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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2011 edited
    ... unless the item is a financable one. I came back to work this week and was hit with this news and thought it was not true. I later confirmed it with supervisors and it appears that it is the new policy - at least for Customer Service.  
    The card has been a tough sell from the beginning, in my opinion. Difficult to get people to sign up with the severe reluctance of people to apply for credit; and while other stores and credit companies offer discounts, far more competitive finance offers, in-store bill pay, or lower interest rates.
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    Interesting will have to check this out at work. Tho not all dept have fanciable items.
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    This is good news for the service department.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2011
    Is Fry's finally admitting that their credit card actually provides no intrinsic value to the customer?
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2011 edited
    Supervisor of Store 10: " You're not going home until you get a Fry's Card Ap "  
    Salesperson: " I am off at 4:00, I need to leave on time to pick up my wife!"  
    Supervisor: " You don't understand? You need to give me an application before you can go. "  
    Salesperson: " ( Mumbles under their breath ) You can go F*** yourself "  
    Supervisor : " What? Did you say something to me? "  
    Salesperson : " I said you can Go! Please, I need to leave on time, I will get an extra tomorrow! "  
    Supervisor : " I expect to see 2 Fry's card aps from you then tomorrow, or you will be written up! "  
    So the bastard Supervisor walks away feeling triumphant, while the salesperson leaves work for the day feeling degraded because as hard as they tried, and approached every customer, The customer said no to another high interest credit card ap, that gave them no incentive or discount on their purchase that day.
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    They pulled this shit over a year ago because of customer complaints. They ARE still going to expect FCs from you but then they will drop the whole "can't ask" thing in a month.
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    Some things never change. A few days ago I picked up a $2.99 adapter in the San Diego store, paid cash...and was asked if I wanted a Fry's card. I hope the cashiers don't take a day long stream of Fry's card rejection personally. It ain't you kids, it's the nitwit management.