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    I've actually lost several iPad sales because of this (not the end of the world, iPads don't really pay commission but I don't mind selling them because you can usually get a dollar or two in commission from accessories). So, while sales were slow I went to and found you can get an accidental damage warranty on a 16GB iPad for just $99 for one year, or $169.99 for 2 years. This sucks because tablets are the only thing people actually *want* to buy extended warranties on.  
    Come on Randy, I know you and your friends read this forum, can we PLEASE offer warranties on tablets and accidental damage for laptops? Even though they will cost more than Best Buy's like our extended warranties always do, it would give you (and us) much more money.And the service claims would be low because most iPads sit collecting dust after the initial excitement wears off.
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