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    I am about to finish my 2nd week working at Fry's in the customer service department. I am getting fed up. No one here cares about anything. I was not properly trained. They had me watch other cashiers for a whole week, but the cashiers don't know how to train and they are so busy going as fast as they can to get commission that I can't catch on to what buttons they push. This week I started on my own cash register....and that was okay for the most part. But then a sup will tell me "vanna" or "carts" or "bathrooms" and expect me to know what they are talking about without ever training or explaining the process. I figured out vanna after one of the decent sups explained it. But then I was told "carts" and had no idea what I was supposed to do. The sups are either busy or no where to be found, so I ask 2 or 3 other associates what to do and they just say "gather the carts". So I go out in the pouring rain and gather every cart in the parking lot 3 at a time because I wasn't given a thing to hook them together and had no idea what I was doing. I finish and I am drenched, white shirt see-through. I come inside and everyone laughs their asses off at my being drenched. There was nothing in the job description of having to deal with the elements, no one told me I would have to be out there or I would have brought a jacket and been fine with it. Then I get sent with a lady to help check the bathrooms for paper towels and a few other tasks. She doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish and she is getting upset because I have no idea what she is telling me to do. I never get my 10 minute breaks unless I ask. Sups are always goofing around when I have serious questions. They expected me to know how to set up my cash register the first day and expected me to know how to count the receipts and everything at closing. When I ask questions they answer briefly but don't explain. All they do is pressure me to get it counted in time so I don't go on overtime. I almost said "fuck it, I quit" last night while counting receipts but I kept at it. Last week I asked a sup about getting a few hours off for the end of this week and they told me to talk to the department manager and it should be fine. He was either never there or else I wasn't working to talk to him. I brought it up yesterday and he got upset and said I had to give 2 weeks notice. Well the other sup didn't tell me that. What if I just call in sick? Then what will they do? Can't give 2 weeks notice on that. I seriously am considering quitting. Will they mail me my checks if I do? There is no way I am giving them a two week notice. I'm tired of being treated like shit, and expected to know everything without proper training.
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    Find another job first.
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    You can do whichever you desire, there is not such policy that requires you to put in a two weeks notice but it is considered an etiquette. In normal businesses, a person who puts in their two weeks is very likely to be re-hired but I rarely see it at Frys.

    You want to quit, just quit. For that matter, there is an actual policy that if you do three day NO SHOW NO CALL it is considered a voluntary quit.

    On the other hand, I would recommend following SDCherryPicker's advice. Would you really prefer being jobless for an unknown period of time?
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    Critically important that you have another job already in hand before you quit. This economy sucks so badly that there are people lining up to get jobs at Fry's. Only use friends that you know and trust as references for Fry's, but get out as soon as you can.
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    I'm in the same boat - been there about 6 weeks and am pretty done being mistreated. They say they'll work with your hours, but it's been 3 weeks since I requested mine be slightly changed. Every time I ask the Super (who's NEVER around when I need to talk to her btw), she says 'next week', then I see another employee with the EXACT schedule I asked for this week!

    They've asked me to do stuff related to work WITHOUT clocking back in, they've told me what SHAPE to put my beard in (even though it's trimmed short every day), the salesmen don't want to do anything unless it ends with them getting big commisions, there's a thousand hands in the pot so nobody knows exactly what's going on,they yell at you about things you were never told about in the training, nobody gets promoted from within, the pay is low and not worth the effort, and sometimes people don't even show up for their shift and nothing comes of it. Also if you give them a 2 week notice, they just cut your hours for those 2 weeks entirely, as in, none.

    No wonder they have a higher turnover rate than best buy, target, walmart, etc. I would have quit already but I don't want it ruining my resume...
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    Nobody is gonna care about you quitting at Fry's, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Just quit. A lot of people just clock out for their lunch break and never come back. You can fill out a VQ (voluntary quit) form if you want to be nice, filling out the reason and when your last day will be. Put it in your DM's drop box or give it to one of the dept. sups. at the end of the day. Be sure to thank them for the great time you had working at Frys, but you can no longer work there because of (fill in the blank). Better to quit on your own and possibly be hired back some day than wait and get a 5 day, which usually means no rehire. Most other employers are aware of Frys bad reputation as a meat grinder with an extremely high turn over rate, and all Frys can say if someone calls is when you worked there and your pay rate. That's it. They are not legally allowed to discuss anything else. Try to use up your AP before you leave and purchase anything that you might need, so as not to go back once you quit. Be sure to say goodbye to the friends you made working there, let them know you are going over the wall and probably won't see them again. Leave your Frys handbook with a sup or at the front before you leave, but they really can't do anything to you, so don't worry too much. The important part is that you are free from Frys abuse and can resume a normal life.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    Some employees knowing they were leaving would have their friends come in and purchase high paying commission items so that they could get the commission paid, and then when it was returned they could not get a " Hit " and lose any money since they were no longer receiving any more checks to take it from.