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    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    Hey guys, heard about this site from someone in my department and thought I'd check it out. It's somewhat comforting knowing every store in the company is just as bad as mine but I also realize the problem isn't likely to change with a simple change in store management. (hopefully I'm wrong)  
    Anyway, I was hired in early June and right off the bat I knew it was going to be interesting there. When all the other trainees and I were sitting in the training room the first week, associates would constantly peek inside and tell us how bad it is working there and how we're all going to hate it. I didn't think too much of it but now I see exactly what they were talking about.  
    I was hired as a merchandiser in a department that shall remain anonymous. (I need this job and don't want to take any chances) It was kind of interesting doing everyone else's job while also being paid the very least. Recently my asshole DM was transferred and a DM from another department came to mine. I had a really cool sup who always helped me out and gave me some really good advice but she recently left so now I don't have any form of help.  
    But what really gets me is two weeks ago, I came into work, got my till/register, went to my department and was immediately told "go put your till back and get your new badge, you're sales now". Really? Got my badge and when I went back to my dept, all I was told was "now start selling". Ridiculous. Now I've been in the draw two weeks, without any sort of training and my DM wonders why I can't make sales. None of the other salesman are very helpful (I can't really blame them, half the merchandisers in the department got the same treatment as I did). Best advice I've had so far is "lie". Yup.  
    Customer service is a joke at 44. The sups care more about gossip than they do serving customers and I find it hard to believe nobody has given the store manager a clean right hook to the chin. I didn't know there existed a workplace with such low morale. I haven't talked to a single person there who says they enjoy working there.  
    Theres so much more I can go into but I'm done ranting to you guys. Just felt like letting some of it out because I know the "open door policy" is a joke and my friends think I exaggerate when I try telling them about it.
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    Im at a store in ga and know exactly what you mean. I've been working there since 08. It used to be a nice place to work. At the time I started working there, it was the best job because I had only been in this state for a short period of time and I met some really cool friends there that I still hang with.

    But now things are completely different. They force people into sales. I thought cashiers going on commission was a joke. How do you commission something like that based on dollar amount and not allow cherry picking. Its pure luck up there now. My dept is going full commission soon. How do they expect us to survive with little to no customer flow and no advertising is beyond me. Promotions and transfers are all based on favoritism and who brown noses the best. I used to be told all the time I was the best in the dept by my DM and sups. I knew more than them, did things more efficiently,; they used to have me train new people... this was before I stopped giving a shit about that place. Management is a complete joke. They know nothing but like to walk around like they're better than the world. They do whatever humanly possible to screw us over out of our commission. Seriously, Internet Price matching??? Im glad I have another job already. Couldn't imagine relying on Fry's as my only source of income now