, but you may want to remove the tinfoil hat when it comes to education.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2011
    If this were Fry's-specific, I'd totally agree. That said, your assessment doesn't apply to every industry or business sector. Although Fry's may not place much (or any) value on a college degree, many other industries and business sectors do.  
    Fry's is a "special case" - Fry's cares about one thing - making money for the Fry's brothers. They see no value in the customer, other than getting their money, no value in the employee other than a vehicle to get the customers money. True, Fry's places no value on a college education (I wonder how many Fry's employees actually have a high school education).  
    Fry's appears to be going through a major shift in how they do business, with all of the reported (here) changes - i.e. putting everyone on commission, making FT employees work weekends (that in and of itself raises certain legal issues), cutting hours, etc. The smart person will realize that it's time to move on, and find a better and more stable means of income. But, IMHO, the average Fry's employee doesn't aspire to do much beyond working at Fry's.
  2.  permalink
    In today's economy, there's just too much uncertainty about the job market for people to just jump ship. And I agree that a lot of the changes the company is making seem to be in the sole purpose of maintaining and increasing the profit margin for the company owners. I don't agree that the average Fry's employee doesn't aspire to more than working at Fry's. Maybe if you only look at Customer Service, where most of the hires are just out of high school, that is the case. However, some of us are doing what people have done with retail jobs ever since retail invented: use it to pay the bills. I have a college degree. In fact, I have a BA in English literature and language. I had intended, when I went to college all those years ago, to obtain a Masters degree and intern with a publication company with the goal of eventually becoming an editor for a major publisher. However, I went to college in a time where everyone said the best jobs were only available to college graduates. Now, I'm competing with people half my age, who went straight into the job. I'm trying to make ends meet and support two kids on $35,000 a year. Now I'm being told that I can only work a maximum of 37.5 hours a week, yet still have to do all the things that I could barely get done in 50. I'm being told that my sales people have to maintain their aisles, all while struggling to make $100 a week in commission. And I'm being told that an entire position in my department is going to be eliminated, to be managed directly by the DM. We all know that the DM isn't really going to manage a category directly; all the real work will fall to the remaining supervisors. I'm also being written up because the associates in my section are not performing, in spite of the fact that the few people who truly aren't performing have already been written up. I don't know what's going on at Fry's, but I do know that when I can make the same managing a McDonalds that I can working here, it's time to get out. I'd go back to college and finish getting my Masters, if only I didn't have kids to support.