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    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2011
    Thinking about applying there since I love technology and know a lot about computers.
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    Can't recommend it, obviously. Your knowledge of computers and general love of technology are both fine things, but the deciding factor should be how you expect to be treated by the other Fry's employees. You'll always have lousy customers, regardless of the industry you choose, but you can certainly choose what standards of behavior you will accept. For example, are you comfortable being at the bottom of the heap? You *WILL* be treated at least coldly by everyone, until you've had a chance to prove yourself.  
    The next question to ask yourself is, how fast do you want to rise in the company? At Fry's, you must be prepared to go through the ranks in the order that Fry's offers them to you, or be prepared to fight a long, hard and dirty fight to go around the barriers. For example, in most of the sales departments, you cannot rise to a supervisor position until you have spent time as a salesman or saleswoman. Given that you'll need to stay out of draw for a long time before you can be eligible for a supervisor position (at least a couple of months), this may not be the best choice. The service department has a different set of barriers: you cannot even be considered for a job in that department unless you have your A+ certification in hand; there is a STRICTLY limited number of jobs; because of that limit, there is very likely a waiting list of applicants ahead of you; and your ability to rise to a management position depends on mastering a work environment with artificially (and unnecessarily) high levels of stress. Loss Prevention also requires a certain amount of time spent working as a common associate before they will consider you, and it's even more difficult to rise through the ranks. Front Check Out also has a lot of stress, because you deal with customers on a daily basis. Not necessarily lots of bad ones in any single day, but you must be prepared to cite policies and follow procedures... and to drag your supervisors in on the fun WHEN, not "if", you get a difficult customer.  
    Think carefully, get the facts and choose wisely.
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    Do you think, HONESTLY, that you would be good at sales? If there is any doubt in your mind, don't even bother. No position at Fry's is worth it unless you are a good salesman. Anything above or below sales isn't worth the crappy money you get paid. Most people below sales are stuck between 8-10 and rarely get more. Most supervisors get shafted in paychecks if they don't hit their goals. Department managers are rarely worth all the hours you put in. If you are looking for a cashier, merchandiser or any other "easy" job then I suggest you look elsewhere. You can make the same or more money at other retail stores for the simple jobs and it will be a lot more chill. Again, if you think you are good at sales, and don't plan on doing it forever, get hired at Fry's and hit the ground running, trying to get to sales ASAP. You can make between less than minimum wage and $20+ an hour depending on your skills.
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    You can not know SHIT about computers and work in the computer department. as long as your a decent manipulator, your fine.  
    Only work there if your cool with being fucked with by your co-workers, who are usually half retarded, old dirt bags, or (in a nutshell) social rejects.