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    Whats up everybody, finally turned 18 and got a job today at frys. After reading half the topics ive read i dont know if i should be :face-angel: or :face-crying: either way, i found out that my starting pay would be 10 bucks an hour wage and im working at wireless sales. Is this better then commision so at least I know im getting paid at all or should i ask for commision. anyways thanks for reading and wish me luck living through what looks like hell lol.:face-devil-grin:
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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2012
    Hey there! Looks like you have a pretty decent wage in comparison to me (merchandiser lol). The first week will look like pure hell, but as soon you get through it, it will get easier. At my store, there are plenty of people which are really friendly and would always help you out, but some aren't that 'great'. What store are you at?
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    I'm not sure how your wireless sales department is in your store, but when at the store I was at, it was dead and slow the majority of the time (considering I would go to my a provider branch first over Fry's anyday). At times, the wireless guys had to TSR appliances since they were under the same department.
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    Both of you should run. Fast.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2012
    Run, Forrest, Run!  
    Go to college or learn a trade. Do something other than work for Fry's.
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    Expect to be jaded within the first week.

    It took me several days.
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    My best advice would be:  
    Greet everybody you see -> Ask if they have a handgun -> when you find someone carrying a handgun -> load it (Should already be, but if not do so) -> Point at your own right foot -> Pull trigger  
    Hope this helps!
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    ahahah i get it guys it sucks. but that sounds pretty good to me doesnt it? 10/hour for selling phone and its a set price in stone. plus im getting 25 hours a week for part time and 40 for full time so thats good right? and i am going to college actually, frys is a side thing
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    Also im working at the campbell location. sorry for the double post!
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    It's good until you're deep in the draw.
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    so dude do u think ill be getting commision or no? cuz she said starting is 10 an hour
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    I'm not sure, didn't your DM or Sup say anything about having a quota on selling a certain amount of plans every week? I worked in computers and before I left, we had to have a quota of selling this amount of Verizon Data plans, home wireless installs by service, and of course the usual PSCs.
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    nah dude i just gt out of the interview and all she said was that and id be getting maybe 25 hours a week. and then today i took the piss test. also dud is the orientation paid?
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    Of course, who would want to show up an orientation and not get paid for it?
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    dude sick! so like all 5 days im gonna be paid. heres the thing though that im confused about. like why am i getting set wage and not commision i thot all sales made commision
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    So you're a Merchandiser? Prepare to watch a corny intro video that would make you want to gouge your eyes out.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2012
    Guest: but that sounds pretty good to me doesnt it? 10/hour for selling phone and its a set price in stone. plus im getting 25 hours a week for part time and 40 for full time so thats good right? and i am going to college actually, frys is a side thing
    You drank the Fry's KoolAid, didn't you?  
    If you're going to college, expect a big wake-up call when you tell your supervisor your class schedule. Fry's isn't know for accomodating students schedules.
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    On top of not being accommodating, once you leave, there is no going back. At least that's what I've been told. I wanted to take the summer off and work at a different job and they laughed and said I have less then 5% chance of getting my job back. Some guy I was hired with took off to go to school. He told me he's coming back and one of the Sup's overheard and told me, "Yea, there is just no way. Once you leave you're gone."  
    Basically the way I see it they don't care about you or anyone high or low in the company even if you've been with them for 10 years you could still get fired for some BS reason because......... (You are supposed to come to this conclusion on your own but I'll write it because I strangely feel the need to) They don't give a sh!t about you, you're sup, the dept. manager, the store manager or anyone. You a as replaceable as Plu#4324915.  
    (Oh and that employee number they gave you. They may as well call you that. You have to put it EVERYWHERE. Welcome!! You're a member of the Fry's team. You are now a number!)  
    That being said. Congrats on the job, don't take what I said too seriously.. right away (about the bullet to the foot) I'm glad you're making more then the sh!t they pay me for money. Stay with the company awhile - it is a decent place to work. You'll find a lot of cool people. You'll also find some scumbags but overall it's not the worst job I've ever worked.
      CommentAuthorGuest 4479
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2012
    do this:

    Go to work, wear your unnecessary shirt and tie, clock in at your designated time, head to your DM booth and say hello


    we just saved your life and sanity
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2012
    Congrats on your new job man! Before you start, figure out how long you want to stay before quitting and moving on to bigger and better things and try to stick to it. Maybe stay there for half a year to a year, have fun make some money, try and figure out what you ultimately want to do in life and then go to school and try to achieve it.
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2012
    I am actually in college, but I'm only in there for experience. I'm going to apply everywhere I can (as long it's retail and not too far away), and try to jump ship asap. Minimum wage is just not enough to keep a boat afloat.
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2012
    I give it 3 months.
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    Get ready for the joke that is your training. Watch some 15 year old training videos that look like propaganda films. Then (without any actual training) you'll get thrown into the fire out on the floor and be expected to know how to do everything before anyone has shown you what you are supposed to do. Be prepared to be written up for violating policies that you never knew/were told existed (5 hour rule, MPS Standards Violations). And if you do well and get promoted, be ready for more of the same. People get promoted to management positions with no training and are expected by their managers to know what to do. So keep in mind if your boss seems like he doesn't know anything. He probably doesn't.