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    so, i cant find anywhere in the emp. handbook if unnatural hair color is allowed, or if it would get me fired. unnatural like bright red. anyone
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    It's never come up at my store that I'm aware of. Some of the ladies have sported some very unusual hair color in the past, reds, some green tint, even some blue streaks. One of the gentlemen had a mohawk for a few days, and management has been known to request that an associate with longish locks to get a haircut. One male associate is able to keep his ponytail because he is Native American. Someone will probably tell you if it is a problem, but firing is unlikely, although all bets are off if you look like the illegitimate child of Ronald Mc Donald.
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    I don't think so, there is this the one girl that I saw that had the same exact hair style as Rhianna. Come to think of it, she looks like Rhianna's long lost twin.
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    Fry's allow women to sport unnatural hair, but not men. A former co-worker of mine was upset over that. If you are male then don't even bother changing your hair color.
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    Yup, shouldn't be a problem. Crazy hair styles at my store all of the time and nothing ever happens.
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    If you are Asian no one will care or say anything. If you are a white guy management will complain.
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    After 5 years I'm not sure he cares about a response anymore.
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2017 edited
    Guest: After 5 years I'm not sure he cares about a response anymore.
    lol yeah probably  
    in my experience depends on the manager, usually if you are a "good" employee they wont bother you about hair and facial hair  
    but if you fuck up somehow they can ask you to shave or get a haircut as "punishment"  
    in fact I cut it once after they asked, and then another manager asked me to cut it again just because he could essentially  
    goes without saying he could eat a dick and I didn't do it, fucking elementary school tier mickey mouse shit  
    and after that I would just grow it out and until they complained, they abused me pretty hard at my position so it's not like I had much to lose.
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    There's a dress code, but it says nothing about hair color. It depends on whether or not it falls in 'Professional'. There was a sup in one department with fairly dark red hair, and it was never addressed (as far as I know), but there was a CSA with green hair that was told to wear a wig. I'm pretty sure it falls down to the manager of your dpt. Just think if you were a customer, would you laugh at the color/style you were wearing? If the answer is yes, change that shit. Customers pay our checks.