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    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2012
    I feel there should be a class action lawsuit on this...  
    How is it that the POS system is networked to lookup other stores' stock/customer information, yet there is no way to see if you were hit on a sale if the customer returns it to a different store?!  
    There have been so many paychecks where I receive less than the total amount shown because I am supposedly "hit" from other stores. We work hard to make sales, and being straight commission, we should have the right to know what product was returned and the amount. The only thing Audit will say is that they'll try to contact other stores to see what was returned but they never get back to you -- this is a horrible process. It would add up to hundreds of dollars over the several months I've worked at Frys.  
    I check my total commission and also add up manually myself, so I will know exactly how much the amount is off the check. As far as I'm concerned, Fry's could be taking few dollars from our paycheck and just claim there "might have been a return from another store". Anyone else have this experience?
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