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    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2011 edited
    MacRumors just posted an article - "Inside Apple's Retail Store Operations" -  
    One key section stands out:  
    According to several employees and training manuals, sales associates are taught an unusual sales philosophy: not to sell, but rather to help customers solve problems. "Your job is to understand all of your customers' needs - some of which they may not even realize they have," one training manual says. To that end, employees receive no sales commissions and have no sales quotas.  
    What a concept - focus on the customer's needs rather than a sales quota. I guess that's why Apple has such an excellent reputation, and Fry's....doesn't....
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    Its not a fair comparison really because Apple customers know what they want. Fry's customers do not.
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    Note that some Apple customers are simultaneously Fry's Customers.
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    Is it really hard to sell when all you sell is basically one product, packeged up in different ways? And how much money do you think the Apple store employees make? I don't think theyre making $20 an hour. If they are, sign me up!
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011
    Guest: Is it really hard to sell when all you sell is basically one product, packeged up in different ways? And how much money do you think the Apple store employees make? I don't think theyre making $20 an hour. If they are, sign me up!
    Keep in mind that Apple's philosophy is "not to sell", but to help solve the customer's problem. That's a far different approach than trying to just "sell" me something.  
    If I went to Fry's and said "I'm a freelance photographer. I need a 15" laptop that has long battery life, accurately displays image colors, provides the needed GPU support that Photoshop utilizes, and can easily be upgraded to 16gigs of RAM, and has good customer support should something go wrong", would a Fry's employee really know what I needed? Or would they show me every laptop under the sun and BS their way through? From my own, and others experience, very few Fry's employees could do that.  
    As to the Apple Store employee pay - do some research. You'd find that the starting pay is around $11.65 for a "Mac Specialist" to upwards of $37K and more for a "Mac Genius".
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    Again, you are comparing a Fry's employee with a good 30+ laptops from all different makes and manufacturers to an Apple store employeee which is basically "do you want to pay more or less up the ass, sir?". I don't work in the computer department but I wouldn't expect ANY person to know about every product in their section. It is just too hard. I work components, I am not going to know what the difference between EVERY motherboard model. There are like 6 Asus P68 motherboards themselves with only slight differences, in the whole department I must have around 50 motherboards, and that is just a small section .I am not going to be able to recite the difference between every router, switch, hard drive, soldering equiptment, test equipment and for some reason people think I am going to be able to answer questions about toys.

    And what do you have to sell at a Mac store? Laptop or desktop. Pick one. Now how much did you want to spend? You don't have to worry about different specs, it is pretty much linear, the more you spend the more you get. Do you want a dual core of quad core? You have i5 and i7 processor. They all come with the same graphics processor. Did you feel like spending $1000 or $2000 today? You don't have to worry about all different manufacturers with different processors video cards, and configurations. Hell, even the battery life is all about the same.

    Apple employees don't "sell solutions". People are already decided on what they want when they get in there, they want a Mac. At that point it is just deciding how much they wanted to spend. If I sold only all HP laptops in 5 different configurations with a slightly larger size, price and processor, it wouldn't be hard at all. "Hi, do you want more power or less power? Do you want a big screen or small screen?".

    And 37k? I pretty much make that at Fry's as a salesman and I am not even that great.
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011
    Guest: Again, you are comparing a Fry's employee with a good 30+ laptops from all different makes and manufacturers to an Apple store employeee which is basically "do you want to pay more or less up the ass, sir?".
    So...what you're saying is that the average computer department Fry's employee doesn't have any clue as to any of the spec's of the any of the laptops that they sell? Sorry, but...I could go into Best Buy with the same spec's and actually get an intelligent answer, and decent help in finding one that matched my needs. I wouldn't expect Fry's (or Best Buy) to know all of the spec's of every laptop they sell, but I'd sure expect that they could at least point me in the right direction.  
    As to you're comment about Apple of "basically "do you want to pay more or less up the a**, sir?"" shows just how little you understand. Sure, Apple carries three basic laptop models - MacBook Air, MacBook. and MacBook Pro. But...determining what type of laptop a customer actually needs is totally different. Apple won't try and sell you more of a computer than what you really need. The same can't be said for Fry's. And...Apple's AppleCare is as whole bunch better than Fry's POS...I mean PSC warranty stuff.  
    Side note to ASDF - not everyone that goes into an Apple Store knows what they're looking for. Been there and seen it. Sure, many Apple customers know what they want/need, but there are a lot that don't. Also, I think you live in the Houston area. Microsoft is opening their Microsoft Store in the Galleria next Thursday (downstairs and across from the Apple Store). What will be interesting is to see what sort of laptops they stock, and if their employees can basically match the right laptop to a customers needs.
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    If you've ever done the apple sales training online you'd very well know that apple employees are there to maximize sales profitability for apple!
    You can word it any way you like it, but this whole "not there to sell" business is a bunch of bologna!
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    Macrumors huh...... lets try from a website that's not Apple biased in the first placed.

    This makes them seem more like drones to me; sound familiar?
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2011 edited
    Again - missing the point totally. I can go into Best Buy (or even MicroCenter) and give them a descripion of what I'm doing and looking for, and they can provide me with the best options that meet my need. Obviously, the same can't be said for Fry's. 'nuf said.  
    One more thing - having previously worked in the insurance/risk management/financial services industry before (now working in the healthcare industry), those that focused on meeting their (commercial) clients needs usually had better results. That is, rather than focusing on just selling something to get a commission, they focused on actually tailoring the insurance and risk management services to what the client actually needed. They were the most successful.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011
    Meh, while you've had the fortune of getting good answers to what you need at Best Buy, i've found them to be as useful as Fry's Drones when it comes to laptops. Last christmas I was looking for a laptop for my wife, and I know my stuff, though I do usually have some questions as I don't follow Laptop GPU's as closely as I do desktops. Both BB employee's could only read the little printed product info on the laptops, which I could have done as well. And don't get me started on camera's at BB. When it comes to any electronics purchases, your better off doing your own research and if you have any left over questions, bring someone who knows what they are talking about or pray you get a knowledgeable associate.
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    I always laugh when a customer who comes in thinking they know everything. If you know what you want and need then why ask for help. And fyi, if we don't make our commission sales then what's the point of working there. Its not our fault we are on commission
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    why don't you troll bestbuys website/forum, or microcenter? you are the biggest piece of shit user/visitor, on this piece of shit website. you have little to nothing to say of value. you weep and cry, every single fucking post of the past 3 more or less years. i guess i'm just wondering, why you so mad? move the fuck on. while you are at it, please change your password here, slam your forehead on the keyboard several times, making it impossible you can ever login here again.

    TLDR: tell your personal story of why you bitch so fucking mutch, or shut up.
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    ObiWan. Do you still work for Frys now?
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    Note to Guest 17008 - it's easy to tell you work for Fry's by your "creative" language, and poor grammar skills. Last time I checked, it's a free country, and this is an open forum. At least I don't hide behind a "guest" account.  
    Note to Guest 13044 - never worked directly for Fry's. I worked for the insurance brokerage that handled their risk management. We fired THEM due to their overall attitude towards providing a safe working environment, and their unwillingness to be proactive from a safety standpoint.