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    I've been reading around here lately and it seems you guys got some deep love for Frys  
    I've never had a sales job before but I know all about computers, I've built a few before. Is it really 100% commission and if so what are my chances on being moved up to sales?  
    I also smoked a 2 weeks ago, hypothetically speaking if I manage to get the job will I be tested after the interview?  
    I currently work at Mcdonalds so not sure what to do
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    Yes, you will be drug tested but they are slow on calling back for interviews. Don't smoke for a couple of weeks and you will be fine. Have fun in hell.
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    SDCherryPicker: Run
    He's a stoner - isn't that a good fit for Fry's?  
    FWIW, there's no guarantee that you won't test positive to THC, even after a couple of weeks.  
    Also, even though you "know all about computers" - it doesn't mean that Fry's will put you in that department. My suggestion - stick with MickyDee's, go to college, and quit the dope.