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    I purchased a HP Pavilion dv7 about a year ago with the Fry's 3 year warranty for $300. Will this cover for the damaged screen or get me a replacement?

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    Probably not since it's physical damage. Good news is you can buy a brand new screen for about $90, and they are easy as hell to replace yourself.

    Next time, save the sucker charge, and skip the extended warranty.
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2011
    If the screen is cracked or if the lap top has a cracked hinge or looks to be beat up in any way the answer is no. If the laptop does not have any signs of physical damage what so ever blame it on heat or something like that. If you say oh I sat on it or my kid dropped it and it has no signs of physical damage they will still decline it. Hopefully you get a retard at the service counter and they check it in and give you a loaner. If that happens blame it on the service dept and kick and scream and you will get a new one. Best of luck.
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    Did you look at the picture posted? Pretty sure nobody would believe heat did that. BROKEN anything pretty much suggests physical damage. Even if you acidentally dropped it...that's physical damage.....and Frys doesn't make it's money cutting people slack for accidents.

    My advice stands...check eBay for a replacement and do it yourself, we're talking $90, four screws and 20 minutes..... and don't fall for the extended warranty bullshit Frys sales people live off of. About the only thing Frys sells I would ever give a second thought to buying a warranty on is a big screen TV....those are not so cheap to repair.
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    Thanks guys. I ordered a new screen for $91 and got instructions on how to replace the screen.