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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    I bought a laptop on Saturday, then returned it because I was too dumb to check and see if it had an optical drive until I got it home(I know it's my fault, but I thought it was only netbooks that didn't have one and this was a 13.3. inch Acer). I didn't even open it , I just looked at the specs on the side while getting ready to open it. Then went back to the store an hour later. So Frys gave me no grief about it and took back the return. Since I was determined to buy a laptop this weekend, I used the store credit to simply got a different one for mostly the same specs except a bigger screen and a DVD-writer.  
    Celebrate, then I pick up the box and get ready to leave and noticed one of the stickers looked like it was previously torn, but took it home anyway because it was a good price for some awesome specs. There was also a barcode inside the box, so I think the laptop was already returned once. grr, but I'm an idiot and it looked unsed so I started it up and was ready happy for a few hours. It's handled all the videos and games I tried on it with ease, until I unplugged the power cord.  
    If the laptop is running on battery power, you cannot watch any streaming video or listen to streaming music. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc. It starts freezing intermittently if you do and the sounds stutters really badly at this time too. This made me notice that even when the sound isn't playing, the laptop sputters while moving the cursor around if it's not plugged into an outlet. I didn't notice until I was watching for it.  
    Also, the mute button doesn't actually mute anything, although the mute icon comes onto the screen.  
    So does this count as defective? If not then there's that 15% restocking fee and that would suck, but the point of a laptop is that it's portable. I'm a bit unhappy with Frys already for selling me a new laptop that had already been opened. There was no signs on the outside of the box, it doesn't say it on my receipt, and the sales guy who grabbed it for me didn't mention it.  
    Since I paid for it with a store credit from the first laptop, can they refund the money to the card used for the initial purchase?  
    Thanks for any help.
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    Its defective. Go in and tell any CSA the problem you are having and they can either give you a new store credit or refund you all together. Frys is very easy to return shit you dont want to and avoid restocking fee, unless you are unlucky and there is a d-bag PIC'ing
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    Instead of a store credit, get a full refund and buy a laptop from someplace else. Fry's is pretty rough on their merchandise (pull up the American Tourister gorilla commercial, and you'll get the idea).