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    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2012
    Went in for the first interview today with my girlfriend. I was told they would call me for a second interview sometime tonight, and if I didn't get a call by 8 then they most likely filled the position. My girlfriend had her second interview about 5 minutes after her first, and has a third coming up.  
    I didn't get the job... did I?
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    Nope. They just wanted your g/f. That's somewhat sad.
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    Yep, definitely sounds like the Fry's I know. I got my 2nd interview right after the first on the same day. Consider yourself lucky though; you won't have to deal with the crap us poor saps do such as inefficiency on most levels, irritating customers, arrogant supervisors (though very few are cool), and so on.

    Your girlfriend, however, is gonna get sick of Fry's pretty quick, and it'll show. Be prepared.