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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2011 edited
    Please don't make any Sony jokes.  
    Yes this is something to maybe blame Sony for.  
    The laptop is a Vaio (VGN-NW220F) Windows 7 Home Premium 2 years old or so. Windows gave a warning the Hard Drive may fail soon. ( My step daughter's computer, who knows what she did.}  
    I replaced the Hard Drive with an equal to what was in there. (Western Digital Scorpio Blue 250GB) The computer saw the drive and it worked fine.  
    When I went to load the System Restore Discs, it would stop at 4% ( Error 332). I could not get a clear answer as to why, I tried several sets of Restore Disks that I created on the same same computer.  
    So I figured I would try to Mirror the sick drive and was able to get a System Image, which with an external drive, I loaded it as an image to the new Hard Drive and all seem well. Put in all her pictures, loaded new programs etc.  
    I then went to update, and i could not. Big Red X, and Defender was stuck too and would not open.  
    I checked in Services and it shows it's running. So I figured the image I mirrored is Bad. Maybe it had a virus, so put it back in and running it through Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, still running, so far now infections.  
    I wished I had a Windows 7 disc, so I could do a clean install, but Sony only has the operating system on the drive the computer came with.  
    So why does the Recovery Discs not load on the drive and stops at 4%. The Recovery Discs are all I have to put in the Windows 7 O/S.  
    I would be happy to just load XP, if I had Discs.  
    Any Ideas....?
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2011
    Sony is notorious for using proprietary equipment, and having hidden gotcha's like this. They're also known for having proprietary code built into their restore disks. You may want to either check Sony's site, or give them a call, to see if there was something on the old HD that essentially allowed the restore disks to run. This is one reason that I try and disuade anyone from buying a Sony computer (or Sony anything) - they're a royal pain in the butt when something goes wrong.  
    "Windows 7 - the reason I use a Mac"
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2011
    (Sony is notorious for using proprietary equipment)  
    Like THEIR "Memory Stick" for Digital Cameras  
    Anyways No virus on sick drive. Cleared Malwarebytes and Microsoft Removal Tool.  
    Thanks for the input...  
    If anyone has an XP operating system download or similar, I would be interested.  
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    I own a sony vaio just like the one you described. HDMI out that is capable of Hi Def but no blue ray. i2 bought in 2008.  
    Not happy with the product. The touch mouse is already worn and doesn't work. But I think its cool that you can download Vuze and the computer already gets links up with my PS3. Perfect for watching torrents to PS3.  
    I'm praying my hard drive doesn't crash.
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    That's why you buy warranties on all of the garbage pre-fabricated units. There isn't a laptop out there that isn't using cheap parts. Fry's warranties are a *pain* to cash in on, but on a laptop, it's pretty much necessity.
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    Uh oh... someone recommending a Fry's PSC? ObiWan, we need you!
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2011 edited
    After many Googles and frustration, the solution was simple.  
    Even though the drive I cloned worked for windows updates, etc,, the new drive with the clone would not accept Windows Updates and Defender was stuck. Other programs would update fine. Seems the new hard drive needed special driver updates I got from the Sony site ( Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drivers ) for the Intel Sata port. Might help someone else out.