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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    I sent in the Fry's Electronics Rebate Receipt along Hornettek's original UPC and the rebate form, nine weeks later received an email from Hornettek refused Fry's rebate receipt, Hornettek said my rebate is not approved due to not accepting Fry's rebate receipt must be original invoice. I called Hornettek to fulfill the original invoice they told I am no longer qualify for this rebate.  
    I believed, someone out there would have the same problem like me.:face-crying:
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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    why dont you stop being a cheap ass and stop trying to get everything for free. Or dont be a dumb ass and use an actual receipt? Another option is stick to swap mets which you kinda belong at lol.... chink
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    for gods sake the stamp cost more than the rebate check.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Typical consumer whore who actually thinks rebates are legit. A lot of people have these problems and they end up calling Fry's Electronics about the rebate, but what they don't know is Fry's Electronics has nothing to do with the rebate. Now you're stuck going through the manufacture to try and get your money. Even calling Fry's Electronics, you're more than likely not to get any assistance since Fry's Electronics has no authority over the manufacture's rebates. Congratulations, you're just another sucker amongst the rest. My advice would to be, if you want/need the item stop being cheap and go buy it where you want to buy it. Seriously, we live in America. I would think many people would have learned by now that companies in America are only looking to make money. It has been over 200 years, when will people learn!
      CommentAuthorGuest 7580
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2012
    You may complain Hornettech to BBB.
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    That's a good idea. Stop by the local BBB office. Bring all your paperwork, copies, etc. They'll review it and probably just give you the rebate amount on the pot, out of petty cash.
  3.  permalink
    These Hornettek guys are a bunch of rip off artists.
  4.  permalink
    Don't buy any Hornettek products. They are inferior and will not honor rebates from Frys. There voice mail is full and they don't return emails. File with the consumer protection agency, BBB, or report them to the AG's office.
      CommentAuthorGuest 7580
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012
    File a complaint against Fry to BBB as well because Fry allows scam, like Hornettek, in their rebate network. Fry should stop selling anything with Hornettek rebates.
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    Only losers fall for the rebate scam. Even IF you accually get your rebate, you give up the right to return the item if it takes a shit a week later....all rebates require you cutting out the UPC which voids it from being returned (why Fys LOVES cuts down on their MASSIVE shelf returns). Sometimes a $10 rebate isn't worth the shit you have to go through (or time) to get it.
      CommentAuthorGuest 3454
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    Typically, you can submit a rebate within 30 days of purchase, which is similar to the return period. The problem is some business just try to use rebate to scam customers. There should be a way to prevent that.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2012
    Guest: Only losers fall for the rebate scam. Even IF you accually get your rebate, you give up the right to return the item if it takes a shit a week later....all rebates require you cutting out the UPC which voids it from being returned (why Fys LOVES cuts down on their MASSIVE shelf returns). Sometimes a $10 rebate isn't worth the shit you have to go through (or time) to get it.
    Well, depending on what you're buying, (ie if there's no serial number) you could always but another one, swap out the defective product for the working on and return that instead?
  6.  permalink
    Buy TWO to get a refund on the first? And THAT'S not a hassle? That's Frys thinking at it's finest.

    Also, MANY rebates offered at Frys have only a FEW DAYS before rebate must be filed.
      CommentAuthorGuest 3498
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2012
    Nothing new here. I just finished a 4 month saga where Fry's had all of the paperwork, acknowledged the legitimacy of the rebate request, kept promising to have the check to me, once even with a specific date, but just kept apologizing and delaying my check. I finally complained to the store managers where I bought the item. They were incredibly rude, but I was able to get them to price modify the item in lieu of my phantom rebate check. As I think everyone is finding out, Fry's rebates, and more and more rebates in general, are scams. I am guessing the stats are something like less than 10% of consumers remember to send in the forms and then only 10% of those actually follow-up as I do out of principle. Lets face it, the money isn't worth it at all so my recommendation is to simply ignore the rebate offers and shop based on price paid at time of purchase. Also, to the manufacturer's rebate issue...Fry's claimed my rebate was a manufacturer's rebate until I proved to them I had contacted the manufacturer and my rebate was, in fact, from Fry's. Basically, rather than putting an item on sale, Fry's puts a rebate offer on the tag to get you to buy, but they have a vested interest in NOT paying out the rebate. Total fraud, but who's going to take them to court on it at $10 per case?
  7.  permalink
    I didn't even realize this site existed.
    I contacted Hornettek today about my rebate and they said that I did not send in the required information. According to them the "original invoice receipt" is required. Let's all see what an original invoice receipt is.. When you make a purchase at frys, you get a customer receipt, rebate receipt for your purchase. When you buy online, you get a online proof receipt.. NO INVOICE..
    So it seems like Hornettek is trying to increase it's sales without actually paying out on their receipts. Weather you like rebates or not or if you think they are a scam or not is not the question. This is about doing business legitimately in this day and age.
    I'm going to contact Frys Customer Service and since this company is doing busines so ridiculously in 2012, I'm contacting about this.
  8.  permalink
    This company systematically rejects rebates to enrich itself and cheat consumers. Please have California Attorney General to file a case against it and stop it doing all business in USA.

    I received same email saying I did not send in receipt. However, I copied rebate with receipt that I send to it.

    I caught it lying!!! I can copy of what I sent. Receipt was on top of rebate form.
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    If you want your Attorney General to die laughing, send him you bullshit little rebate complaint. Send in the goddamn copy of original invoice like the rebate form says, or go fuck yourself. You're posting Ina forum of disgruntled employees, the best advice given is going to be go fuck yourself
      CommentAuthorGuest 167
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2013
    I received a same email. Let's just say it as scam.
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    I work in Sales at Fry's, and it cracks me up that some of my customers Hate mail-in-rebates and refuse to buy a product that has one... as if they MUST fill it out and mail it. I like rebates and I've received about $200 over the past 3 years.