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    I've been a big Fry's fan for a long time, ever since I was a kid. Everyone has to admit, there are distinct atmosphere about the stores, no matter which store you go to. Perhaps its abundant sales persons running around, or having pretty much everything you need in one store... I've read many posts on this forum, and whatever the complaints are, a lot of it seems to be internal. But there are no ways that I can criticize or defend neither the Fry's corporation or their customers. I do, however, love Fry's for my own reasons.  
    With that being said, I am, as I've mentioned, ready to sell my soul to Fry's to become one of their vendors. My company and its industry, my products and price points that I want to supply should give Fry's a lot of breathing room and flexibility in the appropriate department.  
    I've gone as far as trying to show up for the Open Vendor meetings at the San Jose Home Office. But I was told that they were not interested at the time, even without asking what the product is... How good are my chances of actually getting a chance to showcase my company's products? Is Open Vendor day my only option?  
    I am a firm believer that middle-men (brokers) are a dying breed in business. It is a sad fact, but when a medium sized manufacturer such as myself with all capabilities (RMA, tech support, ODM/OEM, can deal directly with the retailers, I believe that there are more margins to distribute for more employment and development within Fry's.  
    WHO DO I HAVE TO TALK TO!!! :face-smile:  
    I still <3 Fry's. See you on Christmas shopping season.
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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2011
    You need to have a check in hand made out to Omar for 65 million dollars and then talk to randy fry about a kick back plan and how much you are willing to kick everyone back. Just a heads up. :face-devil-grin:
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    Will do. I'll let you know how it goes.