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    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    Hello allXD  
    Last Wednesday I had an interview where i was interviewed by two different people. The first guy went of to tell his manager that i was going to school for my A+ certif. The second guy told me that their was an opening for a cashier position. That same day guy # 2 wanted to set up another interview with another person for the following day but i was unable to set a date because I had class. Yesterday, i had recieve a call from someone at Fry's telling e that they would like for me to come in for another inteview. I could not make out her name to save my life. IT was not clearly stated. I had called twice with a name that i thought was being said only to get nowhere. I did not get a call from this said person so i figured i was screwed and planned on calling the next day which I did. That day was today. So I called and told them what had happened and they told me that they did not have any notes on me coming on on this said persons desk, but that he would interview me anyways. I show up all is good until he comes in to interview me. After a brief moment he realizes that this is my third interview and then apologizes for the inconvenience but that he will try to get someone who is in the right position to interview me, to interview me. So i get interview and this guy for some reason thinks I'm already A= Cert which I'm not. He still interviews me and says that he's impressed but that he feels he won't be able to put me in his department. He tells me to come back later to get interviewed by this person above him. She loved me and feels that i can be a strong asset to the store swell and then says that she needs to discuss this with the guy who had interviewed me before her. He comes back and says that this other higher boss wants me in a different department and that he would try to get me into cellphone sales. He leaves to go talk to him but shortly comes back to say that the guy is unavailable and that the cell phone sales supervisor/manager would have to get back to me. He says that he would call on Monday. In total I have had 4 interviews. I waited for a long time since the store was very busy.  
    what are my chances of getting hired? Did they mean what they said?  
    thank you
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    Do you REALLY want to work for a company like Fry's? What you experienced is the typical Fry's mucked up style of management. Read through some of the other posts here and you'll get a good sense that Fry's doesn't value their employees, and will suck the life out of you.
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    I'm with ObiWan on this one: if I had known then what I know now about how Fry's treats its lowest-level associates, I would have done a number of things differently. Spent every spare minute of my "days off" looking for another job, mostly.  
    The other thing to remember is that the service department is a "plum" job for a number of reasons.  
    First, of course, you have to have your A+ cert. That means that you're "skilled labor" and therefore something other than a lowly pee-on. Yes, I know how to spell "peon" properly, but typing it that way communicates how the associates are treated.  
    Second, you get paid on commission, which gets you out of all the crap-tasks that get dropped on the hourly wage-slaves; you also don't have to stay in the store past closing.  
    And third, you may find yourself on a waiting list for the limited number of service department jobs.  
    Remember that every square millimeter of floor space that isn't displaying product is a square millimeter of floor space that isn't making the store any money, as far as Home Office is concerned. It's why the department kiosks are so small, why all the equipment we use to run the store is jammed together so closely, and why different products on the same shelf are separated by a tiny piece of red tape, as opposed to wire section dividers whenever possible. It's also why the non-product-related departments are squeezed into the smallest possible offices, except when the building has an upper (or lower?) area for offices and things like that.