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    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2011
    Does anyone happen to know the information Fry's divulges when a potential employer calls about employment history?  
    P.s I was fired a month ago for a completely unjust cause, i am taking the high road however and moving forward and not filing for unemployment or making matters bigger,.. However I need a job soon, and I dont want Fry's to be slandering me potentially causing me to not get hired. Thanks in advance
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    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2011
    In most, if not all states, an employer can only confirm your start and end date. That's it. If asked about their "opinion" of you, they are supposed to remain silent. Note the "supposed to". Make sure that you know who to refer them to (i.e. the proper contact at Fry's HR), and then remind Fry's what they are legally obligated to say. Additionally, man up to any potential employers and let them know you were fired, and provide a short, concise reason why you thought it wasn't justified.  
    Having been thru this about 13 years ago, I had an ex-supervisor trash-talk me. The first time, she and the former employer got a warning. The second time they got served.