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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2011
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2011
    Considering that site hasn't been updated in 12 years, it's easy to say that not much has changed with Fry's (other than going commission-only for their sales personnel, and developing an even worse reputation). I'm always surprised that a state DA hasn't stepped in to investigate Fry's.
      CommentAuthorGuest 146
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2015
    Please don't purchase a warranty from frys electronics
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    You are the only thing keeping their site visit up per your daily visit count (yes, I know this is an old post, but same principle)
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2015 edited
    Guest: @ObiWan  
    You are the only thing keeping their site visit up per your daily visit count (yes, I know this is an old post, but same principle)
    LOL: I see you are an interesting person. I have to commend you for your passion, and I wont tell you that you are wrong. I don't suppose my beef is with Fry's... I genuinely want to help people, and I enjoyed working in retail despite an ugly ending and an alternate career path (very successful).  
    Keep it up, and I wish you luck.
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    dafuq? ain't no one talking to you son. I agree with Obi on nearly everything, I just think he's a fuckin loser that has nothing else better to do. That's all.

    Kinda confused as your defending of Obi as Josh however... Since you refer to Obi as "I" in the last post, clever cover up. Don't really care either way.
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2015 edited
    Oh no, "my cover" is blown.  
    It took me a moment to understand your confusion. My response was sparked because of the other thread "Interesting Reading":  
    Guest: @Josh  
    Not as a Fry's advocate, but you yourself don't seem to understand what you're doing with purchases. You are asking people what they would do with facts that either don't matter or make any sense at all in your sentence.  
    $300 2yr PSC, if you return on the 31st day? WTF does that even mean? You mean the last fuckin day? Would your dumbass be surprised and upset at pennys?  
    -Sincerely: Fuck You, Randy Fry.
    I noticed that you were kind of a grumpy person making silly assumptions in that thread, and then you jumped to this thread and brought your attitude there too. I thought it was interesting, so I commented here after seeing both posts consecutively. Sure: It's a defense for ObiWan because you are attempting to insult him for browsing the forums frequently, but I was inherently defending others (including yourself) who do the same thing. I justified my reasons for browsing and sharing my insight on topics. I humbly commended you; however, I think it's not unsafe for us to make assumptions about yourself.  
    (Yes, in a really passive way, I am saying you are a complete dumb ass... sorry.) :face-crying:  
    ((... on the low... I am trying to start forum drama... all aboard!))  
    (((Somebody on the internet was wrong about Fry's PSC pro-rata!)))  
    ((((Also, I am not "covering" for anything. I am the cute little dinosaur in the picture below.))))