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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    To be brief, I just started last week and I was hired as Computer Sales. I was asked last week if I want to go to sales this week or remain coded as a merchandiser for another week so I can "Train." I opted for the ladder because I want to hit the ground running once coded to sales, fully understanding the sales process and my products and services. Little did I know that this "training" meant that I'm just going to bumble around all day slinging crap back on the shelves. A few nights ago I closed for the first time, why would someone spend 2 hours working on the keyboard isle? The next day I went to put up some stock assuming that this isle was going to be immaculate and "Shocker" it looked like garbage. There were holes everywhere and crap on the top stock that had never been down stocked. Fed up, I asked my manager at what point do I learn the sales process and I'm told that wont happened until I'm coded as sales. WTF? Whats the point of an additional week of being a merchandiser? Keeping my composure I asked for "Training Material" on the PSC's and Services so I'll understand the service desk's scope of work and what the PSC's cover. He gives me a piece of paper that explains on one side the price match policy and on the other a basic run down of the PSC's; but it's not specific to the product that I'm selling. This is "Training Material?"  
    I had a lot of seniority at my old job and my hour rate was over $13. I left because our hours were being cut down and the "idea" of commission was tempting because the last time I sold computer in a commission environment I averaged 500-700 a week. Now I'm worried that I may have made a wrong choice, but I can only hope it will get better once coded to sales.
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    Oh dear. I wish you the best of luck but welcome to hell.
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    Its unfortunate that your manager is not very helpful.
    Try going to the operations website from the POS terminals. Theres a section for PSC related materials on there.
    The schematic website can take you to the Service department page as well as John Gamets PSC land site on the computer department schematic webpage.
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    You might try signing up for CyberScholar, you can get some general training there on equipment and software. Hand in a certificate or 2, this will show them you are serious about selling and eager to learn. This is just a suggestion which couldn't hurt.

    Oh and welcome to the 10th level of hell!!! You might want to see if your old job will take you back, a lot of the stores are cutting back hours both employees and store. Retail generally cuts employee hours in the summer, cause sales are down. But this is different, it looks like the company is really hurting. I even hear 31(my store) might be cutting store hours in the next few weeks, to open at 10am. Now that's seriously hurting.
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2011
    Yea, asking for supervisors for "training" is like asking a homeless bumb about finding a job. I spent 5 years at Frys store 21 before I got the hell out and I had maybe 3-4 supervisors over the course of time that would actually show you things to make your life easier. I would seriously also look at finding another job as it seems like Fry's is going downhill fast. If your looking for more product knowledge of what your selling, go to newegg and look at the reviews from users. As for the PSC, remember, if it's a virus issue, physical damage, or anything else that wouldn't be covered by the manufacture's warranty, then Fry's won't cover it either. When I was in service, I probably got about 3-6 pissed off customers a week due to the sales person telling them everything is covered only to find out it's not. So please don't be that guy.
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2011
    Guest: Its unfortunate that your manager is not very helpful.  
    Try going to the operations website from the POS terminals. Theres a section for PSC related materials on there.  
    The schematic website can take you to the Service department page as well as John Gamets PSC land site on the computer department schematic webpage.
    I will definitely take notes on that. My only problem...I have no idea how the POS system works. I was taught how to ring as a cashier but not as a salesman. I don't know how to check inventory or generate a quote. I have product knowledge, I have active Apple, Intel Retail Edge, Microsoft Expert Zone, Cyber Scholar, and HP Info Lab accounts for a couple years. The only time I've been able to see what we sale is by browsing the website when I come home.
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    Just ask some of the other sales guys to help you out. It really is the best way since Fry's does not offer a legit training class.

    Try your best to never go to the PSC training class, it is extremely unhelpful and a huge waste of time. (plus you do not get paid for it).
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    Alot of times you might have to learn on your own. What I can tell you is this: I worked there for 2 months (yes 2 months) at first i was a merchandiser just like you and soon enough they put me on sales with me knowing nothing, all I can say is i hated it. After some time they told me that if I didn't make enough commission I was going to get fired, so I just stopped going to work. I then applied at costco, got me a nice ass job, and here I am, happy.
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    Unfortunately Fry's is horrible about training. There literally is none. I had to beg someone to teach me how to use the POS on my first day of sales. I tried to learn as a regular stocking associate and I was told "I'll teach you when I'm ready". The job can pay decent and you CAN bring home $500-700 a week in computer sales. The hard part is learning HOW to make money. The other sales people are even worse to help you out since it is technically money out of their pockets.

    I don't work computers so I can only give limited information. First of all, get used to computers themselves paying $0. People will always want the ones on sale. Pretty much since the commission is based on GP ( gross profit ) anything on the ad is worth $0. You make money off of PSC and accessorizing, or hopefully the person has money to blow and you can give them a computer that actually pays. PSC pays 15% I believe. What happens with a PSC is that if the computer is broken, they will take it to the service department. We can offer them a loaner if they give credit card information. We will usually send the laptop out. The biggest thing to push is the loaner and that they wont pay for shipping, etc.

    Other than that, just sell accessories which pay pretty decently. If you have product knowledge you are already WAY ahead of most of the computer department. Those idiots usually don't know squat and send people to components because we're the only knowledgeable people in the entire store.
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    Sales training doesn't work at Frys. Just get ready to try and fuck people over. About the only way to succeed. And depending on what salesmen you are getting advice from, they may be trying to fuck you over to. Leave there as soon as possible.
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    Best of luck man, Fry's is eliminating the merchandiser position and flooding the sales floor with people to save money on labor (since salesmen don't make hourly), so you will be competing with at least a dozen salesmen for the three customers in the department. Not only that, but commission on most computers and printers has been cut to nothing. If you're lucky, you might be able to attach a bag that pays $2 to that $0 ad piece and make as much as you did while merchandising. The way things are going, it would probably be better to stay a merchandiser unless you are *sure* you are a master salesman.

    Protip: if a customer is looking at a computer and the sign says "Price valid until [date]" in tiny print at the bottom, that means the computer will pay nothing or only a few dollars. Try to steer them to a non-sale one with similar features and price. For example: "this other computer has the same amount of RAM/CPU/whatever as the one you were looking at, but actually costs $50 less" and try to sell them like that. Make use of the "also available" items. There are a few refurbished units you can sell instead of an ad piece that will pay a few dollars.

    Also, don't sell the shitty Pandigital/Coby/Maylong $100 android tablets if you can avoid it, they always get returned because they suck (as you will no doubt have learned if you've played with the demos). And avoid anyone carrying a copy of, or asking about, the ad. Help people with stuff in the ad only after you've made sure there are no other potential sales.

    Finally, just in case no one warned you, if anything you sell gets LPG'ed (low price guarantee), you will lose your commission on that item. Let's say that you sell Charlie Chip a $500 laptop which pays you $10. The next week, Charlie Chip sees that the laptop he just bought is now on sale at Worst Buy for $399, so he goes into the store and gets the difference refunded. Congratulations: that $10 you thought you earned has now become $0, through no fault of your own. In addition, anything that gets price matched is also a $0 sale.