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    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011
    Is software sales a commission deal now? Thanks.
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    Hourly + commission
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    Part of the department is on hour + commission now know as Software Sales. The other part, Entertainment is on an hourly pay with NO commissions, I hear the pay is like $9 an hr. Entertainment Sales also gets to do all the schematics too, so Software Sales can make money.
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    Do software sales people have to write up quotes? What is Entertainment Sales? CDs and DVDs? Are XBox and WII game sales entertainment? And what strobe light in management entertained himself thinking up this system?
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    Yes, software sales have to write up quotes. As the previous poster said, entertainment associates are pretty much software's version of accessory sales associates. They pretty much hang out in the movies and music section. DVDs and CDs do not pay commission. However, having entertainment associates in charge of all schematics is news to me. As far as I'm aware, all the software associates (sales and entertainment) each have an aor. Could be different depending on the store I suppose.

    Games and productivity are now all under Software Sales. As for who thought of the idea, everyone should not be surprised that this happened. It makes sense for management because from their perspective, they were over paying the majority of the software department associates. Does it make sense to pay a person who just stands around the movies $12/hr who just stocks movies and doesn't even sell anything? Well, management says no. I suppose they also got tired of seeing perhaps 2-3 associates sell most of the product while the rest generally did nothing.
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    I'm usually pretty familiar with software applications, so my habit is to "grab and go." Guess I'll start involving the sales staff, if only to write up a quote. As for the management perspective...I'm sure they think they're overpaying everyone, all the time, for anything.