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    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2011
    Amazon does not charge local state tax or shipping on products over $25. Does Fry's a price match including subtraction of the taxes like Amazon?
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    Why would Fry's not add sales tax (assuming you're talking about stores in states that do)? That's part of the cost of doing business in the state. To answer the shipping question, yes Fry's matches the price including shipping (if any) from the list of websites they have compiled. So if you plan on making any threads about buy dot com, bhphotovideo, or any other website, you no longer need to.

    - On a side note, sometimes they will try to not match the "super saver shipping" option and match it to a price with "standard shipping" on amazon. On other sites they might try to match next day shipping or 3 day shipping. This is different store to store. It's pretty easy to win the argument though. Not everyone at Fry's is thrilled with the online price match idea, even though most of the time the store doesn't lose money. Plus they might win over tons of new customers.
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2011
    and nope.
    This pretty much answers everything.  
    To the other guest. Fry's should beat the full price by at least 1 cent of the final cost. Means they should cover tax and shipping as final costs. Then Fry's can 100% guarantee they are cheaper.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    I agree with you. If you Fry's is cheaper I should leave the store paying less than the competition overall.
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    Sales tax has nothing to do with Fry's. If you aren't reporting your amazon purchases, you are breaking the law.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011 edited
    Guest: Sales tax has nothing to do with Fry's. If you aren't reporting your amazon purchases, you are breaking the law.
    Before making a blanket statement that is only partially true....the only two states that would require this are Colorado and Oklahoma. Amazon even provides info on this.  
    That said, even if Fry's might be cheaper on something, I'd still purchase an item online or elsewhere, and avoid Fry's at all cost.
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    Websites might not charge sales tax at the time of purchase unless they have a physical presence in the same state as the customer, but the state in which the goods are being used might require the customer to pay a use tax.
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    There is no way Fry's is going to take a hit on sales tax and anyone who thinks so is crazy. Most of the time when price matching the store either makes $0 on the item or even a negative hit. Adding 7-9% sales tax on top of that would just completely ruin the business. Remember, online stores do not have the sales tax go to their pockets. Asking Fry's to take a large hit because you don't want to pay sales tax is asking faaaaar too much. I am not sure if people are actually serious when they say this. Some people ask why would they go to Fry's if they have to match sales tax? How about the fact you get the item ASAP and can take it back without any hassle? Newegg charges a 15% restocking fee for returned items and you have to ship the item back. Even if you get a DOA product, you generally have to ship it back to the store or the manufacturer. I used to do tech support, people had to pay for shipping all the time. If I am building a computer I want to get all the parts I can locally and return/exchange stuff without too much hassle. Not that Fry's returns is a breeze, but it beats shipping stuff back.
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    obiwan: "Before making a blanket statement that is only partially true..."

    I meant in California of course.
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    "That said, even if Fry's might be cheaper on something, I'd still purchase an item online or elsewhere, and avoid Fry's at all cost."

    Your statement is seriously flawed,
    having local business in the state helps the economy and create jobs, if the Fry's can match the price of the online retailer and charge me for tax and even shipping i prefer to buy from them.
    I rather buying from local business instead of send my money to online business which takes my money that i made in my state and sending it out of state and sometimes to other countries.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2011
    Guest: Your statement is seriously flawed,
's not flawed. If you read what I said carefully, I said prefer to purchase an item elsewhere, or online (if that's the only viable option) and avoid Fry's at all costs. For example, I do a lot of photography, so I support my local camera stores, especially the local mom 'n pop store.  
    I just prefer to avoid the "Fry's experience" of going into their stores that are located in high crime areas (at least here i Houston), sifting through dusty shelves for products that are most likely either returns or damaged by mishandling. As to Fry's price matching, last time I tried that, it wasn't worth the hassle.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2011
    i prefer to avoid retail stores because of high rate of theft, employee overhead, local advertising and building leasing cost increase the price of the products.  
    For electronics I buy stuff on Amazon, NewEgg or TigerDirect.
      CommentAuthorGuest 1244
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2012
    Fry's won't beat their own prices... TV in San Diego = $1799. Same TV in Sacramento = $2299. Only way to get that price is to drive to San Diego. It's BS but whatever.
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    Why do you have to be so cheap? Help out the community man. The sales tax and other charges after the price is actually to help the community. Going to an online store, they don't have to pay for sales tax or anything else since they're online. Plus why would Fry's cut out the sales tax just to save you a quick buck? Seriously, if you're that cheap you might as well go to a flee market and start bidding on items. If you want the item, just buy it. Why can't people be like this anymore? Always looking to save a quick dollar, god damn it's fucking sick.
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